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  1. I don't know how true this is but I imagine its pretty valid coming from the source....but my leader told us that he went to Applebees and asked to substitute a veg for something else and they told him that it came prepackaged (individual meals) so everything was served consistent.Just so some cooks don't have a heavy hand and it would be more points,etc. For sending back, I have been a server for over 17 years and if someone has a bad food item or isnt satisfied,I would rather they tell me and I can take care of it by making them something else than if they tell me afterwards when I put down the check.That's my job, to make it a good dining experience.But, speaking for all the servers across the land,it is certainly appreciated if the customer doesn't "take it out" on the server because we dont make the food....just deliver it with a smile!
  2. I live in New Jersey and got mine at Shop Rite.They are delicious!There's 2 servings to a can so I imagine it would be a point or 2 if you want to eat a whole can.They were on sale for $1.29 a can....I was very excited!
  3. I See What Everyone Is Saying But My Question Is-with 0 Point Foods,when Do You Start Adding Points For Them?like With The Ww Veg Soup Say,i Eat A Huge Bowl Sometimes For Lunch.is That Points?
  4. I Started Walking Again Yesterday And My Calves Cramp Up And Its Sooo Painful.when I Was Good And Op Last Spring,i Walked For 5 Months 5 Days A Week And It Was Like This When I Started But Eventually Went Away When My Body Adjusted I Suppose.even When I Stretch,it Happens.i Only Lasted A 1/2 Hour Yesterday B/c I Couldn't Stand It.does Anyone Else Get This.
  5. I found them at Shop Rite yesterday.They are Raspberry Bliss and Caesar Delight.I tried the Raspberry and its very good but I have yet to try the Casaer.I never realized they had sugars (high fructose corn syrup) in them.I like them because if i try to do a little of regular dressing,my hand usually "slips";o) and i get more than i wanted,thus more points.These are worth a try.
  6. brog8

    Funny Video

    Haha!i Don't Know What His Deal Is.these Guys Actually Do Quite A Few Of These Videos And He's Always In Them,on The Computer!lol
  7. brog8

    Funny Video

    I CAN'T GET OVER HOW GREAT THESE GUYS LIP SYNC!CHECK IT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC7YlVPP09E&eurl=OUT!
  8. Very Inspiring!you Look Absolutely Amazing!thank You For Sharing!
  9. brog8

    Help Please

    Thank You Girls For Your Responses-they Told Me That When I Made Goal,i Had To Pay For 7 Weeks Up Front.right Now,they Are Running A Half Off Special So It's $43.i Haven't Paid That Yet Plus I Guess Tonite,i Have To Pay For The 2 Weeks I Missed.where I Go,if You Miss A Week,you Have To Still Pay For It The Next Week-doesn't Everyone Have That?so I Guess I Better Bring The Checkbook!your Right,i Should Not Be Missing Meetings.
  10. brog8

    Help Please

    Ok-here's Mine.i Made Goal The Monday Before Labor Day.i Didn't Go The Next Monday B/c They Were Closed B/c Of The Holiday.i Didn't Go Last Week So I Technically Missed A Week.i Know I Gained Beyond My 2 Maintenence Pounds.the Center I Go To,is Having A Special Until Oct. 7 So I Just Have To Pay $43 For The Maintenence(1/2 Off)so What Do I Pay Tommorow?if I Gained,i Know My Weekly $14 ,but What Else?ahhhhhh!help
  11. I know someone posted about the McDonalds iced coffee but does anyone happen to know about Wawa?I do the no sugar added but it has milk in it already.SO good after my morning workout!But It's probably like a zillion points and I don't know it!
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