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  1. Good article, thanks for sharing!
  2. Congratulations! Doesn't it feel awesome? Keep it up.
  3. Let me just chime in with the rest! WOW! Truly an accomplishment to be proud of - you look stunning!
  4. That's awesome - keep going and they'll add up quickly!!
  5. tawnygirl


    Rock on! I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing your success! Keep it up!
  6. AWESOME PICS! Thanks for sharing and keep it up, 20 pounds is yours!!!!
  7. Wow Wow Wow! You look awesome! Congrats!
  8. Congratulations, Joanne! That's really so great! You've earned your hard earned savings!
  9. Incredible! Good for you! I'm so impressed - and what a great reminder of the progress you're making!
  10. The Peanut Butter ones are AWESOME!!!! Anybody know where to find the strawberry or the dulce de leche? I must find those!
  11. I agree, the Lean Cuisine paninis are my favorite!
  12. Wow, what an inspiration! Good for you! tawny
  13. I have one for spinning class. It has a stretchy strap that goes around your chest (just under bra) for the sensor and then the watch gives the reading. I have the Polar brand, it was pricey ($125 a year ago) but it works AWESOME and really helps regulate how hard I'm working out. I highly recommend them. Good luck to you.
  14. now THAT is awesome! Good for you! What a difference, you look gorgeous!
  15. I'm almost at 40 lbs lost with another 50 to go - here's how I'm doing it: 1. Follow the program. Making your own rules rarely helps. 2. Holy cow, journal, journal, journal - write down everything, it becomes easy to do and I frequently refer back to what I did weeks before and see what weeks had better weight losses. 3. Don't overwhelm yourself. I can't focus on the 50 lbs ahead of me, I'm only looking at the next five, and being excited about the last 40! 4. Have support. I tell people what I'm doing. At first I was embarrassed, but who was I kidding - they all could SEE me, they knew I was overweight. The truth is, everyone who knows I'm doing this, is going out of their way to help and support me. 5. Don't overdeny yourself. Resentment won't equal long lasting change. Make room for your favorite treats once in a while. Best of luck to you! tawny
  16. oh, wow!!! I'm so inspired! Thank you for posting! You look incredible - and it's easy to read that you're proud of yourself. Thanks!
  17. I love love love the chicken enchilada suiza meal and the salisbury steak with asparagus meal. Dang, now I'm hungry..... Oh, and the Lean Cuisine panini sandwiches are great.
  18. Wow, those pictures are GREAT! Good for you. I'm also starting with similar starting weight and height, so I can't wait to be looking like that too! Keep it up!
  19. Fantastic! Good for you. You look absolutely gorgeous!
  20. Congrats! You look great, you sound happy! Keep it up!
  21. Your pics are fantastic! What a difference in your chin on the side profile - keep it up! I'm inspired!
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