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  1. Firm Parts: Not So Tough Aerobics (40 minutes)
  2. Classic Firm Volume I: 36 minutes, 1 & 3# weights; Jane Fonda Low Impact Aerobics, 50 minutes.
  3. Classic Firm Volume II: 30 minutes 1 & 3# weights; Leslie Sansone 5 mile: 65 minutes. My shoulder is sore this evening but I'm hoping some ibuprofen will solve it.
  4. Yay! After a month of being sick, I was able to workout for 80 minutes! Classic Firm Volume 1: 25 minutes with 1 and 3# weights WATP Four Mile Express: 55 minutes I will spend the next few weeks regaining my strength and stamina. :bcb_march (PS: Kim I thought you were going to get a Firmies thread going again or was I going to do it or???)
  5. I was able to do 25 minutes of Firm Classic Volume 1 with 1 1/2 pound weights this morning. I was breathing hard and sweating a lot, so I know my body is still trying to heal from the cooties that invaded my body. After resting for almost two weeks, it felt good to move again but I can tell that I need to listen to my body instead of trying to push it too far and too fast--finding that balance of challenging it without overdoing it.
  6. Woke up with a sinus headache *grrr* But I did manage to complete Classic Jane Fonda Low Impact workout. It really works the arms a lot to get the heart rate up while also keeping it low impact. It is always amazing to me how a "simple" illness like a cold can really zap energy and strength. But I'm getting stronger again and am hoping I'll be back to The Classic Firm workouts next week.
  7. Feeling better...was able to complete WATP 4 Mile Express with minimal coughing. Yay!
  8. Hello All, I've been sick for the past week but today I pulled out my old Walk Away the Pounds 2 mile video and managed to do that at a lower intensity without too much coughing. It is obvious that I will have to ease back into working out but that is okay. Something is better than nothing. Dr. J.
  9. I've needed to take a rest for a few days...fighting something off and I'm pretty sure I'm winning.
  10. Took a rest day yesterday. Today was only able to complete 25 minutes of Volume I because I felt so weak. Perhaps I should add to the workouts in 5 minute increments and stop trying to get the whole thing finished by the end of February.
  11. *argg* Last night I wrote a long post but it apparently went *poof*! Anyway, I was a bit sore this morning but I still managed to complete 40 minutes of Volume II. I think I will focus on doing Volumes 1-3 for right now and then add the others to the rotation as needed.
  12. Today's Firm Classic Activity: Volume 1 for 44 minutes. It's those side leg lifts that are my challenge right now. If I can get through that sequence, I'll be home free!
  13. Also, I think Joanne's Firm thread is worth rereading: Firm Reference Info
  14. Are there two versions of Tortoise and Hare? Mine are led by Tracie Long.
  15. Firm Classic Volume 6 (Boomers): 52 minutes (entire tape). Celebration: I was able to do all of the hover squats! Yay! Still working on: Being able to complete all of the ab repetitions. I'm feeling stronger and it feels good!
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