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  1. I have been brining the chicken breasts for a really moist, juicy, flavorful dinner. You can use fancy brines, but I just use a mixture of water, salt and sugar( I might throw in a clove of garlic, if I have it). I am told it does not add salt or sugar content to the chicken it just makes it tender. I put the chicken breast, and brine in a ziploc in the fridge for a few hours then grill with a few seasonings like I would normally do. Works great for us.
  2. The homemade soup sounds great. How many points do you think per serving?
  3. You know I never thought of that. So I could just roast the loin and then shred and mix with the sauce? You think it will still have the flavor? And will it fall apart like it is suppose to? I also was thinking, why cant I use the sauce as a baste for chicken, cook it shred it and add to sauce? I guess by now you can tell Im not from the South and this type of bbq is not the norm for me. Ours is always ladened with strong bbq sauces -- which is why I usually dont eat it, too smokey for me. This type of sauce is strong on flavor but not thick and heavy.
  4. Mmmmmm. Thank you. My mouth is watering already. I think I will go to CPK website and see what else they put on theirs. Someone also said I could go get fresh pizza dough at my local supermarkets bakery, usually made fresh daily! That seems yummy too, but first I will try the easiest way and then work from there! Thanks for your feedback keri
  5. Thank you so much for the recipe. I do have a question though, how does this recipe say to cook the loin? The recipe sounds just like the bbq I was looking for, I guess my rercipe had way too few ingredients to come out good. This one sounds just right and easy. keri
  6. I usually have such great luck with all the recipies I have tried from this site so I hope someone can help. I made this Carolina style bbq pork and it called for alot of vinegar, some dry mustard, garlic, splenda and red pepper flakes. I did use a small pork loin and cooked it low and slow, but by the time the pork was done I guess the vinegar did not have time to mellow out?! It was awful. Was that the problem or what? Id love to make this the right way. The last time we went to S. Carolina we had such good bbq and it really had not thick bbq sauce -- it was amazing. Any ideas out there?
  7. Has anyone tried the second recipe? How'd it go? Also, can anyone rank recipe 1 or 2 on a scale from 1 to 10? Thanks, keri
  8. I am craving the taste of a BBQ chicken pizza! Thankfully I dont know where the neareat Cal. Pizza Kichen is!!! Anyone have a recipe? And, I love a thin pizza crust, anyone know how to make that, or what to buy? I want a real pizza texture so I dont want to use a tortilla, pita or wrap. Picky, picky, picky am I!!!!! Thanks all, keri
  9. Hi. Has anyone tried the Caesar recipe? I would love to know if the egg sub. shows its flavor in the dressing or is it masked by the seasonings? Thanks all, keri
  10. I have given up on the flat out bread. I realize that when I try to make something I really dont like in a recipe I then start to feel like I am on a diet and I sabotage myself. I am okay with a bit less fiber and not so much cardboard taste as the flat out gives me!
  11. Is it me or is there a stronger after taste to the flat out bread? I froze the package and when I use them I take out one, let it thaw (takes a minute) and the go about what I want to make. Could the freezing be the issue? Or it might be me, I always tasted an after taste, but it did not bother me, now I'd rather add an extra point and have a whole wheat tortilla or pita. Any thoughts?
  12. I am hosting my families Hanukkah party this year. We do a holiday dinner with lattkas, it is good, but same old, same old. Does anyone have anything special to share? I'd love to make something new to add to our dinner.
  13. An addendum: I was in my car yesterday (running around for last minute Hanukkah gifts, teacher gifts and stressed out -- as always right before the holidays) listening to our local NBC station and Martha Stewart's show was on. She was talking a bit about using foil and parchment paper over top veggies to cook them. I missed most of the segment, but she spoke of laying the parchment paper down on the veggies THEN the foil because the parchment is "pure". I guess the parchment paper is better for the veggies to touch than the foil. I wanted to pass that along to all, didnt want to "impurify" anyones veggies, heavens no!!! I dont know, I cook with foil all the time, so not sure what the parchment will do. Maybe someone can try it and rely back on a difference. Happy holidays to all
  14. I have a question on the sauce. My dh does not like tomatoes, does this sauce come out more like regular sauce, where the tomatoes break down or is it with chunks of tomatoes. I bought tilapia for tonight and wanted to try something different. Sounds great, just have to work around dh tomato issues!!!
  15. Simple and a wonderful treat that my whole family loves. All you do is spead some strawberries onto a dinner plate (sprinkled with splenda before, if not sweet enough), cover with lite whipped cream and then drizzle hot fudge on top. I make sure the hot fudge is really warm so it drizzles out in a thin stream. Move your hand over the plate as if you were scribbling from side to side to drrizzle fugde. This way you taste fudge in every bite AND the presentation is beautiful. Bananas work well with this, but I try to keep the pts lower so I can have more! Quantity AND quality!
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