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  1. I made this the other day and it was awesome! DBF loved also - thanks for sharing!! I made mine with white rice & broccoli/carrots. Next time it would probably be better with wild rice, I think. I also cut the breasts in 1/2 since the serving size was a 1/2 breast, and it only needed to be cooked for about 20 mins.
  2. hmmm I tried the first day of these today...it was pretty tough! I have super-bad shin splints! I really want to try to follow through on this.
  3. i just made almost this, but I didn't use the water...sound kind of weird and i like my smoothies thick! yummers! thanks Christine - the vanilla really helps!
  4. mmmm those 100 calorie pack cheetos are scrumptious! (not very filing though, sadly)
  5. whoo that's a lot of $$. I use dumbells myself. let us know how they work for you if you get them.
  6. well we all make excuses and we should watch out for that. but for the first couple of weeks on ww you shouldn't increase your excersize anyway. after a couple of weeks, just try going on a walk, and gradually make it brisker and longer as you feel comfortable. some people love Walk Away the Pounds tapes by Leslie Sansone - they are made so anyone can do them and they are pretty fun (although she is slightly annoying) once you get into walking you learn to love it. One of my neighbors was about your weight when I was a kid. one day she walked by my bus stop with this HUGE walkman. (80's). she walked by every morning for every day and eventually lost a LOT of weight. (oh and another plus to walking outside is you get away for the kids and you can let your mind wander and relax!)
  7. yeah i wasn't wearing many clothes...just because I knew my body would be warm. i'm still coughing...i can't believe it. i guess i should get some cold weather gear...when i was younger i would go out running in winter in shorts and stuff.
  8. hey guys...i'm kind of a lurker on this thread. i haven't gone running since it got too dark to go before work...so I've been doing aerobics instead. today i went running since I had the day off, I got about a 1/4 mile and my lungs started burning like crazy and I had to stop. they still kind of burn right now. is it from the cold? (i'm in MA - in the 30s) I don't smoke or anything. I don't know what's the matter - my endurance is up a lot - did i push myself too hard? if anyone could help i'd appreciate it.
  9. I will join in the concensus and add that I would probably eat sawdust before I bought these things again...i'm eating them because I paid so much for them but I have to hold my nose!! i usually drink the lite and fit smoothies which are awesome since i'm so busy at work i don't have time to eat yogurt. two thumbs DOWN to crave control!
  10. i must be the weird one that likes the carrot ones AND the chocolate ones...I have one at the end of almost every day and savor having something sweet! i personally don't mind shelling out extra money if it helps me lose weight!
  11. yum that looks great...i'll have to try it! too bad it doesn't like something you could really mix w/any 0 point mixers...
  12. leksipatsy

    olive oil

    i really can't afford that many points so I try new receipes or altering the recipes that I have. One of the big things for me in my old way of cooking was using a lot of oil and unfortunately it's something you should try to cut out. I use the spray olive oil which is no points, a lot. If you must have it, a lot of times you can half or third the # of oil you put in a recipe and it will still taste really good. you can always add a little white wine or other liquid to help counterbalance the consistency. to be happy in this diet you really do need to be very creative. good luck!
  13. well in the complete food companion it says that beef or pork chow mein is 5 points a cup and chicken is 4 - so I would count 8 points probably for 2 cups of shrimp - shrimp doesn't really have a lot of fat in it
  14. i modified this WW recipe and made it 10x better! don't let the idea of goat cheese scare you - it's really very yummy! 7 points/serving ~ makes 6 servings INGREDIENTS 2 c. Penne 1 C. plain nonfat yogurt 2 T low-fat mayo 2 oz goat cheese 1/4 t salt 1/8 t ground pepper 2 t olive oil 1 garlic clove, minced 1 12 oz round steak, trimmed of fat and thinly sliced 1/2 pint cherry tomatos (halved) 1. cook pasta al dente 2. combine yogurt mayo, goat cheese, salt & pepper in small bowl 2. in nonstick skilled heat oil, cook garlic about 30 secongs, add beef in two batches and cook through 3. drain pasta, add all ingredients, toss serving: generous 1 cup this is even better the next day! enjoy!
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