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  1. I live on the east cost and found them at Roche Bros. They are local here. I have not seen them at the other local places I go to yet, but I will be looking out for them. I hope they catch on. If you go here http://arnold.gwbakeries.com/product.cfm/upc/7341013547 they allow you to put in your zip to find out if they are sold in your area.
  2. Arnold Select Multigrain Sandwich Thins. They are 100 calorie and presliced. They are pretty thin, a little bigger around then an english muffin, same shape. The texture is like a flat bread. It's very good. If I remember correctly they have like 5 grams fiber. It would be great for veggie burgers or even home made pizza. I will be getting these from now on.
  3. Anyone else find these really expensive? At Amazon you can get a 12 pack for 25 dollors. Even with free shipping it's over $2.00 each. At one point they had them on sale at Shaws on the east coast for $1.00 each, with their regular price $1.99. I had bought some but they only had chocolate. I can't see why Amazon can't carry them cheaper then they do. I don't have the room to buy a few cases to use one of those multi case discounts.
  4. I found the very vanilla kind at my local stop and shop. They had a slot for chocolate but they were out. The vanilla was great. BTW I tried the sipahh straws and didn't like them. I will have to give it another try.
  5. It's sugar free and 100 calories and very yummy. 2 points, 4 net carbs and I will get them again for sure. I found them at my local Shaw's and Stop and Shop. In both locations they we near the bread section instead of where the snake cakes are and I am not sure why.
  6. Agreed! I bought them and had to add tons of veggies, salt, pepper, and sprinkle parm cheese on them to give them some taste. Plus the packageing was terrible. I had to throw most of mine away because the plastic around the pizza split open in my freezer. I have made much better homemade low point pizzas at home using light english muffins, roll out bread, or wheat pitas, light cheese, veggies etc. It's a fraction of the cost and tastes much better. I will use an extra point or two for the better taste.
  7. I miss these so bad. I have not bought them in a while because they give me such bad gas.
  8. The weight control oatmeal had a weird texture and gave me heartburn. I like the Kashi oatmeals. They have a high fiber count as well.
  9. I had them too and they are really good.
  10. Quick question. How long did you cook the brocolli and did you have to add any water to the bag?
  11. Make sure where you getting them from, have them kept, and send them frozen. I would hate to have you get bad muffins.
  12. For those of you who think warm delight minis and guiltless gourmets are too expensive, there are directions on the side of the box for no pudge brownies to make single servings in the microwave. Find a low point fudge sauce and it would be a cost effective alternative to either one of those. Also, I tried my brownie with "Boston cream pie" light yogurt so you could have endless flavor combos.
  13. Ooooh. I have dotti's messages boards bookmarked so I will check it out and see if I can find it! Thanks.
  14. OK. I got my pasta in and made some. It was really good. No gritty texture or taste and even with the tons of fiber it didn't bother my stomach. Good find.
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