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  1. The entire time I was reading this thread, I was thinking the same thing, except in my family, it's: "At Breakfast eat like a KING, Lunch a Prince, and at Supper a Pauper." (why didn't I listen to my mother?)
  2. Hey everyone! I've been away from BCB since spring for the most part. I needed a break to stop focusing on the scale so much and to remember that while being healthy and fit are very important to me - the scale is just a tool, and obsessing over it is definitely not OP. In light of the new information coming to WW next week, I'll be attending meetings again to find out what it's all about. I always feel like any changes, no matter how different are for our benefit and it's important not to lose sight of that. Hope that everyone has a great day.
  3. There are some essentials for me: DVR - for recording Gilad (Total Body Sculpt), Cathe (Cardio BLAST), and Steve (Ross - Inhale). P90X DVD's - look, I get a better workout from Gilad and Cathe, but P90X is a good way to mix it up - especially the plyometrics. My ipod -somehow, Fergie, Kanye, and Missy Elliot know just what I need to stay motivated through my run. Related - Treadmill for when it's too hot/cold/sticky/dark to run outside. Also, dog loves it; I have to keep her upstairs when I use it, or she tries to join me (or kick me off). Also, good running shoes have kept my feet comfortable and my body injury-free. Go to the good running store to find the right fit - and support them by buying it there! Bosu Balance Trainer - What else would I use in leu of a step, bench, or to intensify some workouts? Also, the kids love using it in a myriad of ways. Medicine Balls - Great for focusing on my core, great way to change-up a routine. Snow Shovel - laugh if you must, but in Michigan, I can get a good two hours of shoveling at least a few times per week. It is work! Tell you a secret if you promise not to tell my husband: I alway look forward to shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. He thinks I'm making a sacrifice, but I'm having fun. Also, making snowmen is a pretty regular accompaniment (can't believe I spelled that right!) to shoveling so I always associate the two. No-slip Ponytail holders - nothing holds my hair better, and I can't stand having hair in my face when I exercise. This is vital to a good workout. I like the holders from Scunci. This Christmas, I'm looking forward to giving my husband a hydration belt like mine, a reflective running vest, and a York barbell set. The kids need camelbacks for bike rides (so we don't have to stop at every mile marker to keep them hydrated), and I want a pair of running gloves.
  4. I also like Just Bento (can't remember if you've mentioned this site previously). That along with lunch in a box are among my daily reads. I don't have traditional Bento supplies handy where I live (although I know that I can get things online), so I find that I need to improvise a bit more. I was using the fit'n'fresh lunch container for my sons' lunches - they both fell apart - cracked, broken, destroyed. The company will let you order any of the single pieces you may need, but I'm looking for other options for next year's lunches. They just don't hold up to the abuses of two school-aged boys.
  5. Maybe you can give it a duct tape makeover . Seriously - hula hoops sound like fun! If you bought a few more, you could use them on the ground obstacle-course style. Thanks for the great idea; I'm always game to shake up my exercise routine.
  6. These quotes really work for me in my life and WW experience. #19 is especially good because many of the best lessons I've learned are often learned in hindsight.
  7. I have a DDR for the Wii, it's called DDR Hottest Party. I want to say that it was about $80, but it may have been less. With the Wii version, you use the mat, but also the controller and nunchuk (sp?) in your hands. There's a "workout" selection that give maybe a 15-20 min dance challenge (I'd say low moderate on scale of workout). Overall, I really like it - I have to coerce the family to use it instead of playing the other Wii games (that's what you get with a house full of boys). We're actually getting another set so that the kids can play against each other. I guess that it would probably be a good idea to see if we can just get another mat.
  8. I am addicted to those sites! I'm always looking for clever/different ideas for my kids' lunches. I try not to make my lunches too cutesy because I know that I would be in trouble with the boys, but I really like that I've gotten so many ideas for packing a beautiful, balanced lunch for my kids.
  9. Walking is a good way to keep yourself active. As many BCBers will attest, really losing and keeping weight off is more of the result of what and how you eat. There are lots of active runners that are struggling to keep the weight off just because of their relationship with food. Being active whether it be walking or other activities is a buttress for your good health. It will help a bit with weight loss - for sure, but you don't "need" it to lose weight. I "need" daily exercise to feel good, have more energy, and help me make good food choices. I'm a much more content person when I've had my workout. Plus, it does amazing things for the way my body looks. BTW, I was a 'horrible' runner too. Always said that I wasn't "built" for running, now I run at least four times a week. I read the book Chi Running and it changed the way I run. I'm faster, have no joint pain, and have a blast when I'm running (something I never thought would happen - I always looked at runners as having a screw loose for wanting to torture themselves).
  10. I have an Electra Townie 21 speed (big comfy seat, upright position, flat foot design). I guess it's a cruiser bike except it has 21 speeds -really easy w/ grip shifts. During the summer I ride my bike at least 60 miles/week and it is really a comfortable and beautiful bike. I get compliments on it every time I ride it. It's much heavier than a performance bike, but I can still kick my husband's butt on his ultra-light triathlon bike. Also, I've added fenders and a little rack on the back to make it super cute.
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