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  1. I know in past programs when entering the fiber you capped at 4...with this new program do we do that same or put in the full amount of fiber?
  2. So I am going out with friends tomorrow night for a few drinks. I am not a big beer drinker and I only like wine oh special occassions. I like my mixed drinks though with vodka. I was thinking to make it a lower calorie mix drink if I ask the bartendar to do club soda (seltzer) which is 0 calories mixed with a flavored vodka. Has anyone ever done this while out at a bar with friends?!?!
  3. Hello all go getters!! Tonight I am starting the P90X. As I understand its am extreme workout that you need to be fit for to begin with. I feel I am ready for it and I am ready to take on my challenge and bring myself to the next level. Question is what do you think I should consider it?? Low medium or high intensity?? I am guessing not low :/ but I wanna see what your inputs are. and before I officially start I wanna see how I need to estimate activity point earnings. Thanks a bunch ahead look forward to hearing from you all!!!
  4. Hey all! I am not really active in writing on the forum but I use to be! I do WW at home by myself I do not attend meetings but I am a frequent lerker on this forum. Just reading through all of you getting tips idea etc really helps. I really should post more often but sometimes its just hard to. That excuse though is sorta like the excuse well I want to lose weight but I just dont have the time...blah blah ok ok I just kicked myself but I think you all know what I mean. But anyway....I post on here when I truely need help or have questions but lately I have been in this nut kick. I just want nuts when snacking almonds peanuts cashews just nuts lol I as I understand having them as a snack is very good. My question is this its easy to get the 100 cal packs because hey they are 2 or 3 points a pouch but they also can get fairly expensive. Its easier and cheaper to just grab a jar or can and be on the way. Now almonds are easy they say either the oz or the amount is in a serving but things like the peanuts and cashews the serving may say like 39 pieces. My thing is and as we all know when you open a jar of things like cashews or peanuts there are the whole round ones or the ones that seem to be halves. Now when the serving says pieces do they mean it as the whole (basically 2 halves if they are split) or does it mean just a half of the nut?? I hope I didnt confuse anyone :/ sorry if I did thanks for the help in advance!
  5. Here I am day 4!! Feeling good and feeling strong! I have the day off from work today so its a nice day to get things done around the house and to head to the gym for a nice workout. I am actually very excited for it! I love working out! I usually do it atleast 5 times a week sometimes 4 and range anywhere from 50-90 minutes. Ok well I am sure I will be on a decent amount today since I am home! Here is what I had so far... Breakfast (9:30am) Coffee w/ FF creamer 1pt Oatmeal w/ unsweetened apple sauce 3pts Used 4pts Left 18pts Daily intake 22pts
  6. Nightsky07

    Day 3

    Ok sooo I had a little more time then I thought haha so here is the menu for the day: Breakfast Coffee w/ FF creamer 1pt Oatmeal w/ apple sauce 3pts Lunch Soup 1pt WW string cheese 1pt Dinner Chicken w/ mixed veggies n a garlic herb sauce 4pts Snacks Throughout Whole Day FF Cottage cheese w/ pineapple 4pts Carrots 1pt Apple (small) 1pt Orange 1pt Banana 2pts Daily used: 19pts Daily left: 3pts
  7. Nightsky07

    Day 3

    Well its off to work EARLY for me today. Its day 3 to being OP! I am very excited and feel good about myself for making it to day 3. Some may say ok Kell is only 3 days buttt with the way I have been and the way I have been feeling this third day going OP seems like an accomplishment. I am excited and look forward to saying day 4 tomorrow! Well unfortunetly it was a little late with getting up this morning and I do not have time to post my whole menu but I will as soon as I get home tonight. I do assure you all my buddies that because of me knowing I had to be to work early and work through dinner I planned out my whole day ahead of time and have everything ready and waiting. There is no searching for food or other temptations that will get the best of me. I have my mains and my snacks and I WILL make it through! Talk to you all late! Hope everyone has a great OP day!
  8. For yesterday the rest of my menu was this... Dinner Salad w/ chicken and a sesame dressing 6pts Snack FF cottage cheese w/ pineapple 4pts Daily used 21 Daily left 1
  9. Ok here I am day 2...I have to say only being OP for one day I am not feeling completely better but I do feel a little better. Its like one day of putting the right foods in th body just overall makes me feel brighter?? If that makes sense but I still know I have a long way to go to completely feel good. Well here it is my menu up till dinner.... Daily intake: 22pts Breakfast Coffee w/ FF creamer 1pt Oatmeal w/ applesauce 3pts Snack Apple 1pt (small) Yogurt 2pts Lunch Soup 3pts Snack Carrots 1pt Used 11pts Left 11pts
  10. Well I am home safe from my trip home to CT from PA. Still positive and going strong. The carrots and ice coffee definatly got me through the drive so that I didnt get home and feel famished. When I got home I met my boyfriend who had just gotten out of work for dinner. We wanted something quick but I knew I had to be healthy. He is the kind of person who can eat whatever and stay lean and fit. grrr but lucky him I guess I have to worry about myself. So anyway we met at McDonalds and before I got there I researched points and went in with the right mindset so this is what I had... Dinner McDonalds Ceaser salad w/ grilled chicken 4pts Low fat balsamic dressing 1pt Apple dippers 1pt Daily used 19pts Daily left 3pts
  11. Thank you Laurie. Yours words also mean so much and I take everything to say to heart! It means so much to know I can depend and lean on people here. Its a good feeling to know there are others who have struggled like you and they can help you along. I know no one will hold my hand cause like I said I am the ONLY one who can obviously do this for myself but its good to be able to walk along side others!
  12. Well I am about ready to leave my sisters in PA and drive back home to CT. Its about a two hour drive. My plan for the drive home is to top and get an ice coffee with skim milk and add truvia sugar myself to it and to pack some baby carrots to munch on so I do not send myself into being to hungry for when I get home. Snack Ice Coffee w/skim 1pt Baby carrots 1pt Daily used: 13pts Daily left: 9pts
  13. Kim thank you for your kind words. I really took what you said to heart and it is true. I am once again excited to begin my journey and look forward to a positive future outlook. Lunch (Easter Brunch) (12:30pm) Egg whites (3) 1pt Cheese 2pts Potatos O'brien (3/4c) 1pt (no oil just a lil pam used) 2tbs ketchup 1pt Strawberries(1c)1pt Cool whip(2tbs)1pt Daily pts used: 11 Daily pts left: 11
  14. Here I am again...lost, frustrated, disappointed...I originally started weight watchers my senior year of high school and was 180lbs. I was completely dedicated and lost 40 pounds and for awhile was at 140lbs. From then on I have been on and off program my lowest weight being actually my post goal weight of 110 and going up and down between 1150125lbs. Its like I will be on program for a week then off on program for a day go off the next on plan in the morning then at night off. Honestly I want to see the change and I want to make it my lifestyle its like for some reason something just takes control of my and its like I cant not binge. I will literally being saying to myself Kelly stop but I wont it literally seems like I cant. I just go from one food to the next to the next and before I know it I am at that state where I feel so full I am upset with myself. I just got done with a Friday and Saturday of good during the morning eating then at night both nights a complete binge...Pasta chocolate chips anything I can get my hands on. I have spent time on thinking of why it may be happening and I pinned it to me being a high emotional eater. When stressed upset worried anything emotional it seems like I go to food. And I realized it only makes me feel good for a short time then after I feel worse then before and on top of that I gain weight!! and I am in this up and down battle I have been for so long! I am tired of it. Last night as I was chewing my last bite of the night I broke out in tears. Yelling at myself about how I am a failure and disgusting. I am tired of this emotional eating up and down. I want to change it. When I feel stressed I am going to turn to exercise writing reading dancing or going to a place by myself and yelling at the top of the lungs if need be! and most important I am wanting to turn to you guys here at health discovery if that is possible?? I am a daily lurker on here and that needs to change maybe being a part of you guys maybe not just one group but just posting my daily menu exercise and feelings just as a general thread will help. Everyone here seems amazing and very supportive and you all offer great advice maybe if I start actually posting it will give me that extra push to stay on track. I know its an odd day to start and probably a day that is going to offer a lot of temptation being that it is Easter and I will need a lot of will power but I NEED to. I can NOT go one more day of letting myself go. Today April 12, 2009 I COMPLETELY recommit myself to the WW lifestyle. I will exercise I will follow the plan to the complete. This is for me to feel better about myself and to be happy! There are no if ands or buts. The program offers plenty of opportunity to not feel deprived or to make me feel like I am on a diet. After all WW is a lifestyle change right!? I know no one can do this for me its honestly got to come from within myself. I have to be ready and willing to put all into it as I can and honestly I am ready. I want this so much! The feeling I have after my binges and the feeling I have right now are horrible. Its like I cant stand myself and I do not want that anymore. I want that happy smile on my face and eating right helps the way I relate to people and everything that goes on. Like I said and I am so sorry for the long post but I know that no one but me can do this but its ok to need someone to lean on right? Here it all goes clean slate...Recommit April 12, 2009...Weight 130lbs...Daily points 22. Menu Breakfast (9:20am) Coffee w/ FF creamer 1pt Reduced sugar oatmeal 2pts 1/2 cup No sugar added applesauce 1pts
  15. Which is better for weightloss sugar free or fat free products????
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