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  1. *WWDonna*

    CORE Bread

    I haven't posted here for a while but I did loose a lot of weight on core in the past. Like WWCarol, I'm eating a high nutrient diet now, really a gluten free vegan diet. I would say to stay from the foods with all the additives and chemicals. I think core works best when you stay with plain, whole foods. I am 3 lbs from my WWgoal. Not too bad after all this time.
  2. It's been a long time since I've been on this website but I opened it today and found this thread. I'm only 3 lbs from my WW goal. I'm now eating a gluten free vegan diet. I know Kimberely knows me. Maybe someone else, who knows? I'll take a look around and see what's up with eveeryone.
  3. Carol, the server must still be down. Link does not work! I hope you are well. I miss you, too!
  4. I read every day or every other day. Just had to comment on this one. I have been maintaining my weight, just not at my desired number. I'm the same weight I was 6 months ago when Mom died. At least I haven't gained anymore, but I still have 50 lbs to loose. All the healthy vegan eating, all these walks, all this spinning at the gym-and I don't get a loss, I get a maintain. Sigh. I think I have to decrease the volume that I am eating. Certainly, that is not what I want to do. Don't think I am able to increase the exercise.
  5. Pinkypi, I just leave out the oil in the recipes. They are just fine without it!
  6. Today is my 59th birthday. I went to spin class this morning. As I looked around the room, it was clear that I was the oldest one there. I kept up with the whole class and never faltered one bit. It really felt good that I can consider myself fit at age 59. Welcome Sheri! I had a great birthday breakfast of steel cut oats and organic fresh strawberries. I just finished a large salad with some of Carol's Yumm sauce (diluted with salsa and balsamic vinegar) for dressing. I had some brown rice, black beans and salsa, too. Not bad so far! Heading over to DD#2's new house for a family dinner tonight. Life is good!
  7. Progress, Soda. I'm guessing you will have a loss this week. I'm a bit on the hungry side right now but will not eat until morning. You've inspired me.
  8. Went to my first spin class since Jan 7. It was so good to be "back in the saddle"! I had a great OP day, too.
  9. I don't sleep as well when I eat before bed. It's like my body is so busy digesting that I can't get to sleep. I do better with herbal tea. It's only 6 pm here on the West Coast. I'm eating roasted veggies and DH is snoring in the recliner. Went to the gym on my way home. 35 min eliptical/bike combo. It was good to be back!
  10. Checking in kind of late here on the West Coast. I've been busy all day-even went to the mall with DD#2. Went to the pre-diabetes class with DH. As a RN, I have heard it all before. DH seemed bored and even dozed off at one point. He came home and ate a white bagel with butter and cheddar cheese, girl scout cookies, and pretzels. So nothing changed at all. Back to work for me again tomorrow. I have my gym bag packed and am going right after work. It will be the first time in over 2 months.
  11. Carol, do not not eat any starchy veg or grains?
  12. Here is my nutrition prescription, altered from Carol's post. Here's a template I'm using for my vegan nutrition: DAILY NUTRITION PRESCRIPTION Eat at least 2 half cups of BEANS/LEGUMES in soup, salad or a dish daily Eat at least 3 fresh FRUITS a day Eat at least a half oz. of raw NUTS and SEEDS a day (count) Eat at least 1 large SALAD a day Eat at least 1 large (double-serving) of STEAMED GREEN VEGETABLES Eat some MUSHROOMS or ONIONS daily Eat at least 2 half cup servings STARCHY VEG OR WHOLE GRAINS per day.
  13. The netbook is too small and slow. I can't print off it. It was a waste of $$. Really, it does nothing that I can't do on my iPhone.
  14. Hmm, I may have found out something that is really good to know. The Dr Praeger's meatless all american burgers left grease on the pan after broiling them. My stomach is upset after eating them. I will not be buying/eating these in the future.
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