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  1. Yikes, write in English please. To make a tortilla wrap, put all the ingredients you want in a thin line down the middle of the tortilla. No more than 2 inches wide, because otherwise you won't be able to wrap it. Fold the tops by the food in a bit, maybe one inch. Then curl one end of the tortilla over and around the food - you should be able to slide the end under the food. Roll up, and eat!
  2. Incredible! I am also very impressed and inspired that it took you 8 years to lose 150 lbs. So often, I feel like losing weight is a race to the finish line, even though I know it's not. I admire your mental determination to lose the weight just as much as I admire your newly svelte figure. Congratulations!!
  3. I bet your husband can't keep his hands off of you!!
  4. Bianca, you look so cute and young now! I love seeing those baby blues pop out again.
  5. Deb, you are doing fantastically! When I first came to BCB, photos of your progress were one of the major reasons I began to believe in WW working, and that's why I decided to start. Thank you!
  6. Nina you look amazing! Mint green is a lovely color on you. I am SO impressed and motivated!!
  7. LOL thanks! I'm a figure skater, so I'm used to everyone seeing me in tights and a skimpy dress anyways!
  8. Thanks everyone! I made a way better body comparison:
  9. Look at that gorgeous face coming out of hiding! Fantastic progress, Lesa, keep it up! (Also, watch Lesa's hair grow LOL)
  10. This week I hit 40lbs lost! I am doing WWAH and I couldn't do it without the support of everyone here at BCB. I especially find progress and before/after pictures motivating. So here are some of mine, I hope I can motivate someone in return! August 2006 (215): March 2007 (175): I don't even recognize myself in that last photo! I mean, I do, but ... it's been about 10 years since I was this weight. Ready for goal!
  11. Congratulations! Breaking a plateau is so encouraging. I have had the most success losing weight when I vary my points from day to day. I don't strictly follow the Wendie program, because I don't always want to eat 39 points on the scheduled day. However, I make sure to always follow a high-point day with a low-point day, and it's worked very well for me.
  12. I think that 0 point veggies are freshly-prepared, and frozen must be counted as points because of the sauces added. I have bought those Bird's Eye frozen veggie pouches and they have some kind of herb sauce. Also ... no one ever got fat eating too many veggies!!
  13. I take One a Day Weight Smart. I do get an upset stomach if I only take it with water, but if I take it before I eat a little food, I'm fine. I also take a calcium pill if I don't get in my two cups of milk per day, since it only has 30% calcium. Despite it saying it has "extra calcium", the Women's pill only has 15% more than Weight Smart.
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