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  1. MMM...this is my favorite product at TJ's. FYI, It gives you several cooking methods...I think baking the chicken is the best, it comes our nice and crispy! Just like it would be from a restaurant, but without all the grease
  2. I recently made it to my PGW! My before @ 211: Me now (pics from my wedding& honeymoon) went from a size 16 to a size 6: (excuse the hair and face....it was 95 degrees that day!)
  3. I had these when they first came out several months ago. I was disgusted...maybe I had a bad package...but there was pieces of bone or cartilage in the patties. I spit it right out and tossed the package away. I don't think I will be trying them again after that. I will say TJ's was good about it though...I told them I didn't like the product in an email and they gave me my money back.
  4. I had these...they were ok. I'd buy them again IF they were on sale. Too much $$ for just something that was meh. I'd rather spend the extra minute of time and make my own breakfast wrap with a 1pt tortilla, eggbeaters, salsa, and turkey deli meat.
  5. I had the PB one that I got in a small bodega in NYC...I thought that it was good. Do they only sell them individually at Walgreens or in a box?
  6. I haven't posted pics of me in a long time... Here is my before (May 2006) And Current (taken May 27, 2007) Sorry I wasn't able to get a full body photo. But I was wearing a Medium dress
  7. If you are looking for a good scale I recommend the Tanita HD351 Digital Scale with Memory Function.I bought this a month ago and it is awesome. No more "scale dance"....my old one was a Taylor with all the gadgets on it. The Taylor one was not accurate at all! This Tanita scale is very accurate...I put a 5 lb weight on it...it read 5.0 lbs. And it has matched my weigh-ins at the doctor’s office. The scale weighs up to 420 lbs and has 4 memory buttons for different users. It will tell you your last reading. It costs about $70 but it is worth it...being an at Home person accuracy is important to me.
  8. I bought the Apple Pie pudding too...nothing special. Has an odd taste to it like it's missing something. So I give it a meh. I'll use my 1 point elsewhere.
  9. I hated them too....I didn't even swallow my first bite. YUCK !
  10. They don't taste like a granola bar...but are chewy and soft like eating a rice krispies treat.
  11. I just got these at Costco for $12 and I have had the Cinna-Swirl so far and it was yummy. They come in a 3-pack with Cinna-Swirl, Apple Struesel and Berry Blast. Each bar...which is good sized is only 1 point! more info on these at www.soycrisps.com
  12. Thanks everyone for your answers on the treadmill question. I started yesterday. I've been working out regularly since July...and I still had a hard time. I was wheezing and coughing pretty bad and my heart rate got really high...among other things. This wheezing and coughing continued for 2 hours after I stopped exercising. I have always had this whenever I try and jog slowley. I can usually control it when I concentrate on my breathing on the elliptical. Anyways...I have made an appointment with my doctor for tommorrow...I think I may have exercised enduced asthma. I was on an inhailer for a short time when I was a kid...but have never been diagnosed with asthma. This may explain alot for me...
  13. I plan on starting the couch to 5K today...and I have a question. Does anyone use the treadmill for this? It seems like it would be hard to do when you are changing the speed so much....at least during the first few weeks.
  14. Way to go! And you look super cute in the outfit you wore to the Nutcracker
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