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  1. Hi, Lesa! I've missed hearing from you or seeing you on the Delta Force forum. I hope all is well with you and that 2012 will be wonderful for you and your family. Deedee

  2. YES! Did a 50 minute hike on a nature trail!
  3. Jen...too funny! WTG on the "keeping it going"...you are doing great!
  4. Alright....I am IN! There is a hiking trail on the other side of town that I have been wanting to do. It is 3 miles long and I will do that! Lesa
  5. Welcome! I am coming back to BCB and WW. I lost 130 pounds a few years back and now I have 50 pounds to go. This is definately a staple in my support system...Let's get some activity points and get this thing going! Lesa
  6. great job SB. I am here....still sneaking in a peek...LOL...thanks for posting your staying power, it does truly inspire.
  7. LOVE IT...great job on the 10 years.
  8. OH HECK YES! Now that is a skinny man's car if I ever saw one! KUDOS!! I love it!
  9. I know this is an old thread..but I was thinking about this very thing over the last few days. I love how I feel when I exercise regularly. I feel strong, in control, I love the lift in my emotions, the tightening of my body, whether it be thighs..arms...stomach...I have a lot of "non-tight" but I love to feel the strength inside me. Sad to say, that lately I have fondly reminesed (sp) about those feelings rather than "feeling" them.
  10. You got this. I loved the 90/10 lesson. I think there is value in learning that principle. It sounds like to me that you do need to take a break, but a financially friendly one. A walk in the park, and hey take the dog. Work up an appetite. Don't give the pup a treat when you get back, put his/her food out for it. Be tough, and your tough love will be a benefit to both of you. There is nothing wrong with NOT giving the puppy a treat, and forcing it to eat what is good for it, by putting ONLY good for it food out. Your smart enough to call out for help when you feel down...your smart enough to know you are a loving pet owner and that even though it will be sad, or have it's feelings hurt for a minute..or two..it will live longer, and be stronger because you loved it enough to make good choices for it when it could or would not! Your a good doggie mom...now...be strong, and just do it!
  11. I am no expert and honestly I am just recycling information I read on here once before. It seems to me that the larger the size you are the more of a range to get out of it you have. example: if you are in the plus sizes it seems to take about a 20 pound range. Then once you get lower it seems to go to about a 10 pound range...then smaller it seems to even go smaller. It did work out for me that way. I felt like it took me forever to get out of my 20 plus sizes Once I got to about 10-12's it seemed like it was about a 10 pound range. When I got to 6-8's it seemed like about a 5 pound range...then I blew that out of the water and am playing in the 10-12's again :-)
  12. I know that it is very frustrating to see such a slow process. I love the intensity your at with your work outs. I also believe you should continue to eat the points your earning. The trend in your weightloss is still going down and that is good. I encourage you to take extra care in figuring out the points for the foods you are eating. It is easy to underestimate them. Also to over estimate the points earned by working out. Don't give up. I think the body has a mind of its own most times and about the time you are ready to throw in the towel you will see a surprise on the scale. When you are expecting a tremendous loss the scale will barely budge. I made a promise to myself when I started, I was no longer going to allow myself to "LIE TO ME" about where I was on the scale. I would WI every week, take the good the bad and the ugly and move forward. I would document the weight and try my best to take ownership of what I did to help the scale get there. It was the only way I would be able to make any progress. That meant when I had a stall, or a gain...I had to re-evaluate the things I had done that week. If I had done what I knew was right, and I had done a good job, I just called the scale a liar, and went forward. SOMETIMES THE SCALE JUST LIES..LOL. I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I hope this statement does: YOU DID NOT GET OVERWEIGHT BY EATING HEALTHY AND WORKING OUT EVERYDAY. YOU WILL GET HEALTHY BY DOING THOSE TWO THINGS....IT IS TIME TO GET HEALTHY. don't stop just because you don't see the scale moving as fast as you would like....none of us see it moving as fast as we would like.....keep pressing forward. The only way to fail at this is to just STOP. DON'T STOP!
  13. What a great job! You are looking great, and the proof is in the pictures! WTG!!
  14. FANTASTIC! You look extremely fantastic.
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