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  1. Hi! I lost well on the old program and I think points plus may be a little slower for me, but I love it! I am losing and I suppose slower is better. It is different, but great!
  2. Does on-line WW watch for you? We do not have a WW meeting in my area and I am needing to get serious about getting my after surgery weight off. I am wondering about on-line and how it works. thanks for any info. Karen
  3. Thanks CW -- I won't make it a habit to drink the flavored water, but it is good.
  4. Just wondering -- Is the flavored water good for you? As good as plain water? I had some at a friend's and it is tasty, but it does have sodium....
  5. Anyone else like the WW choclate chip cookies? They are really good and which I need a cookie fix -- that does it. I also like their blueberry muffins. They are really good. Karen
  6. CONGRATULATIONS GRANDMA LAURA!!!!! I'm a grandma too and you give me encouragement -- I so want to get to goal. I am upset though. I attend WW and last night the leader quit (due to many committments) and they don't have a leader to replace her, so they closed ours down. I am just devasted. The others closest to me are 20 - 25 miles away. Not sure what I am going to do. But you are a WINNER and have given me new hope! Way to go!!!!! Karen
  7. Hi -- I just bought a blender -- I want to try the WW smoothies. Any other ideas you have for healthy points wise smoothies or any kinds of drinks in the blender? Thanks a lot. Karen
  8. If you like mysteries -- Patricia Rushford's series "The McAllister Files" are so good! I am enjoying them -- in fact, I love them. I also read the Karen Kingsbury books and the Neta Jackson books.
  9. Hey....... I work in the store attached to the Stitching House. Both are one business owned by the same person. I work Thursdays and Fridays. Look for me! Karenkt
  10. Karen Kingsbury's books are wonderful! I am reading the "Firstborn" series and just can't put them down. kkt
  11. Hi -- Birds are my thing too! We have a LOT of feeders at the tree in our front lawn -- visitors are goldfinches, cardinals, woodpeckers, sparrows, chickadees, doves, etc. We have a peanut butter jar in a wooden holder that our son-in-law made, and the birds clean it out completely. It is fun to watch. We have hummingbird feeders suspended on the porch and it is such fun to watch them. Birds are such interesting creatures to watch. I especially love the cardinals. I have a lot of figurines on my entertainment center -- also lots of other cardinal things. Yes, I like birds too! kkt
  12. Has anyone heard of plastic canvas yarn??? I am still looking for whatever is needed to make those pot scrubbers. I read on one of the patters that that is what is used. I haven't found it yet! Thought perhaps one of you would know. Thanks....kkt
  13. I finally got my DD's wedding sampler done and framed. It is beautiful. That was the first time I used beads and I liked the look. Now I am finishing a winter pictures, and bought a spring one to start when that is done. I am also working on a stitchery right now....and a jigsaw puzzle. Nothing like doing it all! kkt
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