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  1. Also with having a new baby, if you are nursing make sure you eat your extra 10 points. I always ate them all and lost just fine.
  2. Mandy- I do that a lot too: weigh in on Monday afternoon and then go out to eat with DH Monday night and use all 35 WPA. I figure if I am going to eat more than normal, I want it to be as far away from my next WI as possible!
  3. At Walmart, by the hot chocolate, they have packets for hot apple cider that are 0 points. I love it!
  4. Ooh, Joanne, sneaky. I like you even more now.
  5. I don't usually post here, but I thought this question applied to this group... Are any of you members of Curves, or have been in the past? If so, do you like it? I am debating joining, as the weight room in my normal gym is often taken over by the "Muscle Men" but Curves is kind of expensive. Any input is appreciated!
  6. 2 points for the bowl, and really good! I have been putting it on my salad instead of dressing. Sometimes I even make it a taco salad with a few tortilla chips. It's kinda spicy though...I can drink 1/2 my water for the day with it!
  7. Also with the pudding, if you eat two throughout the course of the day, that's 8 ounces which is a milk serving. I love to have a chocolate one with lunch, and then a caramel one with apple slices dipped into it as a after work treat!
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