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  1. why not use silken tofu to replace the eggs? its what i (and many many others) have always done. here is a link for a vegan, Core omlette recipe, just depends on what you fill it with but i like zucchini, onions and mushrooms! http://www.vegsource.com/talk/beginner/messages/143457.html ~mimi, who is not Core but who was formerly a strict veg and likes to think about Core:bcb_up
  2. how do you all count the points when you marinade something? i mean, obviously you aren't drinking it, but the food does soak up some. anyone?
  3. any brilliant person done this yet? managed to make a program for my razr that does the points calculations? if its out there can someone send me there? and if its not can someone smarter than me build it... hee hee oh, and i'm back.
  4. omg i think i love you. thank you SO SO SO much for this!
  5. mimichan

    Beet recipes?

    i like mine cooked and cold with rice vinegar. i was also convinced some years ago to try eating one like an apple. and you know what? it was good ^.^
  6. yeah, i was wanting the non-silken kind >
  7. 1 nectarine, cut into eighths and frozen 1/2 c. raspberries 1/8 tsp white stevia powder (optional) run water over the nectarine if its hard frozen and drain well. put it with the berries and the stevia in the food prosessor. blend the dog out of it. ONE POINT:exercise:
  8. I don't know if someone already reviewed these (because i did find out about them on here) but i thought i would just in case no one did. These are single serving drink flavorings much like the ones my Crystal Light except that they contain none of the "usual suspects" when it comes to artificial sweetners. they use stevia instead, a south american herb that can be hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has been used for countless years there. as for the product, it comes in four flavors; peach, wild berry, blueberry and tangerine. i got blueberry and wild berry (i'm a berry girl). i like the blueberry fine, it tastes just like what one would expect it to. i REALLY like the wild berry. its kinda like desert to me (but then im not much of a sweet tooth) or how i remember Kool-Aid tasting as a kid. they are all calorie free as well. two big thumbs up from me! here is the product link: http://www.c-els.com/sfCatalog.asp?sn=E121220010060014&pchid=72061
  9. what tofu do you use that is 5 pt a block? ^.^ i miss my favorite faux tuna salad from How It All Vegan ; ; too many points.
  10. do you have a brand name? Kraft brand is 2 points for two tablespoons so maybe you can work from there?
  11. Poly-O FF Mozzarella melts fine for a pizza but i have never tried melting it for other things. i usually use american slices for those.
  12. ooo i get it i get it. lmao!
  13. ok-- what is this "baked oatmeal" that everyone loves? is it just oatmeal baked? what am i missing.... *wanders off to check the recipe forums...*
  14. now *these* are the kind of ideas i can work with! thanks! and any more are appreciated too *^.^*
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