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  1. I went to Strollerfit this morning, even though I didn't have my kiddo with me. (Man, the workout is easier when you aren't pushing a 25lb toddler!).
  2. Luna Bars are an amazing snack, and they now come in a mini size (2PP). I keep 2-3 mini bars in my purse and in my work bag for times when I need something to hold me over. If you can carry a cooler bag: Pomegranate arils are delicious! It is more expensive to buy just the arils but I think it is worth it for the convenience, because pomegranates are darn messy to try and eat by otherwise. Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt is a relatively easy thing to pack. Hardboiled eggs travel well, and you can buy them already boiled and peeled at Trader Joe's! I second hummus! Delicious, and totally filling when eaten with raw vegetables! Trader Joe's is a great place to wander for snack ideas. I am obsessed with their Lite Kettle Corn (3PP) and their Skinny Fries (3PP).
  3. I went to Strollerfit this morning (45 minute circuit training with your child in a stroller).
  4. Welcome Jason! BCB helped me tremendously on my first WW journey in 2006. I am back now to lose the last bit of stubborn baby weight, and I hope that we can bring it back to where it once was! One suggestion: I like it MUCH better when forums and threads with new content are a completely different color than the ones that I have already read. I find with the current setup it is easy to skip forums that aren't regularly posted in because I don't realize there is something new there!
  5. 6/6: 182.4 (-3.4) 6/13: 180.2 (-2.2) Total: -5.6 6/20: 6/27: 7/4: 7/11: 7/18: 7/25: 8/1: 8/8: 8/15: 8/22: 8/29:
  6. Goal: -20lbs SW: 185.8 6/6: 182.4 (-3.4) 6/13: 6/20: 6/27: 7/4: 7/11: 7/18: 7/25: 8/1: 8/8: 8/15: 8/22: 8/29:
  7. I am in! I finally found my motivation but I need to be sure that my upcoming vacation doesn't throw me too far off track. Goal: -20lbs SW: 185.8 6/13: 6/20: 6/27: 7/4: 7/11: 7/18: 7/25: 8/1: 8/8: 8/15: 8/22: 8/29:
  8. I have never been a Biggest Loser fan. I bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred after hearing so many great things about it from others, but I will honestly never buy another Jillian product. These days it seems like she is taking endorsements wherever she can get them which makes it hard to trust what she is endorsing because it is a good product and what she is endorsing for the money. It is one thing to hire a celebrity to endorse your product, but it is another entirely for someone who is actually knowledgeable about health and fitness to endorse gimmicky products.
  9. Steve, those muffins sound DELICIOUS! I am a sucker for anything lemon.
  10. Actually, I have already found several problems with the new DWLZ values. For starters, she is using half points which do not exist on Points Plus. That alone makes me question the validity of any of her information. DWLZ was a wonderful site when restaraunt nutritional information was much harder to obtain, but now it is so widely available that I simply avoid chain restaurants that don't provide it.
  11. I live in St. Louis. When I did our snow shopping the store was out of bananas. Actually, the entire produce section looked like a ghost town.
  12. I love to sip chai tea. Less points than hot chocolate but still creamy and delicious. If my husband stays home from work I use the day as an opportunity to do all of my cleaning in one day. When the kiddo gets older I will love to take her out and play in the snow!
  13. I love the new program! I lost 75 lbs. on Flex/Momentum so the old POINTS system absolutely worked for me. However, I have embraced the change of PointsPlus and I am having great success so far! I think of it this way. Thirteen years ago, when POINTS was launched, I had a Nokia 5160. At the time, I thought that phone was the greatest thing I have ever owned. It had interchangeable face plates! It had the most popular cell phone game of it's time: Snake! I could download single tone ring tones that sounded nothing like the songs they were meant to represent! I LOVED that phone, but I would never trade my current iPhone in to have it back. I, for one, am more than happy to pay Weight Watchers for their materials. Weight Watchers is a business. It is the revenue generated by meetings, online memberships and product that funds the research that goes into their programs. I absolutely want Weight Watchers International to bring me the latest in nutritional science! Otherwise we'd all still be eating things like mousse of salmon. Nobody is forcing anyone to change programs. POINTS didn't suddenly stop working because Weight Watchers launched a new plan. If you are unwilling or unable to spend the money to acquire the new program materials that is totally fine. However, I am absolutely willing to invest in a new program based on the most up to date nutritional science. On a final note, I will say that I feel badly for the people who invested in the food scales, pedometers and other expensive items that are POINTS specific. I almost think Weight Watchers should offer a trade in discount for those who really depend on these items. Cookbooks aren't so bad because they can always be recalculated. (I don't own any of these items myself. I have always preferred to calculate points myself rather than trusting a database that might not be as accurate as I would like.)
  14. Hurray! I am so glad that you did not let your gain discourage you, and that you saw better results this week! Yay! *throws confetti*
  15. I haven't had any trouble, but I never take baking time to be an absolute. I've had it vary on the same cookies in the same oven before... found that out after I tried noting the times I used on Christmas cookie recipes last year only to burn them or have them be too soft this year. Haha.
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