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  1. Phew, figured it out. got caught up on the last few days. So will start the thread today with a warm hello to everyone and an introduction to those I haven't officially met yet. I am Jo 50 yrs old, Married, Mother of 1, and I am getting my behind back in gear to get off these 35 lbs I packed on this year. I fell off the wagon last year and just rolled under it and laid there. You would be amazed at how much crappy food one can find under a wagon! Getting the ole head in the right frame of mind to get back in the game plan. also need to do a major clean out of the cupboards and re-stock. I will get caught up on personals as we go along. It is good to be back with you all again. hugs jo
  2. okay I am trying to remember how to start the Thread..... good morning everyone
  3. Okay let me introduce myself....I am Jo..... I have never left you all...I have lurked in the shadows. I am posting today to let you know ....."I'M BACK". Now I know you all are trembling in your boots, shoes, slippers or socks. I am sending each of you a big hug and will work the next couple of weeks to get back in the swing with each of you...... let me knock out a couple of personals....... Esther see that you had your surgery and you had to slow down a bit so you can heal....killing you having to do nothing isn't it? I am sure Gerry is bringing you your meals and afternoon tea on a fancy tray....(( what a interesting picture that makes!!!)) Nancy hi sweetie...thought she dumped that bum? ((You will fill me in on the rest of the family when you can)) You know she isn't going to dump him til she is ready. So just be the safety net. Rhonda....we yacked.... Lara...oh man girl, what a icky thing your dealing with. Let me send you a hug And I do believe we got a baby on the way....Christie????? Tanya, hi girl, Love your pics they are great. Now for just rambling Jo stuff..........Okay honesty is that I put on some wt...duh right? I am not ready to buckle down yet because I have James and his "girl" coming in on Jan 9th. At this point I am not ready to figure out how many points are in a fried turkey. so once he and Tu are gong I will be ready. James will be going to NC to finish up his last 9 months of service then he will be going to Houston to be near her.......they are saying they are going to be going to Vegas while he is on leave...so I am hoping there will be an "Elvis" to tie the knot for them. we will see. DH is well, Cauzie is fat and happy....and I am fine. so to each of you "old timers" and to those I have not met...I send you a warm hug and hello.
  4. It's late, but I thought I better pop on and do a note so you know I am still alive. All is okay, nothing dramatic to report.......well I did manage to turn over the riding lawn mower on the carport this week. Don't ask how I did it......but I did it.......it rolled on me and I am a bit banged up but nothing broken. did note during this escapade...........my dog aint no Lassie. Just FYI, a lawn mower can climb a wall. Pretty amazing actually. things are fine. busy with multiple meetings and yard work...............with Lawn mower facing right side up. Having to help our neighbors. He is waiting for the results but it appears he has a fast acting Lou Garretts disease. It is really sad, but we are trying to help them. Doing well with my food. Wt is holding steady. so I am happy with that. Pool will be open in a couple weeks so laps will happen again. Miss you all and I send warm love and hugs to each of you.
  5. Morning all ............. Oh, let me re-start this.......... Hi I am Jo.........I live in Md.......blah blah blah......chuckle. Doing a fast check in before I head out to get dressed and do my running around. Not sure what my plans are today...........No meetings so that is a good thing. Nancy love your pic. Turn off the news it is depressing to say the least. Everyone is gearing up for a long weekend. I have been good. just busy. I am lucky even to get time to sit and read email. I will be in and out today so I will try and stay caught up today. Good luck Christie on your presentation. I have to do one Tuesday night before the hospital board of directors.....egads I hate public speaking. well off to shower and find my messy kitchen table.
  6. Fast drop in...........I am okay just really really busy with lots of stuff to be done. I am being good promise see we got a new baby...........shes adorable! Later this week it is a bit slower will be here then.....promise.. hugs to all jo
  7. Geeze Nancy why don't you just enjoy the the joy of "nothingness". Get a book, rent some movies, just putz around and do little stuff. Put little rain hats and boots on your expensive fish.
  8. Faith,.....ahh, the joy of being a home owner........sigh. New septic system....4 years ago.... A/C was done last year roof this year.........seems like it is just the time for repairs. Next year is a new liner for the pool and concrete work. Oh, well will not complain, its' just life. Oh, Karen I loved the Wii when James got it, this morning the exercise thing looked too cool. Lara love the calender page today. You can come lay by the pool with me....well right now we haven't opened it yet..........1st week of June we will open it..........lets get over the pollen and stuff first. Nancy are you all wet this morning too? It is supposed to rain all day today. Glad I got nothing dramatic planned today....Meeting at noon, and some short errands. Monday going to Lancaster with the sewing group for a day trip. got to get through the work weekend first. ick. got a few things thrown in the work bag, but will finish it off today. Food plan of the day??? will dig in the freezer here shortly.
  9. Morning everyone happy friday to all. Yesterday was lack of internet courtesy of the local cable company that cut the line up the street. idiots. Thank you Tanya for the public service warning...chuckle. Morning Karen. 3rd estimate done today for roof. ((Esther it's just old and time to do it.)) Now to figure out the payment of it. Firstly it has cancelled our yearly vacation....sigh, but roof is more important. We will just stay home and sit by the pool this year.
  10. Nancy is slummin at the pumps this morning. Enjoy your 11 days girl! Morning Faith!
  11. Wow Nancy you were on a roll yesterday. Are you mowing grass today? Hope Brian has a safe and fun trip. Yesterday was busy to say the least. Dh was off yesterday and we had major clean up work from the storm. Then had a couple people over for estimates for a new roof, yep it's that time....depressing is what it is......But then again on the bright side of that DH and I will be dead before we need another one. Today is not dramatic, but busy, 2 meetings this morning and some errands. I did find out that the donor situation went off well, the heart was flown to Pa and the recipiant is doing well. Rhonda I am glad it sounds like things went well for you yesterday. Hopie sounds like you need to find someplace to live, too much stress, Nancy is right you love him, but you don't have to like him. Pinks, when are you moving back with Mom? Esther sounds like a good trip other then the weather factor. Karen, glad you got to share the naps girl. Sandy...is the sky still falling? Trish, sounds like a rough day yesterday. I am sending you a good day today. Tanya....did you post yesterday? Lara, proud of your jello sandwich yestereday......weird, but you did well. Christie, are you okay? I did well with food yesterday, actually I need groceries badly so will take care of that today. I will be here later today when my running around is done.
  12. Morning everyone..............let me go back and review yesterday.....
  13. Nancy if I can get my butt back on track you can too. Seems to me last week you mentioned your drive and determination. ((see I did keep up on the board)) so sorry about your neighbor. I am glad he will be able to stay in his home. How was the visit with the kids? Trish.........go ahead and send her those icky frozen dinners. Walked to the mailbox, may need to go take another nap..chuckle. Son called he said he had flowers delivered at hospital...........I never got them....the internet flower place called confirmed I did not get them....geeze...why would I lie over that............he got a refund....I got No flowers. some how this seems usual for my son. he should be happy I still love him...............anyone want a fully potty trained kid for a cheap price?
  14. Oh, Pinks that is so very hard, are you having to move far away? Will you be able to continue with your job? You are sitting firmly in my prayers girl. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Sounds like lots on your plate now. Keep your focus okay? Faith sounds like your meeting went well. Atta girl. Now you got to hold them to the promises. Trish don't you love it when the do that to your eyes and tell you it's okay to drive? I almost wrecked the last time I had it done. Thank you Lara. Cant do any smacking on Rhonda cuz of my past behavior, but don't fear...Give me a week and I will knock her out of her seat. What Jo has done today.................Nothing..........nap............nothing.......nap..........some more nothing. yep that sums it all up. hair looks like it was stuck in a wind tunnel..........oh, well............I did change from Jammies to sweat pants and shirt...............phew might need to take another nap. food for the day grilled cheese sandwich.....4 dinner chili, and something else.
  15. Rhonda already chased me with a big stick this morning, so life it good. Okay I got on the scale I am up dating my wt. Not pretty, but not horrible either. I know 10 lbs doesn't seem like a lot for most people but to me it is. No idea on my food yet, but will plan it out..........right now doing nothing is just fine with me.
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