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  1. I like the Texmati brown rice and I cook it in broth with garlic and lots of fresh herbs. Sometimes I add some wild rice and/or chopped vegetables like mushrooms. My daughter served some that was cooked in just water and her family topped their serving with salsa and mixed it in - it was really very good.
  2. Think like a thin person.
  3. We have made the switch a while ago. I found that even if I eat the same points, I really need to eat healthy to lose any weight and to feel good. We like the whole wheat pasta, bread, and tortillas. We also use barley, brown rice, and quino. I made a quino pilaf for the first time last night and we really liked it. I just bought a cookbook that I love. My daughter's friend bought it first, then my daughter because she was borrowing it so much, then I finally bought it because I also was borrowing it all the time. It's the 'Sonoma Diet Cookbook'. I do not follow the diet plan in the book - I follow WW Points - I only bought it because I love all of the recipes. It has all whole grains, lots of veggies, lean meats, and uses lots of fresh herbs for seasonings. I have loved every recipe I've tried. I just at am a point in my life where I don't want to save points for junk foods like chips. Instead, I make home made baked whole wheat garlic pita chips and eat them with hummus. I even skipped our company noon meeting because I knew they would probably have pizza or some calorie-laden hot sub sandwiches made with white bread and lots of cheese and lunch meats. I really just cannot eat that stuff any more - it has no appeal to me. I brought some left-over grilled Jamaican Pork Kabobs (made with pork tenderloin, peppers, sweet corn, and zucchini) and quino pilaf from last night, and I like it much better. Hope you find things you like - whole grains can be an acquired taste, but then again, so was the stuff made with white flour.
  4. One of my favorite new appetizers is very simple to make. Take a thin slice of FRESH mozzarella cheese, top it with a thin slice of tomato, and just before serving, drizzle with a little Italian salad dressing and sprinkle with some fresh, minced basil. It's different, refreshing, and nutritious.
  5. Robyn51

    2 questions

    Thanks for your help. I was using some of the broth to add to the shredded beef for hot beef sandwiches, so I didn't use very much. As for the fiber question, it was more a matter of wondering if by blending the fruit I'm not getting the benefit of the fiber from the fruit. But logically, I would chew the fruit if it wasn't blended, so I can't believe the blending would make a difference in the fiber content.
  6. I have two food questions. If If I braise a beef roast, then refrigerate the cooking liquid overnight and discard the hardened fat on the surface, is the remaining cooking liquid relatively fat-free? Or is there still some fat suspended in the liquid that does not rise to the surface and harden? If so, how do I calculate the amount of fat in the liquid? 2. When I blend my fruits and veggies into a smoothie, does that affect the amount of fiber? Is the fiber content of blueberries blended into a smoothie the same as those eaten whole? Just wondering because there was some discussion in another thread that grinding oatmeal reduces the fiber content and I was not sure if that also applies to fruits and veggies. I know that juicing them removes fiber because you strain the juice and remove the pulp which contains the fiber and discard it. But, with a smoothie you are only ‘grinding’ the fruit up, so will that reduce the fiber? I appreciate all your help.
  7. Reelriot, Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I did buy the ones with more fiber, but then I was second-guessing myself and not really sure if that was the best thing to do. The best part about the ones I bought is that because they're white, my son has been eating them also (he'll only eat white bread) and they're good for him, too!
  8. Everything we read now tells us how much healthier whole grains are, so I usually buy 100% whole wheat English muffins. Yesterday, though, I found some Thomas brand ones that are only 100 calories and they have 5 grams of fiber even though they are made with more white flour than whole wheat (they must add something for the fiber). So, my question is, which is better for me? The 100% whole wheat one with only 2 grams of fiber, or the one that is mostly white flour but has so much added fiber that it has 5 grams of fiber? Thanks for your help, Carmen
  9. Robyn51

    Too much?

    She is about 5'5" and I estimate her weight to be about 105 pounds at the most. She seriously could be mistaken for some of those models who are very underweight. I don't think she is going to meetings any longer, so maybe that's why nothing is said. I've also read where anorexic people add weights to themselves (strap on diving weights or put heavy things in their pockets) when being weighed so they do not appear to be underweight. I don't know if she would go that far, but I suppose it would be possible if she has an eating disorder and is trying to hide it. I truely hope that I am wrong because she is such a nice person and I would hate for her to ruin her health. We had a local newscaster die from anorexia a couple years ago.
  10. Robyn51

    Too much?

    I started WW because a couple of my co-workers were losing weight on the program and looking very nice. Well, one of them still looks very nice, but the other one looks like she might be carrying things too far. Does WW address the issue of someone getting TOO thin? Honestly, she now looks like a size 0 would be too big on her! She looks awful! I don't know if she's still going to meetings or not, but if she is, would they say anything to her if she's losing too much? I'm concerned that she might be anorexic.
  11. Shyjade, I'm in Eau Claire. The 2 flavors I've tried were from Sam's Club & Wal-Mart. I have found that lots of other products available at Wal-Marts in other areas are not available here. I'm always amazed to see what other people say they've bought at their Wal-Mart. I just needed a can of tomatillas for a recipe once, and could not find a single store in the area that carries them! We don't have a Pick & Save or Cub Foods - ours both closed. We really only have Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, several Mega Foods, & a Festival Foods to choose from. Festival is very good about ordering something for you if you request it, but I should look at Kashi's website to see what's available before I even ask them if they'd order it for me.
  12. Thanks for your help clarifying things. I'm glad I've been using the correct mearsurements for serving sizes. Robyn
  13. Thanks, Amanda - I'll have to look for them. Robyn
  14. I am confused about serving sizes. I had thought that a serving of fruit or vegetables is 1/2 cup and that was what I was using to calculate the number of servings I've been eating. Just today, I noticed the serving size listed on the nutrition labels for my frozen fruits (frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries) is listed as 1 cup. Is that correct? Have I been overstating my servings of fruits? I found the same thing on the package of frozen, chopped spinach - a serving was listed as 1 cup on the label, not the 1/2 cup I had believed was a serving. Thanks for your help, Robyn
  15. Wow - I've never seen them in so many flavors - I've only found 2 here. I've had Cilantro-Lime Shrimp and the Sweet & Sour Chicken and I liked them both. I'll have to check other stores to see if I can find more variety. Kashi is the only brand of frozen entrees I've tried that I like. All the others seem to have such an artificial, chemical odor, but then again I also dislike microwave popcorn because I think it smells of chemicals and it seems most other people love the stuff.
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