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  1. Hello....I am a previous member of WW and lost 70lbs on the program 5-6 years ago, and have gained every ounce back :-( I have had a couple of medical issues in the past 2 years, that prevented me from exercising, so the gaining really sped up the past couple of years. I am at the point now that I HAVE to do something!! I am so disgusted with myself, I do not care about anything anymore....I don't care how I look, I don't care how I dress, I do not have the energy to do the smallest task, so that leads to me not caring how my house looks.....none of these characteristics are "me"....but I feel helpless in overcoming these things. I decided to return to WW....the only class in my small town is on Thursday's, so I came to this site to work on my attitude adjustment. When I think back on my life (before I had medical issues) at how active and proud I was, it makes me very very sad...it seems I have given up. When I look at the chore it will be to restore my health and lose weight, I feel as if I am not capable of doing either. I also lost someone I loved very much and who also was my biggest cheerleader, in 2011. I am not seeking pity or false platitudes, I just need to know that others have risen to the task and that (maybe) I can too. Thank you.
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