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  1. I would definitely say it is the soup. I have irritable bowel syndrome and tried the soup for the first time last week and I was in so much pain from the gas and bloating, I didn't know what to do. My stomach would make so much noise it was embarassing. While I was at work it was making all kinds of sounds and I couldn't take the pain. The leader at Weight Watcher's told me to not put the cabbage in and just use other vegetables because I love the soup and it helps fill me up. So I am going to use mixed vegetables, string beans, and carrots. She said try a tiny bit of cabbage so I might do that and see what happens. I eat a lot of grapes and they don't bother me. I think it was probably the cabbage. Good Luck.
  2. Wow. I just bought the Special K snack bites. I got the vanilla. They are really good. They are crunchy and just enough to satisfy you if you want something in between meals as a snack. They have strawberry also. I am going to try that one. They are 2 points for the bag. I think they are great.
  3. They are wonderful. I think that Super Walmart has been the cheapest that I found them. I like the one with the potatoes in. I eat these all the time. I bring them to work as I don't always like the vegetables that they have in the cafeteria. You are right about the sodium. I have a lot of problems with retaining water but I still love them.
  4. I have irritable bowel syndrome and I have used the Davinci syrups in oatmeal, added it to coffee and it does not bother my stomach and I am really sensitive when it comes to those things. You can buy Davinci syrup at Super Walmart instead of ordering it. It is cheaper at Walmart or sometimes TJ Max has it. Good luck.
  5. Hi everyone: I found a great snack at Sam's Club. They are fruit crisps from Nature Valley. They are actually baked pieces of real apple. They taste good and the bag is only 50 calories and you can munch on them. I hope they have other kinds of baked fruit. I have only seen the apple but try them. They came in a box. I think there were 20 little bags in a box.
  6. Hi Pat When I bought my IPOD they told me that since it is a hard drive you should not use it on the belt clip if you are running on the treadmill as it would damage the hard drive. My husband did find a website that had different things to offer about that. Some people said they do use it on the belt clip and some of the songs skip. I think I am going to try it because I hate the armband. It is so uncomfortable. Thanks for your advice. I am going to try the belt clip.
  7. I agree. I love my IPOD. I just wish you could wear it on the belt clip. I don't like the arm band. I also have an MP3 player which you hook on your clothes but it only holds 68 songs, whereas my IPOD holds 8,500 (which is a lot). One other thing that motivates me when I am on the treadmill are the dance club mix songs, they are made for running on a treadmill and that helps when I am getting bored on the elliptical or treadmill. Jock jams is another CD I like, but C&C music factory and LaBouche has "be my lover" which is a great one for running on the treadmill. I also joined an aerobic class 3 nights a week to alter my exercise program because I get bored. It is not expensive as it is sponsored by our community. See you. Keep exercising.
  8. I know what you mean. I could just eat peanut butter right out of the jar. There is an idea but I don't know if you like oatmeal. Make quick oats with your water in the microwave. When that is done take 1 tablespoon of chunky PB and mix it in. Also, if you like chocolate take 1 tsp of SF Chocolate syrup and mix it in. It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie. One lady at work hates oatmeal and tried mine and liked it a lot. Another thing, I used to have rice cakes at night loaded with PB. I tried the laughing cow cheese (light swiss) and it sure isn't PB but the calories are half and it is really good. They have another light flavor but I haven't found it yet. Hope this helps.
  9. I am hooked on the Laughing Cow Cheese. I read in one of the posts that it was good and Oh, my God. I put it on my light English muffin, rice cakes. I got the light swiss. It is great and only 1 point per wedge. Give it a try.
  10. I found Rold Gold pretzels classic sticks (48 pieces) 2 points. They are good.
  11. Hi: My husband and I hike all the time. We hike as much as 9 miles in a day on the weekend. I take 1-2 apples or granola bars. I also take a sandwhich with lettuce, tomato, FF cheese and turkey. That usually fills me up. Besides when I hike, I don't like to hike on a full stomach. Hope this helps.
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