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  1. HI, My door was stuck so I kicked it (I didn't realize how hard) and my big toe is bruised bad swollen and hurts ALOT! I put ice on it , elevated it, etc and the pain wasn't going away! I went to a doc. and he said "It's just sprained " but I didn't even get an x-ray!My toe is still swollen , bruised , and paining I'm going to go to another Doc! Just wondering if any other members had their big toes broken and what did the doc recommend?
  2. Hi, I broke my big toe, I'm just wondering how long it takes to heal? I broke it 5 days ago I put ice on it and taped it using medical tape!Did any other members break there toe? Any replies would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, I was looking for a recipe for chili using ground beef, kidney beans , tomatoes, etc and also a recipe for a soup using ground beef such as hamburger soup or soup using cabbage, ground beef , etc Thanks:bcb_happy
  4. Was thinking about joining a pilates class for toning my abs, anyone else go to pilates classes & have you had success with pilates? Thanks
  5. I saw in zellers flyer this week that they have weight watcher cereal in the single sevings BOGO free, I'm living in Nova Scotia , Canada & this is the first time I was able to find the WW cereal here!Any suggestions on which flavors are better? I hope more weight watcher food will be available in my area soon! Thanks
  6. Hi, HAve lost almost 30lbs but am having a hard time toning my belly (lower &upper abs) does anyone have any tips on what I should do,I've been using a slant board & exercise ball:ugh: !! Thanks:wave:
  7. I'm going to make the muffins , how long should I bake them for? Thanks for the recipe
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