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  1. Poetess, This just in from my daughters....they are reporting that Ken's HEALTHY OPTIONS caesar (50 cal/4g fat) is 1 point per 2T serving and that it DELICIOUS. Youngest dd is bring some here at 3:30. Picked up some Walden Farms ff blue cheese at Publix in the salad section...so so to me. Do you think it might have been that or something else? It is in a "bottle" as opposed to a "jar". (If you can't remember name of what your dad liked, maybe the shape of the container will help!)
  2. Awww, Lynn, just wait til your baby comes home with a southern accent.... and wanting some southern style collard greens! LOL! If he's leaving Atlanta he'll be driving right through 'Bama! He'll probably end up going the southern way, (I65) through M'tgomery and then Mobile over to so Miss. But, if he comes through I20-59, he'll come right through Tuscaloosa!
  3. OOOOOHHH yes!!!! I was going to Publix today after an appointment! Will check it out. Surely there can't be that many FF blue cheese things in that section. THANK YOU!!!
  4. I like Ken's Lite Caesar dressing (not the creamy one)...it doesn't taste sweet at all, though some of the other Lite stuff does, like FF. I will use 1 T (1pt) and then stretch it with red wine vinegar. It has a lot of "bang for the buck"---the taste is vERY strong (in a good way.) I do the same for the raspberry walnut viniagrette (lite) from Ken's, too--stretching it with raspberry balsamic vinegar. Not totally SiFi, but it works for me...and I don't eat salads everyday, so that may make a difference. I miss the blue cheese the most.....I puffy heart blue cheese dressing. Back in the day (1982) there used to be some sprinkle stuff you could get in the spice section that was like a dehydrated blue cheese sprinkle...just a touch on a salad would make me SO happy! Haven't seen it for years, though.
  5. When I was doing Flex several years ago I made that infamous taco soup that I got at a WW meeting: black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, shoepeg corn, rotel, pkg of ranch dressing, pkg of taco seasoning...so it sounds sort of like the 16 bean stuff...just more bean variety. We counted it as 2 points back then..for a cup or cup and a half.(?)...can't remember but do know it was quite filling.
  6. Yep that's what the directions say but I really am not in love with cleaning crockpots. And FF milk sticks in a funny way, don'tcha know? Besides, you need to do something with it to put in the fridge (a jar, a container) if you're just going to do a batch of ff plain yogurt so why not just start off with it there? I need: a measuring cup (wash) a jar a tiny little pyrex glass little ramekin thing to get yogurt up to room temp. (wash) a spoon (wash) a heating pad a stock pot of some kind thermometer (wash) They need a measuring cup (wash) a crock pot (tied up for all day) (wash) a bowl (wash) a jar something to get yogurt up to room temp (little bowl) (wash) a spoon (wash) Same amount of things but the timing is different, imho. One person mentioned they would have to stay up til 11 p.m. if they started it too late. If I'm up early and start at 6:00 a.m., my yogurt is incubating by 7:00 and in the fridge by lunch or a little later. Or, if I start it at lunch, it is done in an hour and in the fridge before I go to bed. And, if I forget it, it is ok, too....it will just be extra tangy. And, my crockpot might be cooking a yummy roast. Also, I use a quart jar so I wont have to wash lots of little pint jars or other little containers. I am very lazy. And forgetful. I mix it up and get on the computer, work ten minutes while the milk is heating. Move the measuring cup to the fridge and work 30+ more minutes. Transfer milk to jar, pop in incubator and fuhhgettaboutit. And it won't matter.
  7. Wow, Diane! That was a neat post! I've wondered about using my crockpot as the incubator (with the jar inside of it, wrapped in a towel.) I'll have to check to see if my old crockpot will hold a quart jar upright. I'm afraid the new ones are too HOT on low...but maybe on warm they would be ok.
  8. P.. Yes, making stuffing (or dressing as we call it in my family) is always made with day old cornbread.....and sage or poultry seasoning, onions, celery, plenty of pepper, and plenty of ff chicken broth...oh, and an egg or two. If you search the recipe archives, there might be a recipe I posted around some Thanksgiving thread.
  9. After comparing the ingredients for AJ self rising cornmeal with White Lily, they are the same and both contain flour, though WL is bleached, AJ is unbleached. However, here is a recipe from the AJ site on how to make self rising cornbread that doesn't include flour...so :bcb_confu:bcb_confu 9) How can I make Self-Rising Corn Meal from corn meal? For one cup of self-rising cornmeal: 1 tablespoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup + 3 tablespoons Quaker or Aunt Jemima Corn Meal Sounds like a good meal you have planned ~ enjoy I use regular self rising white cornmeal, eggs and FF buttermilk , any brand. However, the ff buttermilk might be hard to find in your area if you're not in the south.
  10. Penny the Procastinator was at work....I had the recipe, I had the beans. I needed to go to the grocery store. I DID NOT want to go to the grocery but kept thinking "I will go today.".... and I would let something (which wasn't a lot of anything) get in the way because I DID NOT want to go! I was feeling VERY BRATTY. SO, I finally WENT to the grocery store and had to come up with something in place of the Stinky Bean Stew. I putzed around and came up with a sorta/kinda vegetable beef soup with whole wheat elbow macaroni and part of a left over SiFi pot roast. VERY satisfying. Today it tasted like "spaghetti soup" so I plopped some ff cottage cheese and soy parm/mozz shreds on it. NICE! And now I have the ingredients to make the PD white bean chili with either dried beans or canned that were on sale....so I'll do that. Later.
  11. Good morning, Linda! Are you snowed in up there??? Here are some links I used and then I'll share "my way"..... http://video.about.com/greekfood/Make-Yogurt-at-Home.htm http://chetday.com/howtomakeyogurt.htm http://caloriecount.about.com/homemade-yogurt-recipe-r52839 http://www.dvo.com/newsletter/monthly/2003/june/0603tabletalk.html http://www.grouprecipes.com/11476/homemade-yogurt.html http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474976801898 http://healthyconsumptions.com/yogurt/ After going back and forth between all these links, I sort of cobbled together the stuff that would fit with what I had... MY way... Supplies: 4 quart Pyrex measuring cup candy thermometer towel heating pad large stock pot (for incubator)--or can use ice chest 1/4 cup dried non fat milk (to make it firmer) 3.5 cups ff milk 2-3 tablespoons pre-made yogurt, to room temperature 1 quart glass canning jar An "out of the way" place where the yogurt won't be disturbed. Note: I do the following to "prepare"... Heat water in a kettle and pout into glass canning jar, just to make extra sure it is sterilized. I'll pour out this water while the milk is cooling down. Turn on the heating pad. 1. Mix dried milk and ff milk together in the measuring cup. 2. Microwave for about 8 minutes and then check temp. You want it to be between 190-200 degrees. If it isn't there yet, re-heat for two minutes and check again. Then do it in 1 minute increments. This way you can get a general time for YOUR microwave. Mine is about 10 minutes. 3. Put hot milk in the fridge and let it cool down until it reaches 115-118 degrees. (You can also do this is a ice/water bath but then you have to stand over it and stir...so I don't do this). Timing is around 30 minutes but I do it for 25 and then check it, adding 5 minutes, then a little more until it reaches the right temp. 4. Put the 2-3 T of room temp yogurt into the canning jar. Pour one cup of cooled milk in the jar and gently shake it so the yogurt and milk combine. Pour the rest of the cooled milk in and contine to gently shake until combined. (I just turn it up and down while walking to the laundry room.) 5. Place towel over heating pad and then place jar on towel. Wrap towel around jar and then place stock pot (or someother large container over it) and let it sit for a minimum of 3-4 hours. The longer it sits the more "tang" it will get. DO NOT BOTHER it for the first 3-4 hours. This temp should be around 110-112. I put my heating pad on high but YMMV. 6. Refrigerate overnight. I do this in the a.m. when I'm having my coffee and waking up/checking computer. Some of the temps may vary a bit so I just sort of took an average. It didn't seem to matter that much. AND, as one website said, the first batch will be the hardest because you will WANT to check it...and then it gets stringy if you move it around during that critical incubation time. I love it!
  12. Lisa, please check out my latest reply to the oversoaked beans.. And, you're most welcome! I don't know what you're using to flavor up your beans but if you're not using some canadian bacon/lean ham or some "ham base". Check out the stuff by Better Than Boullion, in a jar, on the soup aisle. That may help out with taste issues ---not that you said you had them (taste issues). One of the interesting things in watching my daughters learn to cook is that they didn't want to watch me cook that much but now ask "what is this missing?" Baby steps. One of them also watches a LOT of food tv and has really learned a lot about building up flavors. She has the better sense of "what something needs" sometimes. When I'm cooking something like that I'll use the healthy oil to brown up the canadian bacon (chopped up) so it gets another layer of flavor before adding the beans and water. The ham base is really good, too.
  13. aka, in absentia from the bootcamp mentality, I DID do one thing positive. I learned to make homemade yogurt WITHOUT buying any additional kitchen equipment! Yogurt @ basically 1/3 (maybe a little more than 1/3) the cost of 1 quart of store bought yogurt. And, I ate a SiFi breakfast 99% of the time. (blueberries, yogurt, FibOne, cinnamon, splenda.) Which was the reason I learned to make yogurt.
  14. To answer my original question...the answer turned out to be YES... I, umm, caused a "stink" as it were. They went from OK to :bcb_sick: in just a short time. They are now in my outdoor compost bucket, so they'll "feed" me eventually. Judi, If the NI isn't posted on that link, I have no clue what the points would be. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Since I started doing Core/Simply filling I just scan recipes to find the non-SiFi ingredients and see if I can change it without changing the taste too much.
  15. Oh goody! Thanks Carol! I'm making this and the only sub that needs to be made is subbing healthy oil for butter! YEA!!
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