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  1. Congratulations! I like the new specs too!
  2. You're doing great! Awesome job on losing 20 lbs! One thing our leader reminded us of at the last meeting is, that as we lose weight , we need to take the daily target quiz again and adjust it as necessary. Assuming that you've already done that, just stay OP and hang in there...you'll lose. During slow weeks, I used to tell myself that a slow loss was better for me than dropping it all at once, because I would be more likely to keep it off that way! Keep up the good work!
  3. Welcome back to WW! I am not sure how old your children are, but I have three children also, and know what a pain in the patootie a trip to the grocery store can be if you take them all with you! Somehow I managed to get to the store by myself (still not sure how that worked out). I took my slider and was on an adventure for some new healthy foods (getting tired of the same old stuff). I took my time shopping, didn't have to stop to take anyone to the potty, found some new yummy-looking things, and was ready to be back on program even before I got the groceries put away! Perhaps a solo trip to the grocery store would help you too! Good luck!
  4. Have you tried the 0-point soup? It's good! I found this coupon on the WW site. http://sw.interpolls.com/cache/bettycrocker/progresso/120/poster.poll?a=49871&p=100619&c=50&b=&u=1
  5. Sara, I have the same problem with the "strain" in the neck, but I can also feel it in my back, too. I try to follow every instruction, but it always hurst when I do them on the floor. I discovered that if I do the exercise on a stability ball, I don't have the pain.
  6. A mental picture of myself popped up when I read this, and I had to laugh. I am on the shorter side, and I start jogging just above 4.0. Otherwise I look like a frantic penguin! I would like to add that if you only run on a treadmill, you will be surprised how much more difficult it is than when you run on "real ground"...you don't have the TM to push you along. At least that's my experience.
  7. Hey, good idea...thanks. My husband always orders movies through Netflix, not me, so it didn't occur to me to "test drive" it there before purchasing it. I was concerned that a WALKING workout wouldn't be enough challenge for me. I guess I will find out soon enough!
  8. Are the WATP workouts good for an Advanced exerciser? Has anyone tried the JOG one? Does it keep your heart rate up?
  9. I thought I heard my leader say once that some people may want to do Core during the week and Flex on the weekends...
  10. I finally got to a Trader Joe's and bought some Better-Than-Peanut-Butter. It's good!
  11. Name ?: Carla Where ?: North Central Ohio Married ?: Yes. Hottie-Hubby does WW too! Kids ?: One boy and two girls Occupation ?: photographer Sports ?: bike riding, step aerobics Hobbies ?: majorette instructor and flutist WW history ?: on maintenace since December
  12. I bought the new Philly one. My husband said it was REALLY good and worth the extra point. It was tasty, however, I would rather eat one of the "old" ones and use that extra point on something else.
  13. I take those One-A-Day vitamins too. They are just a multi-vitamin. They don't make you lose weight. IMO they just "make conditions more favorable" for weight loss, so to speak.
  14. I would say that if you really want to burn calories, do some cardio exercise. IMO Pilates is good for toning (especially your abs), stretching, and flexibility.
  15. I have the Windsor Pilates, too. I do the 20 minute one 'cause it's quick, and then I can tack it on to another workout, too. Get it out, you'll like it. I used to have some back stiffness/soreness and it always felt better afterwards.
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