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  1. DON'T FREEZE THESE.... Once you freeze them the icing sticks to the cellophane and it changes the consistency. They no longer taste like yummy cupcakes but more like paste... They are wonderful and if you lack fiber in your diet, these are great for it. I really like these when I need a chocolate cupcake fix.
  2. I recently tried this homemade marinade: 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup OJ 1 or 2 teaspoons of minced garlic (I use the kind from the glass jar--it is the equivalent to 1 to 2 cloves of garlic) I let it sit for a few hours and both my DH and I were greatly impressed. Next time I will let it sit over night.
  3. I didn't love this. I think I like the idea of the cherries in the cake, and I will experiment with other fruits and other mixes, but I won't use the marshmallows again. They didn't add to it and, if anything, it made the cake a bit too sweet. IMHO It also stuck, but not too badly--but I think without the marshmallows it won't stick, and between the cake mix and the cherries--it would have been plenty sweet.
  4. Thank you for the hint. This will help my DH, he's a school teacher. I have no doubt this will be useful for him (especially since he is a math teacher and constantly writing on the dry boards).
  5. I'll have to try this...it sounds easy and I think my Aunt used to make something similar to this. Looks like I found tomorrow night's dinner!
  6. My DH has specially requested this for tonight. This is the second time I made this recipe...WOW...I love it. I think I'll serve it over pasta this time.
  7. I'm cooking this even as I type. It's my Dh's b-day cake. He picked cherries and chocolate. Has anyone tried it with yellow or spice cake and apples? I have a friend who hates cherries, but loves apples. I was just curious...
  8. I made this today and I must say I am impressed...I did wait for it to chill though. I don't like warm pudding. But with a little cool whip...this is great! My DH is having some and he is raving. I halved the recipe, just in case I hated it, but I didn't. I will so make this again and give it out at my meeting on Friday. Thank you for this one!
  9. I love the idea of pineapple chicken... COuld anyone that has tried it tell me if there is a very heavy mustard taste? I hate mustard...but I really would love to try this and I was just wondering if I could do it with omitting the mustard, or do you even taste the mustard? Any feedback would be so helpful! Thanks!
  10. OHHHH BOY!!! My house smelled like an amazing Italian restaurant all day and this was amazing. My DH looked at me and smiled, "you are making this again...please?!" I highly recommend this one...very highly...
  11. My friends got me hooked on these, they are amazing. You can buy them at BJ's for a nice bulk savings.
  12. I bought mine in Super Walmart... If you have one near you maybe you could try there?
  13. they finally got these in my WW...and lemon bars too... I haven't tried them yet though.
  14. I'm probably not posting something all of you don't know...but here goes... I made SF chocolate pudding today with raspberry davinci syrup. Instead of 2 full cups of milk, I used 1 3/4 and 1/4 cup of the syrup. My DH just tasted it and said it was like a jelly roll...and it does! I think I'll also try vanilla pudding with carmel...and possibly vanilla with kahula... I'm very excited about it! Let me know if any of you have tried this, if not, I suggest you do--it's wonderful...
  15. I baked 10 potatoes with the nails and without...same size all from the fridge...the half without the nails cooked in the same amount of time as the one with nails. I've lost faith in them--and I didn't even think about it until my husband said to try this experiment. So, now I cook without the nails. But for the longest times I thought they were wonderous. I wish they really did work but apparently not for me they don't...oh well...
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