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  1. I used to think I was not being very creative when it came to meals. Now I see that I was just reducing stress! Great way to reframe a flaw into a strength. Kos
  2. In what body part did you FIRST notice a physical change due to WW? For me, it was my face which looked "less puffy" after just one week. Maybe I was the only one who noticed, but it was real to me. How about the rest of you?
  3. My sister, who lives in a fairly remote area (meetings not an option), just subscribed to WW Online ... and has found it difficult to navigate and find what she wants. I personally attend weekly WW meetings, where I receive written materials. In other words, I don't do WW Online and am not much help in terms of how to navigate through it. My sister's biggest question is ... Is there anywhere on WW Online where she can find a long list of typically-eaten foods ... like the list at the beginning of the pocket guide that I received at a meeting? If so, can someone say how to navigate to it (such as, go to the top tab on the main page that say xxx, then click on yyy.) Know what I mean? Kos
  4. Today (like most days) I logged on to BCB to read what other WWers had to say. It's inspirational and helps keep me on track. So far, this morning, I also: -- Got on the scale to help keep informed and accountable, -- Paid attention to my clothes (rather than my former oblivious dressing), -- Took a 10 minute walk outside in 18 degree weather, then came inside and did the elliptical for 20 minutes, -- Enjoyed a healthy breakfast to start the day off right, and -- Embraced a positive mindset, which is probably the most important thing I can do to advance my cause. Thanks for asking. Best wishes to all on advancing their cause today ... Kos
  5. In addition to what's already been said, here are two other ideas for your consideration: 1. Are you active? It's not just about activity points and calories. For me, I've found that I need to be active to kick-start my metabolism. This is even more true as I get older. Even if I do everything else OP, I find that my body is sluggish and less likely to lose weight if I'm not active enough to really get my metabolism going. 2. Are you on a natural plateau? On the WW website, there is a good article that says, among other things that a plateau around 6 months on program is LIKELY to occur. Here's the link: www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=23561&sc=801 Best wishes, Kos
  6. Best wishes to everyone over the holidays. As others have already noted, yep, it can be a challenge. One of my challenges this week is that I could not make it to my regular Friday-noon meeting due to hazardous driving conditions of snow/ice ... and by the time I could go, we were already into the next WW calendar week, so I decided to just wait it out. I dislike missing meetings for any reason; it throws off my rhythms ... but that does not mean it has to throw off my program. And I was glad that I have started using the 3-month tracker with the new P+ program -- that helped me stay focused without the meeting. Over this holiday season, I have stayed OP in terms of P+ points, yet have been challenged to consistently meet all the healthy-habits and to monitor my level of "satisfaction" with fruit based only on physical hunger rather than on physical+emotional+social desires. My next two WW meetings are on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, respectively ... and they are open, amazingly enough! Weather permitting, I will be there. Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy holiday season. Kos
  7. I'm still in losing mode ... and my way of eating didn't change much either. I agree with Luanne ... how much your way of eating changes probably depends on what you were eating before. That said, if you enjoy and feel satisfied with a breakfast of waffles, peanut butter, and banana -- go for it! Sounds good to me. Do you have whole-grain waffles? There are some good kinds out there. Now, if you had said you were regularly eating sugary-cereal or, say, cookies for breakfast, that would be a different story. (BTW, my teenage son, who 98% of the time eats a healthy breakfast, had Flaming Hot Cheetos and a Monster drink for breakfast this week - yikes! We had a little discussion.) The key is to find food that is nutritious, that satisfies you, that fits your lifestyle, and that will keep working for you. It sounds like you're either already doing that or on your way. Kos
  8. As the title of this thread asks -- How often do you eat fruits and veggies that have PointsPlus points ... things like dried fruits, fruit juices, starchy vegetables? Are they now almost gone from your food choices ... or are they a once-or-twice a week treat ... or do you like them enough to incorporate-and-count on a regular basis? If you do, which ones are still worth it for you? Just curious. Kos
  9. I love breakfast and almost always eat a bigger lunch than dinner. I typically spread my 32 daily points out like this: 6 for breakfast, 15 for lunch, 11 for dinner. In the future, when I need to cut back to 29 points, I am planning on 6 still for breakfast, then 14 for lunch, and 9 for dinner. I've figured out that -- if I really listen to my body -- I'm hungrier earlier in the day and so 2/3 of my daily points are gone by the end of lunch, even if it is not always socially convenient. In terms of APs - I have made a personal commitment to earn 20 or more on PointsPlus every week. (On the Momentum program, I always did 15+). So far, so good. Even though I'm not required to use APs the day I earn them, I always do -- because it makes sense to me (cause and effect). I also now use them before weekly points, because I feel that I have earned them and it honestly motivates me to keep exercising regularly. That said, I usually use about half my weeklies, but they are there if I need them. I suppose it is kind of a mind-game to use the APs first, but it's one that works for me. Oh, and I lost 3.0 pounds the first week on the new program (I weigh-in at meetings). My leader said that it is NOT part of the new plan for people to lose faster and that the new program still has on average weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. So I suspect my 3 lb. loss was a bit of a "honeymoon" from starting the new program ... and that it will be more in the 1-2 pounds range moving forward. All good. Kos
  10. As noted in the title of this thread, I sometimes feel drained -- or even down -- after meetings ... and it surprises me because the meetings are energizing and interesting. I have a terrific leader, she's one of the best! And we have a solid group of attendees. The program is working well for me -- both in terms of lifestyle and at the scale. It's not about that. I've been trying to figure out what is at the heart of this ... and I suspect that I am just so darn empathetic with everyone there that I walk out drained. This is strange, because I'm fairly average in terms of empathy in general -- but at WW meetings, the issues are so personal and in-the-moment. The stories can hit such a raw nerve and I feel most everyone's issues ... because either I've been there, am there, or hope to get there! Does anyone else who attends meetings experience anything similar? Or maybe it's just me. Kos
  11. The list is good in terms of understanding WHAT counts as sugar alcohol ... but it does not address the original issue of HOW to calculate the points for items that contain sugar alcohol. If the calculator doesn't necessarily work for these items (and WW has said that it may not) and you cannot reliably look up many of the items in the books -- as shown in the original post -- how, exactly, are WWers supposed to accurately know the PointsPlus points for them? WW is going to have to come up with something more reliable to use, such as either: (1) a rule-of-thumb based on calories or something else, (2) a lengthy, comprehensive list of products by brand that gets updated regularly that people can access without subscribing to etools or online (for those of us who attend meetings), or (3) Acceptance of what the calculator says. Really ... this is one glitch that they haven't adequately prepared for. Other than that, the program works great. Kos
  12. I think that WW came up with a good list for alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine, hard liquor) -- and that it makes sense to use that list rather than the calculator for those. I think that WW has yet to come up with a good list or rule-of-thumb for sugar-alcohol products ... and until they do, I'm just going to stick with what the little calculator says. Kos
  13. That would be great if it is 1 point, which is what the calculator says. But I'm still suspect. The little packet is sugar-free but not fat-free -- and I'm thinking it probably falls under that strange "sugar alcohol" caveat. There are so many little sugar-free packets out there -- 25 calorie, 50 calorie, 60 calorie -- are these all 1 points if the PP calculator says so? Oh well, I won't sweat it ... but the program doesn't seem very clear about this point. Kos
  14. Now that it's cold, I like to have a cup of hot cocoa in the evening ... and I use a sugar-free 60-calorie packet mixed with about 6 ounces of water (don't want it too diluted). In any case, if you use the new calculator, it comes out at 1 point. BUT, this is probably one of those exceptions involving "sugar alcohol" -- so it is probably more. So, the book says to "look it up" in those cases. I couldn't find Hot Cocoa/Chocolate in the dark-blue-cover main book, so I looked it up in the supplemental Complete Book of Points (forget the title) that came with the deluxe pack ... and it said that Hot Chocolate was 8 points! Well, sure, maybe a small Hot Chocolate made with milk and Nesquick or something like that is 8 points ... but there is NO WAY my little 60-calorie packet is 8 points. I'm guessing it is more like 2 PP rather than the 1 the calculator says. But here is my REAL issue. The program really is not yet set up for these kind of things with sugar alcohol. They need a better rule-of-thumb than "look it up in the book." Kos
  15. The Good: (1) The fruit, (2) the way you can use activity points before weekly points, and (3) getting re-energized. The Challenges: Remembering I have a different daily points total to work with -- it's strange, because I easily remember that foods have different points now, but my former daily total is still embedded in my thinking that I have to keep reminding myself that that changed too. And I'm still challenged by the things that were challenges before (e.g., getting enough healthy oils; not over-using Crystal Light); that didn't change. The Bad (maybe just for me): I don't like the new weekly paper-tracker that they give out at meetings -- the page is too small to write down everything the way I like and the print is so tiny, especially in checking off the boxes. So, I've started using the 3-month tracker instead, but it doesn't have the boxes to check off. Hmm? Kos
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