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  1. Just finished The Last Juror and The Appeal by John Grisham. Next up are 2 more in the China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert. Nightshade and Wormwood. She has a new series coming out this fall that I'm looking forward to. Bought on off the bargain table at Barnes & Noble that I'll squeeze in somewhere. The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. It sounded like a fun summer ghost story.
  2. Ginger23


    I resemble that joke!
  3. I have a cocomotion machine and I love it - but the reality of it is that you can stir your cocoa into hot water from the microwave and get the same results. With the cocomotion machine you can make more that one cup at a time, but you can alos put several cups of water in the microwave at one time, or if you have a Pampered Chef batter bowl you can put one BIG cup in the microwave and add multiple packets of cocoa to it. To me it works out to be "sixes".
  4. I discovered the Archer Farms brand baked potato chips at Target and have tried them in 2 flavors - Jamaican Jerk and Rosemary Garlic. 2pts for a 1 oz serving (which is a lot) and they are delicious. The Rsemary Garlic is my favorite.
  5. May good health return to you quickly - God Bless!
  6. WW best products - hands down - are the fudge bars and the mocha latte bars. HUGE servings and so creamy - I don't know how they do it. The baked products are the pits. I go for the 100 cal packs of Nabisco products instead. And I have fallen in love with WW yogurt. I used to HATE yogurt, but the WW brand has me hooked.
  7. Found these at Walmart - yummy and only 1 point each. Tried the Dark Chocolate Indulgence and the Creme Caramel both are good but the caramel rocks!
  8. Great job, you look incredible! Do not feel vain for updating us, vanity is self-serving and you are not serving yourself, but inspiring others! There is a big difference...
  9. They are available at Albertson's where I live and I love the ground turkey products. Great for a change of pace "burger".
  10. Have you considered submitting your story to WW Maazine for their Success Stories section?
  11. BB - great job! And from a guy that has ff hot dogs for breakfast. That's why you are such an inspiration to me! You look fantabulous!
  12. I made this last night with lemon cake and diet mtn dew - whoooaaa! Can you say delicious??!!!
  13. Dang, Padre! Don't hold back, now, tell us how you really feel. Actually, I rather enjoyed hearing this from a guys perspective. My DH is constantly standing on the scales whining and I tend to just keep quiet as I figure he has to come to it on his own. Heaven knows I am "leading by example" and he isn't following, so maybe it's time for a heart to heart. The truth may hurt but when presented with love and concern it just might get through.
  14. Yes, the ideal would have been to look up the restaurant before going out, but you can't change what is done. Just move on from here and look at it as "tuition" - sometimes education can be expensive. You haven't referenced what this did as far as your weekly points allowance is concerned. Have you figured it in to your total week or are you just looking at it from a single meal standpoint? Maybe it's not as bad as it seems when looked at over the course of the week. At any rate, don't LET this derail you. You still have control over what you do, and this was one slip. It happens, plan for next time and start NOW to get back on track. You can do it! I'm rooting for you buddy!
  15. Okay, first let's decide if you want what you share with me to be public or private. If you don't want anyone else to see your food journals then you need to use the "private message" function. If you don't care if anyone else can see them then you can keep sending notes this way. Anyone who clicks on my profile will be able to read the notes you send me using the "visitor message" function. Using private messaging is really easy.

    Just click on my name and then click on the "contact info" tab. There is a prompt you can click on that says "send a private message to this user". When you do that, what you share is not seen by others.


    As for when you start sending me info, that's entirely up to you. You can start anytime you want to. I need to know what you want from me in return. Are you looking for feedback or do you just need to post it and know that someone is going to read it? I'm willing to give you whatever you need.


    Congrats on getting your lifetime (I know you are re-earning it, but doing it once deserves recognition, too). I hope to hit that someday myself. In the meantime - let's do this buddy! ;)

  16. Hello buddies. I just received a call from a very nice gentleman who is the Oroweat product rep for the state of Utah. My email inquiry regarding the arrival of the Oroweat Sandwich Thins in Utah was forwarded to him, and he actually personally responds to all of those inquiries! I was floored. Anyway, the new is that they will be in stores in Utah around the 27th of July. That's the date for both northern and southern Utah and they will be carried by Smiths, Albertson's, Lin's and Costco. WOOOHOOOO!
  17. The only way to get an exact answer for this would be to measure the marinade before and after it's put on the chicken. Personally, I don't think the meat absorbs enough of it to worry that much about, I'd be more concerned about what's clinging to the outside. For me, I'd count 1 point and consider it good.
  18. I tired the BBQ ones and they were wonderful!
  19. Jeff - I thought your calculations were quite brainy and really entertaining. But I'm glad you posted the 6, because the meat not only loses fat when it cooks, it loses water, too. You *pointed* on the side of caution. And it would not have been cheating if you really had it nailed down on the measurements. Dang, you are good! Are you an actuary? JeniB - I don't have any answers for you, but your original post let me take a trip down memory lane. Back in the 1970's there was a Crisco commercial that used the selling point that Crisco cooked so light that all the oil would be left over after cooking but 1 tablespoon. I suppose you could get an idea if you used a nonstick skillet and measured the oil before and after cooking. I say nonstick on the skillet as oil would cling to regular skillet and you wouldn't be able to get an accurate *after* reading unless you did it the way Blackbeard said (measure the skillet and the oil). Good luck!
  20. NutriGrain Fruit Bars (2 Pts each) Quaker mini rice cakes (7 for 1 point) Small apples (1 pt each) Small Bananas (1 pt each)
  21. I've been seeing the commercial on TV for this promo. I'm so glad to see them come back with a healthier alternative. A few years ago they offered roasted chicken and then it disappeared. Hopefully, enough of us will like and buy the new product to keep it on the market for a while. If not, I guess I'll stick to the rotisserie chickens at my supermarket for when I don't feel like cooking myself. Let us know what you think of the new menu item.
  22. Katie - thanks, and I LOVE your new avatr! And thank you, WWCarol, for starting this up. What an awesome idea!
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