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  1. I bought some of the chocolate last night at Wal-mart and had it this morning. It was very yummy and tasted just like the chocolate milk my husband drinks (he is such a big kid!).
  2. The Healthy Choice entrees seem to have less sodium than most. Many of them also have WW points on them for when you are shopping. I do keep one or two in my freezer "just in case."
  3. These are really good, and a good portion for dessert. I had one the other night and it really satisifies my hot fudge sundae craving! I only wish I knew exact amout of points, but I was also guessing 3-5.
  4. I put canola oil in my oatmeal. It makes it creamy like butter. Then it is taken care of for the day.
  5. I second the sesame chicken ones. The turkey ones were good, but the chicken was by far my favorite.
  6. Has anyone ever been to a Wild Oats store? I will be out of town this weekend and there is one nearby. I was just wondering if it would be worth my time to visit!
  7. After I saw this post, I tried the podcast this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I ran outside rather than on a treadmill and it really kept my mind off of "only one more lap" or "just 2 more minutes." I think this is what I need to help boost my desire to become a runner!
  8. Ok, I am sure this is on here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. When talking about eating pasta, is the points assigned to it as already cooked or is it uncooked? Also, when someone says "1 cup of ww pasta" is that cooked or uncooked? How much uncooked pasta equal 1 cup cooked pasta? I really like pasta, but all the measurements confuse me! I really need to invest in a scale!
  9. My husband LOVES Red Lobster, and I must say, I use their Lite House menu frequently. It is wonderful and so helpful! I love the talipia in a bag dish....wonderful flavors and very filling. The "half portion" is huge!
  10. toga06


    After I read this post yesterday, I picked some up at the store. To my surprise, it was very good! Now, I am really excited about it and am even thinking about making some at home on my own. Thanks for the great suggestions and recipes!
  11. I read about these on here and tried one today for my snack....it was sooooo yummy! I will probably have to limit these since I think they could be a trigger for me. However, knowing that some people had tummy issues, that might be enough to keep me from eating the whole box!
  12. I tired these tonight....they were OK, but not my favorite treat. I am not sure that I would try them again.
  13. I like it much better than the regular. I have even converted DH!!
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