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  1. Good morning ladies. How was everyone's weekend? Great I hope! We finally got to go shopping for a new kitchen table and chairs. I love the one we got. We were going to get it from Ashley furniture, but then we decided to go visit American Freight. They had the same table set for more than $100 cheaper. I'm super happy. We stayed up a little late last night putting it together, but I love the finished product. I'm not looking forward to this week. I know it's going to drag on because I'm on vacation next week! I can hardly wait....super stoked to have some time off!
  2. Sofi - I actually mentioned one of the upside down tomato plants to DH and he said they were stupid! I might end up buying one for myself just because I love home-grown tomatoes so much. The store-bought ones don't measure up at all. If DH decides he wants one I'm going to tell him too bad! Good luck with increasing the exercise on Monday and with the challenge at work. I've never been on a plan that focused on eating the largest meal in the morning and the smallest at night. It doesn't really make sense for me, personally, because I am always hungrier at night. But maybe that's just me. Karen - Good luck with your yard sale tomorrow! I hope you make lots of cash! AFM - I just got done doing the 30 Day Shred again for the 2nd time. It wasn't nearly as bad as the first time I did it, but it was still VERY hard! Now I'm all yucky and sweaty so I think I'm going to take a shower before I chill out and watch a little pre-bed tv.
  3. Good morning lovelies! I'm feeling crappy today, mostly because of TOM cramps. They were so bad this morning when I got up that I was doubled over in pain. I seriously almost cried. For some reason they're way worse than usual this month. I finished up last night POP. I made a recipe that I found on GreenLiteBites. It was mexican pizzas on LaTortilla Factory low carb tortillas. DH ate two of them and DD almost ate a whole one! All it includes is one tortilla, 1/4 cup fat free refried beans mixed with 2 TBSP salsa, some chopped peppers, a little ff or reduced fat mozzarella, and some chili powder. You basically just spread the beans on the tortilla, sprinkle on peppers, cheese, and seasoning and heat it up in the oven. I think I could easily make these Taco Bell Mexican Pizza style too for DH since he likes those so much. Maybe I could use some Morningstar crumbles and taco seasoning to make more filler for it....hmmm. My muscle soreness from 30 Day Shred is finally starting to ease up. I think I might be able to get in a workout tonight after DD goes to sleep. We'll see. Sof - No, I haven't made an appointment with the doctor yet. I do plan on doing that soon though. Congrats on your MAJOR loss! I think cutting back on your snacking in the evenings really seems to be helping you out! You're definitely doing a great job lady!
  4. Liz - Yeah, I figure I'm just going to have to wait it out until my muscles are loose enough to handle another workout. Maybe tomorrow night? I guess it will depend on how bad my stupid TOM cramps are!
  5. Liz - That's just it, I haven't worked out since Tuesday night and I'm hurting worse now than I was yesterday. I literally can't work out. When I go to squat, my quads feel like they're just going to give out on me. I'm used to some soreness, but this is pretty bad compared to how I've felt in the past. Good for you for getting into the mindset you need to be in before you go to the casino.
  6. Liz - I'm a believer in wholistic and eastern medicine, I just haven't tried accupuncture or anything like that yet. I'm definitely not against it though! How are you holding up today? I saw the pictures of Lilli on FB last night and she is SO adorable. What a little cutie pie you have there! Marla - Have fun camping this weekend. It sounds like fun! I haven't been in a LONG time, but I love to camp. I'm sure you'll be racking up some APs. Congrats on the loss! Any loss is a good loss! Theresa - I think the plan for the graduation party sounds like a good one. I hope the black bean burgers come out good! (((hugs))) for whatever is going on in your personal life. I understand not wanting to talk about it. Sometimes it's easier for me to ignore things until I feel like I'm at a safe place where I can discuss them without being overly emotional. Then, sometimes it's easier for me to keep on not thinking about them. Sofi - Just take care of yourself first and then incorporate the exercising into your plan. I'm glad it's a pretty day there today! I think it's supposed to be pretty nice here today too, but the storms are going to start again tomorrow. I haven't found a primary care doctor yet. I'm thinking I'm just going to go to the wife of the doctor that I went to at the very first of this. He's a butthole, but I've heard that she's the complete opposite. Here's hoping! Karen - (((hugs))) for the binge last night. I'm a binger too so I know how emotional I feel, usually after the binge is over. I usually get so disgusted by what I've done....and guilty. Maybe it was the double dose of exercise. It doesn't sound like a bad binge points-wise. I'm glad you're just counting it and moving on. Sometimes it's the only thing to do. As for the graduation party tonight, I think having a snack before you leave work is a good plan. I would try to make sure it has some protein in it though. Just to keep you fuller. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great navigating your way through MIL's cooking! AFM - Ugh...I started TOM first thing this morning. I always start right before WI day so that I gain at my WI. That totally ticks me off. I think I'm going to skip weighing in this week because I know it will be a gain from water weight and only bring my motivation down. Instead I'm going to focus on my WI next Friday and how hard I'm going to work to make it a great one. What is really weird is that I'm hurting WORSE today from my 30 Day Shred workout on Tuesday night than I was yesterday. I'm talking muscle failure and legs giving out on me when I'm just walking down the hallway at work. Is that normal?
  7. Sofi - I'm glad you're working on curbing your late night grazing and now counting the points and recognizing what you do happen to eat. Great job! Liz - I hate hearing about kids who have parents that don't care or are just not around. It breaks my heart. I can't wait to see pics of Lilli in her cowboy boots! AFM - As of now, I'm back to being a medical mystery. I tested negative for the Celiac Sprue so I do not have Celiac disease which is good because it means I don't have a reaction to gluten, but bad because I'm way back to square one with not knowing what's wrong with me. If I were in as much pain as I was in a month ago, I'd be really pi$$ed and frustrated right about now. I'd probably be crying. As it stands right now, I'm just worried that all the pain will come back soon and then I'll still be there not knowing what's wrong with me. I don't even know what kind of doctor to go to anymore.
  8. Theresa - I'm glad your plan is to use exercise to keep yourself grounded during your hectic schedule. Maybe it can be the one "routine" thing you have going so that you can look forward to it. I agree, I imagine that I'll be on the level 1 of 30 Day Shred for a long time. I'm glad you're motivated to do it tonight! Off Topic, but has anyone ever been to Cake Wrecks on blogspot? It's HILARIOUS! Mind you, it has pictures of cakes. That's what it's about. Cakes gone wrong. LOL. It's so funny how people can misspell things or decorate cakes so horribly. I recommend ya'll check it out, if only for a big laugh. Seriously, I almost shot coffee out of my nose just now because a cake said "Happy Barthy." Period and all. LOL http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/
  9. Off topic, but I have to admit that I'm annoyed that the ad in the bottom corner of my screen is for The South Beach Diet Cookbook. WTH?
  10. Karen - I'm enjoying your photo-food blog too! I love seeing what you eat. I'm going to try to find those Miss. Meringue cookies because they look so awesome for so little points! Congrats on having a great spin class this morning and getting compliments! What a great way to start your day! As for the Shred, I have to agree...it's a very legit 20 minute workout. I totally underestimated how hard 20 minutes could be. It was definitely high intensity for me so I at least got 3 points out of it! Not bad for 20 minutes! I'm sure as I get used to it, it'll get easier for me. I have to admit I'm kind of scared of level 2 and 3!
  11. Liz - Your post made sense! LOL. I'm sorry your ex wasn't there for Lilli's graduation. He sounds similar to my dad. My mom and dad split when I was 10 because dad left her for another woman who had 3 kids. My dad moved one town over and never came to visit. Mom even had to have his checks garnished just to get child support out of him. I remember one time, my sister was in a cheerleading competition in the town that dad lived in. It was literally like 2 blocks from his house. He had told her he was going to be there to see her compete. Well, here they are getting ready to take the floor and my mom's watching my sis from the stands. I think my sister was probably 12. Mom said that Randi was just totally looking in the crowd and scanning the doorways looking for my dad to come because he had told her he would. Mom finally went to a pay phone in the lobby and bitched him out because my sister couldn't even concentrate on her competition because dad lied about coming. He finally showed up and dragged his wife at the time, her 3 sons and my two little half-brothers with him. That was when my sister finally smiled and was able to do her routine without looking all over the place for him. I never understood why she was so enamoured with him. I was already disillusioned, but of course, I was 4 years older than her. She's definitely not anymore though. She gave him enough chances to be a dad and he failed them all. Sorry. I just totally went off on a tangent there. I don't know how I feel about my dad and it's a big issue with me. We had a big falling out last year after father's day because his 4th wife wrote me a message on facebook cussing me out because dad was in a bad mood on Father's Day because I didn't call him. First off, I didn't even know her at the time. They just got married last year. 2ndly, it's not her place to get involved, and thirdly she had no idea what we'd been through with him. It's really funny, because it brought all of my feelings to him out in the open. I'd never discussed how I felt before. After I told him how I felt, it was like 20 years of weight was off my shoulders. Maybe I should throw a fit because he didn't even message me to tell me happy mother's day this year. LOL Anyway, there is a point I was trying to make. My mom and I have had this discussion a million times. Men do not feel the same attachment to their child as the mother does. I'm sure there are men who are different, but this is just what we've seen. A man can pick up and leave his family behind for another woman, but women don't usually leave their kids behind if they leave. KWIM? Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule for both sexes. I'm so sorry if all of this was TMI and off-topic. Geez. I'm long-winded today.....
  12. Sofi - I'm glad the scale is being good to you! I hope your ob/gyn appointment went okay. I HATE gyn appointments. I'm due for one and keep putting it off because I'm dealing with all this other stuff right now. Theresa - I'm glad your dad is okay and he caught himself before he really got hurt. The little cups of ice cream are perfect for me because I have a hard time with "portioning" ice cream in a bowl if you KWIM. As for 30 Day Shred, I think Jillian Michaels is a mean, mean lady! My whole body is killing me today and that's on the beginner level. I don't even want to imagine what it's like on level 2 or 3! I do like that it's only 20 minutes though. I think I could stick with this more days a week than the 45 minute dvd I typically do, simply because it requires less time and room in my living room. I think your plan for happy hour tonight sounds like a good one. Just stick with it! AFM - I'm SO sore and wobbly today. I don't think I'll be able to do the 30 Day Shred tonight simply because my muscles won't allow it. Maybe tomorrow if I'm feeling less sore. I haven't been this sore since I did the TransFIRMer tall box step workout a few years ago. Sheesh. DH is home tonight and I got a bunch of groceries at Meijer's yesterday for recipes. I'm not sure which one I'll make, but it will be something healthy.
  13. Theresa - How is your dad after his fall today? I pray he's okay! (((hugs))) Did you decide what you can try this week that's new? Karen - I've never had quinoa or bulgur. I feel like a newbie. None of the grocery stores around me carry that stuff and if I wanted to buy it, I'd have to go all the way to whole foods which is about 45 minutes away. AFM - Has anyone tried the little single serve ice cream cups by Edy's? They are 5.8 oz and the one I've got is Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It's 4 points and the perfect size for one person. They had other flavors that were less too. It's very good! I did the Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred earlier. I know it's only 20 minutes, but Omigosh...I'm so wobbly I can hardly move. It was super hard for me and I was sweating profusely. The push-ups at the beginning were really hard for me because my wrists are so weak and they hurt all the time. I pushed through, but I had to do the modified version where I'm on my knees. So, I feel like I might be able to stick with this because it's only 20 minutes (even though it seems like longer!) and doesn't take up much of my night. I definitely feel it though!
  14. Liz - Thanks for asking, my day is going pretty well. I've stayed OP through breakfast and lunch. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do for dinner. I'm going by Meijer's after work to pick up some stuff so I'm trying to come up with a list for meals the rest of this week. I used to be the same way with buffets too. I always felt like I wasn't getting my money's worth if I didn't stuff myself. Now, when I go (which is rarely), I start with a big salad and fruit beforehand. Then, I'm pretty full so I eat a very small amount of meat or potatoes or whatever. Theresa - I'm glad you're keeping positive and trying not to worry too much. Just be careful about looking stuff up. I always freak myself out when I do that. Karen - You are insane! That is really early for a spin class, but you're awesome so you'll pull it off! And I like your blog, it's interesting! AFM - I've been thinking about getting a new DVD to work out to. I've only done the Prevention Drop it in 30 4 times and I'm already getting bored with it. I know I always talk about how it's such a good DVD and it is, but sometimes I just want to do something else. I have a Firm video, but the choreography is just too complicated for me. I have another Prevention DVD, but it's not really cardio, it's more a mix of strength, kick boxing, and pilates. I could do that one I suppose. I thought about getting the Gold's Gym cardio game for the Wii-Fit. Has anyone here used that before? I've heard it's pretty good and I know it incorporates kick-boxing.
  15. Karen - Thanks for the support. I appreciate it! I'm definitely moving on! I love your week-in-food picture blog! The coffee you mentioned yesterday sounds really good. I've never used half and half in my coffee before, just creamer. I might have to pick some up at the store tonight when I go. You're definitely entitled to sleep in every now and then! I'm sure you'll make up for it with your planned lunch time work out! Sorry you forgot the lunch you made....I hate it when I do that!
  16. Marla - I'm glad your appetite is coming back and you're starting to feel better. YUCK on the dry mouth though. I hate that feeling! Thanks about Layla pictures. I think she's pretty gorgeous too! Theresa - Thanks for the support. It's definitely much appreciated! Great job on getting up and working out this morning instead of sleeping in. That's awesome! Good luck on your WI tomorrow! I'm glad you got some news on your dad's condition, even if it isn't neccessarily good. At least it's not an emergency thing...kwim? I'll keep him in my prayers for when he does have the surgery. (((hugs)))
  17. Sofi - I'm not letting last night get to me. If I was, I would have started my week over. I realized that it would only hurt me if I did that so I vowed to get back on track and use the APs I'm going to earn to cover some of the flex I used. I guess, technically, I wasn't off plan since I had the flex for it. But it was still a really bad decision on my part. Liz - I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today in spite of how nasty the peroxide gargle was. Congrats to Lilli on her kindergarten gratuation! I can't imagine how sad I'll be when Layla graduates kindergarten. I know it's a few years off, but she's already growing up so fast that sometimes I just look at her and cry. I miss her being a baby and cooing and giggling at me with that toothless grin. Congrats on doing so well with your options this past weekend. Remember, just because you went over your daily points by a couple doesn't mean you were off-plan if you still had the flex to cover it! That's what the plan is all about!
  18. alamoe - The websites I've found pretty much came as reccommendations from friends on this site. You can also find healthy recipes by doing a google search for "weight watcher recipes" or "healthy recipes". They don't neccessarily have to be WW recipes, but as long as they have the nutritional information you can figure the points out. As long as you stick with the WW program, the weight will come off...trust me!
  19. Good morning ladies. I'm in a funk today. I think it's because I had a REALLY bad night food-wise. I was too lazy to cook and DH wanted pizza. I had an "F it all" moment and just ordered what I wanted. Well, I tallied up the points this morning and it leaves me with 6 flex for the rest of the week. Ugh. I don't know why I felt the way I did. I get on a roll doing so good with food and then I go and mess it up for myself. My plan this week is to work out as much as possible to make up some APs for the flex I lost. I plan on doing at least 45 minutes tonight after Layla goes to bed. I am back on track this morning. When I went to bed last night, my plan was just to start my week over fresh today and make yesterday a throw-away day. I decided NOT to do that because it's only hurting me and if I did, I would be starting a bad pattern for myself. Who am I kidding? I'm REALLY going to try not to let last night's episode ruin my ww week. I'm sticking to plan and I'm going to work out. How is everyone this morning? Liz - Are you feeling better today? Trish - Where are you sweetie?
  20. Sofi - You're not the only one tempted by the bagel ads. It makes me want to go to the break room and toast up one of my Thomas bagel thins. They are so good!
  21. Theresa - I'm SO sorry that I didn't see your post earlier. Apparently, when Sofi posted it jumped to another page! I'm so excited for you to be the MOH for your friend's wedding! That's a real honor! I hope you have fun! It sounds like you did well food-wise over the weekend and I'm glad you had a fun night out on Friday with your friends. Your niece sounds absolutely adorable! I bet the dance was really cute! Congrats on wearing shorts without feeling self-concious! It's good that you got to spend a lazy day on Sunday. Sometimes it's nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything. I've never done the P90X, but I know there's a whole thread dedicated to it on the exercise forum. Trish has posted over there about how she wants to try it too. Maybe you should check that out?
  22. Liz - I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon! I'm proud of you for making the best decisions you could over the weekend and that you feel good about those decisions! Karen - Thanks! I'm glad you had such a productive weekend! I think the idea of posting pictures of all your meals on your blog is a great one! I'm going to head over there and check it out in a few minutes. And YAY for good deals while shopping!
  23. Where is everybody today? It's awful quiet!
  24. Sofi - Congrats on only having one piece of your MIL's dish and having the points to cover it. That's perfectly OP! I think chewing gum while doing dishes is a great way to keep from snacking on the leftovers. I might try that trick myself! Yes, I married young. We got married when I was 19. We've had a very strained relationship in the past and I believe that was due to us getting married so young. But I think we've both grown into who we are going to be now and we're past all that. Things are definitely MUCH better than they were 6 or 7 years ago with us. I don't know if I'll do the painting myself or not. DH is on vacation that week too, but he may be doing other things. I might have him do some yard work...lol. My house is NOT big at all so it's not like it's a huge area to paint. My house is only a little over 900 sq ft. Very small. I like my house, but there's a lot of stuff about it that I want to change. New windows, new closet doors, new paint, new sidewalk, gutters, etc... The list can go on forever. But painting is one of the smaller and cheaper projects that I can do myself to really change the look of that area. KWIM?
  25. Good morning ladies. My weekend was pretty good. Not much else happened after I posted yesterday. I'm thinking of painting my living room and hallway when I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks. My house is small and I kind of have a country theme going on. I painted the living room and hallway a dark country blue. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I've decided over the past 3 years that it's just too dark. So I'm going to get a really light, neutral, khaki or tan color to do the walls in. There's a lot of dark trim that the original owners put all over the house too. I'm not sure if it's Walnut or what, but it's really dark. I'm thinking of painting all of that off-white. I've got a lot of stuff around the house I want to change if I'm going to stay in it. KWIM?
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