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  1. Hey Sofi - It's good to see you checking in. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Mercedes - Wow girl...congrats on the great loss! I'm glad that we're motivating you! Feel free to join in here any time! AFM - I'm having a decent weekend. My and DH's 11 year anniversary is on Monday, but he'll be working so we went out last night. I had chinese and kept it light. I got to go to Kohl's and get me some shorts and 3 new tops. All for only $40. Gotta love sales! We stopped by a few furniture places last night to look at kitchen tables and chairs. Mine is REALLY old. Seriously, it belonged to my grandmother and grandfather when they got married. It has big cracks in it and sometimes if you lean your arm on it you'll get pinched. Not to mention the chair seats are cracked and held together with wood glue. LOL. I would just put a table cloth on it to cover it up, but DD would just pull it off along with anything on it! So, my Mother's Day/Anniversary gift is going to be a new table and chairs set. DH brought home rose petals and champagne and strawberries for me last night. It was really sweet.
  2. Hello everyone. Just checking in. I know many of you aren't around on Saturdays. I have a lot to do around the house, but Layla isn't cooperating. LOL. I haven't even had a shower yet. I guess I'll have to wait for her to take a nap. I did another 45 minute cardio workout last night and I feel pretty good. Layla and I are sharing some Kashi Heat to Heart cereal. Every time I give her a bite she says, "Mmmm!". So cute!
  3. Sofi - Thanks! Good for you for coming here to post about your struggles. Did you make it through the night without eating MIL's food porn?
  4. Marla - It's good to see you posting! I'm sorry you're having some issues with the meds. Hopefully your body will get used to it quickly. Great job on the 10 lbs! That's amazing! (((hugs)))
  5. Karen - Yeah, my DH is such a weirdo about me working out. That's why I like to do it when he's not home! The only problem then is, I have to wait until Layla goes to sleep to do it and sometimes that's not until 8:30. Thanks about my old pictures! Sofi - First of all, *KICKS* for not writing everything down and sticking to the plan. I know having the wisdom teeth out is hard...I had it done a few years ago. I got so sick of eating soup! How are your gums feeling now? Hopefully better! Good luck with the weight loss challenge at work. Thanks about my old comparison pics. I'll attach 2 recent pictures from this past weekend. They're kinda blurry though.
  6. Thanks Theresa. It is a little outdated, but I actually weigh less now than I did in those pictures.
  7. Theresa - I think using the workout after dinner as a motivation to not overeat is a WONDERFUL idea! I know you'll do great. I'm glad your DBF doesn't have to work on the weekends and he'll have time to rest! AFM - On a side note, I was browsing through the "BCB Buddies Show Off" thread yesterday and I came across THIS. I had forgotten about it. It helps me to look at that old picture and realize that I don't look like that anymore. I'll use that for the times I'm feeling extra fat.
  8. Trish - Congrats on the GREAT loss! That's amazing! And how wonderful that the EVP of your region noticed and complimented you! I'm so happy for you chica! I'm sorry you were late today. I just classify that as the "sh!t happens" type of thing. I'm sorry your boss was kind of miffed about it though. Luckily, around here, we're all pretty laid back and my boss doesn't care if I'm late. Usually, on a typical day, I'm early so I think he feels that kinda makes up for it. Yes, I take my ACV every morning first thing when I get up. So, not sure why I'm hurting extra bad today. Maybe I do have a reaction to gluten. I made the same recipe I made last week, only last night I used morningstar farms crumbles instead of the beef. I wonder if that contains gluten? I'm sure it does. I think almost everything does.
  9. Theresa - Thanks. It does sound like your DBF is going to be super tired tonight when he gets home. He doesn't have to work on the weekend does he? On the plus side, it sounds like he's having fun today! I'm glad you have a plan for BWW tonight. I've actually never been there before, but I've heard that it's really good!
  10. I was just checking out weightwatchers.com and I came across this article. Maybe this is why so many of us do so much better when we frequent BCB. It says that friends influence you no matter where they are. A Little Help from Our Friends Article By: Therese Droste Our social circle can make us overweight — or help us stay slim. According to a study released in 2007, social networks have a more profound impact on your weight gain — or potential loss — than previously known. In fact, your best friend, regardless of where he or she lives, has more of an influence on whether or not you gain weight than your spouse or siblings, according to the researchers. "Friends 1,000 miles away have as much effect on you as if they lived next door," says study co-author James H. Fowler, PhD, whose study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, "because you're exchanging ideas about appropriate eating and exercise behaviors and body size." Does this mean you should ditch your overweight friends? Absolutely not! "This isn't about dumping your chubby friends and family members," says Karen Miller-Kovach, MS, RD, chief scientific officer for Weight Watchers International. "The study validates that relationships have a profound influence on our lives. Joining a weight-loss program like Weight Watchers gives you the ability to create a supportive environment and establish social networks that influence you in a positive way." In fact, just as a social network influences weight gain, "you can use the same social network in terms of weight loss," says Miller-Kovach. The study's co-author concurs. "The effect works in both directions. If a friend gains weight, it's likely you will as well. If they lose weight, it's likely you will lose it too," says Fowler. Here are five ways that you can nurture and expand your social networks to effect positive change: 1. Choose, or include, same-sex workout partners in your exercise regime The study showed that people of the same sex had a greater influence on one another than those of the opposite sex. Don't quit a current workout regime you have with your spouse, but do add a same-sex friend or co-worker to a regular walking or other preferred exercise routine. 2. Make new friends, but keep the old "The bigger your social network, the greater the influence people have on your health and weight loss," says Miller-Kovach. Look for people who have similar interests and values who can have a positive effect on your habits. 3. Be a positive role model at work, and beyond Expand your network at your job. Scout for coworkers who can have a positive influence on you, such as someone who has recently lost weight. "You can learn from them in order to help yourself, and the impact will also be felt by others around you," says Miller-Kovach. 4. Pay it forward The study showed that there are "three degrees of separation" at work when we gain weight, says Fowler. "Our health behavior not only impacts those we're directly connected to, but to whom they are connected as well, and so on through the network. So, if you get obese, it not only increases the risk your friend will get obese, but the friend's friend, and your friend's friends' friends," he says. 5. Attend Weight Watchers meetings "In addition to having the Weight Watchers leader be a positive role model and influence, take the opportunity at meetings to reach out and get to know others," says Miller-Kovach. Like-minded members on the same weight-loss path will have a positive influence on you, and vice versa. If you subscribe to Weight Watchers Online, use the Message Boards as your social network. "The moral of the story is to get your friends and family involved in your own efforts to improve your behavior and diet. That way you're more likely to be successful in good health outcomes," says Fowler. A Look at the Numbers If your spouse becomes obese, your chance of doing the same is 37 percent. Among siblings, if one becomes obese, the others' chances rise by 40 percent. Your chances of becoming obese increase 57 percent if you have a close friend who becomes obese.
  11. Liz - Great job planning ahead for next weekend. I like that you asked your mom to help keep you on track. A .4 loss is a good loss! WTG! AFM - I forgot to mention that I had my WI this morning and I was up .4 to 178.9. I'm not sure what's going on there, but hopefully it means I'll have a good loss next week.
  12. Theresa - I'm glad you got to go home early yesterday to rest. So, I'm guessing bland foods make your stomach feel better? I'm sure you'll do great over the weekend. You're a trooper! Mercedes - Hi...and thanks! Sofi - I'm sorry nobody else liked the Tilapia except for you. I've never had it myself, but I'm not a fish eater. Only if it's fried...ha! And yes, it's always the creepy or older guys that look at me like their interested. Ewww. Karen - WTG on banking all those points for the AR Challenge! You're awesome! The turkey sloppy joes sound pretty good too! The Wii Bowling tournament sounds like a lot of fun. I've got that for my Wii, but I've only played a couple of times. I think the bison burger over the lettuce sounds like a smart choice too. I've never had it, but I've heard it's good and extremely lean. DH had one once and said it was amazing. I don't know about the Celiac. I know sometimes these things just develop all of the sudden...like allergies. I've probably got those too! I do live in the Ohio Valley which is the worst place for allergies. AFM - Some of my pain is back this morning. I haven't taken any Ibuprofen yet, but I'm hoping I won't have to and it will go away. I worked out and did 45 minutes of Cardio last night. It was really hard for me....more so than usual. I'm not sure what's up with that, but I had to keep stopping to take deep breaths and drink water. Maybe I was dehydrated? The weirdest part was that DH was home, so he sat on the couch and watched me work out. It was very odd and I felt self-concious. The couch he was sitting on was right behind me, so he kept telling me that I wasn't sticking my butt out enough when I was doing the squats. He's such a horn-dog.
  13. Liz - I'm so sorry you were having a rough day today. Sorry I didn't get to post earlier! I think the steak on the salad sounds like an awesome idea! Let us know what you decide! As for your ex, these are the reasons you're not with him anymore. Just thank God you don't have to live with that kind of man anymore. Trust me, I definitely don't judge you about your bc pills....lol. Thanks so much for your sweet compliments about my pictures. I think I have severe body image issues. Seriously. I was thinking about his a lot today. I don't see myself as even a normal weight, but as a sloppy overweight girl. I know I'm really not, but that's what I see. I think this is something I'm definitely going to have to work on. As for the commercial, I don't have time to watch it right now, but just hearing from you what people are saying makes me sick. Society in general is SO biased against anything bigger than a size 6. I've never been a size 6 and I don't think I ever will be. I'll be lucky to be an 8. Anyway, I totally agree with you that it's totally unfair. Be careful with those Fiber One Bars! I can't even eat them anymore because of the stinky gas they cause me! Actually, I could deal with stinky gas....lol. It's the cramping it causes me that keeps me away from them. Yeah, I guess that was TMI, huh?
  14. Theresa - I'll keep your dad in my prayers for his appointment on Monday. Seeing your neice in her dance recital should be really fun!
  15. Liz - The frozen yogurt sounds good! I don't know of any places near me that have frozen yogurt on the menu. The closest thing to my house is a DQ and I avoid that place like the plague! Congrats on the skirt being loose today! That's great! Here's what e-tools says about filet mignon: Beef, filet mignon, cooked: 3 oz. 7pts Beef, filet mignon, trimmed, cooked 3 oz. 4pts So I guess it depends on if it's trimmed or not. Hope that helps! Theresa - Good for you for working out at home when you couldn't get to the gym! Also, great job on doing the AR challenge as well! I really hope your stomach gets to feeling better soon. Do you think it's possible that you could have a food allergy? Trish - Yay for the scale being down! I WI tomorrow and I haven't peeked, so I have no idea! I feel smaller, lol. That's so cute about Ava wanting to get in bed to play with your hair and talk. I'm sorry you and DH had a small tiff last night. I hope you can get some good rest tonight! AFM - I think the fact that my iron is low is the reason I'm so tired. This morning, I looked at the label of my multi vitamin and I did not see iron in the list. I thought all multi vitamins had iron in them! I'm extremely exhausted today, more than usual. I don't know if I'll be able to take a nap during lunch or not. I usually just prop my feet up and put my sweater over my face to block out the light, but I've drank a lot of water today and I'll probably have to pee before I fall asleep. We'll see I guess.
  16. Good morning ladies! Where is everyone this morning? I just tried the "everything" bagel thin with laughing cow cheese, slice of tomato, and some sliced chicken breast for breakfast. Very yummy for 3 points....even if it's not very breakfasty sounding!
  17. Aimee's Adventures Crockpot Recipes 1 Aimee's Adventures Crockpot Recipes 2 Aimee's Adventures Crockpot Recipes 3 Those 3 have quite a bit of recipes. All you have to do is click on the picture of the recipe next to it's name and it will take you to the instructions. Hope this helps!
  18. Trish - I'm sorry you've been feeling bloated and cranky lately! The Ziti sounds delicious! I'm sure 10 points is safe. Yes, our office does recycle paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans! Liz - The Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars are 1 points. There is a cap at 4 grams on the fiber. My WW calculator says they're two points. Good for you for getting out and walking when nobody else is! That's great! Karen - WTG on getting 100 points for your Amazing Race challenge! Great job! The turkey wrap sounds good. Is that what you ended up getting? Theresa - (((hugs))) about your dad. I'll say some prayers for him to be okay. Good for you for deciding to skip the cake and make your own treats when you get home instead. I've been REALLY snacky this whole week! What's up with that? I ended up using another 5 flex tonight because I just wasn't satisfied. I think it has something to do with me losing a daily point this week. It always takes ma a while to adjust to losing a point. I'm not sure why, it's just ONE point! Crazy.... Kait - Thanks for stopping by! How are you doing? AFM - I had my follow up with the Hepatologist today to discuss all the blood work he ordered and the results of the ultra sound of my liver and spleen. The ultra sound results were good, with the exception of my spleen being slightly enlarged. He said that sometimes the spleen gets enlarged from a condition called "fatty liver". He suspects that at one time I had a fatty liver (when I was heavier) and that could have caused the enlarged spleen. But now, my liver is fine and there's no damage. The only thing that showed up in my blood work was that my iron was a little low. I'm not quite anemic though. He seems to think that I may have Celiac disease where I am intolerant of wheat and gluten. I'm not sure about that though. He ordered more blood work to test for this and I have to call him back in a week to find out the results. I don't have to go back to him though. Mom thinks the fact that the ACV is helping is a coincidence, but I'm still drinking the ACV because I think it's helping tremendously. Honestly, I'm scared to stop drinking it. I have done nothing, with the exception of drinking ACV every morning, to help with my pain. No change in diet or anything. The doctor said he's also skeptical that the ACV is what is helping me. So...I guess it's just a waiting game to see if I have this Celiac issue. Oh, and I got hit on HARD CORE by the guy taking my blood. Seriously, he was basically massaging my arm AFTER he was done taking the blood. I finally asked him, "Are we done here?" and he told me yes. Then I bolted. He kinda gave me the heebie jeebies. I'm going to have to get my wedding band resized so I can wear it again. It got too big the first time I lost weight and I never got it resized because I was waiting to be the size I wanted to be. Then I gained it all back and lost it all again so now I need to get it sized so I can wear it and not get hit on by weirdos.
  19. Hi Kristi....and welcome! I love this site and it's wonderful members! Be sure to post often so we can all get to know you!
  20. The kind I buy in the bag measures cup for cup with sugar. There is no difference.
  21. I use Splenda as a substitute in just about everything.
  22. Liz - Thanks for the prayers. If you ever heard my voice, you'd say I sound like a hick....cuz I do. I lived in Texas briefly in my early 20's and while I was there I constantly got asked where I was from because I had such a thick accent. That was in Texas! They kept asking me if I was from Georgia...lol. The thing is, everyone around me says I sound more northern than everyone else. I guess we're all a bunch of country bumpkins! You're right about the guy....he's a douche! It sounds like you have a good plan for dinner tonight. Just stick with it!
  23. Good morning lovelies! Theresa - Congrats on the loss! You'll get to your short term goal in no time! I understand about how sometimes what's good for weight loss isn't good for other health issues. I've been there myself. I like to change up my menus too. I've noticed that if I get in a food rut and eat the same things all the time I don't lose as well. Your DBF sounds so sweet....going out of his way to make you feel better. I hope he's not completely bushed by the time he gets in tonight! AFM - I had a severely snacky day yesterday. I ended up using 5 of my flex on snacks last night. I stopped by Meijer's on the way home from work with Layla because we were in desparate need of groceries. I finally found the Thomas Bagel Thins that everyone keeps talking about! I got the "Everything" flavor and I bought some FF cream cheese too. I had one last night and they are super yummy! And 1 point (2 if you use the FF cream cheese)! I have my follow-up appointment with the Hepatologist today to discuss the loads of bloodwork they took from me last month. Hopefully there's some kind of useful information they can give me. I know I've been saying I feel better since starting the ACV, but I'm not COMPLETELY better. I still have weird aches and pains that I shouldn't have and I'm very exhausted all the time. Not to mention I can't remember anything. I have the worst brain fog. I'm sure if I quit taking the ACV, all my pains would come roaring back. Customers are getting on my nerves at work already. I started printing a job for a customer last night before I left. It's quite large and time consuming, and they said they need it this morning. So, I started it before I left and wanted the printer to print it while I was gone for the night. It would get quite a few done before it ran out of paper. I came in this morning and it was about half way done. Then, I get an e-mail from the customer saying they found an error on one of the pages and they were resubmitting the file. Ugh! That has happened to me 3 times in the last 2 days with 3 different customers. Why can't they proof-read this stuff before they send me a version that they've titled "FINAL"?! Geez...what a waste of paper! The trees...the trees!
  24. Liz - Good for you for coming here to confess your slip ups. That alone is a huge accomplishment. You realized you were messing up and you took action to correct it! WTG! As for the guy, I'm sorry but he sounds like a jerk. Any guy who would actually answer the type of question you asked is not really worth it. And I'm sure that girl is NOT flawless! We all have flaws. You are stunning and gorgeous and a great person. You're a real catch and you will meet the perfect guy soon enough! Don't let him get you down! (((hugs)))
  25. Geez. After I posted earlier, my e-mail and phone just blew up with new jobs for me to do. I *think* I'm finally caught up for the moment! Trish - Wow, your day yesterday sounds crazy....especially the bit with the friend's house. My mom has issues with just having too much stuff. She's nowhere near the title of "hoarder", but everything in her house is completely unorganized. Half the time, when I'm there, I'm cleaning and straightening up for her because I simply cannot stand it. I mean, she's not dirty or anything, it's just that stuff is scattered. There isn't a home for everything if that makes any sense. I'm one of those people that I can't go to bed without everything at least being in it's spot. I put all of Layla's toys in her room, put all the laundry in the basket, and clear all counter tops of junk and such. Maybe I'm OCD! I used to be worse. I used to not be able to watch tv if I spied something in the room crooked or uneven. Like a rug, for instance. If it was laying funny, I'd have to get up and fix it. Karen - I totally don't know what was going through the heads of the people at CF when they decided to put "Weight Management" in front of their menu items. Horrible name I say! They could have done like other restaurants and just given it a regular name, then put a little symbol by it on the menu where you can look up what the symbol means. I think Applebee's and Chili's do that. Theresa - Congrats on having a date set for your new house! I bet you're so excited! I can totally understand not wanting to be alone at your apartment. I used to be that way. Now I'm the opposite and can't get enough alone time. Sometimes, DH volunteers to take DD to his mother's for the weekend to give me a break. I get so excited thinking about what I'm going to do with some alone time that I end up using it for cleaning and stuff when I could have relaxed and slept in. LOL.
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