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  1. Trish - Good job on the squats and tummy firming. I'm sorry that you and DH got into it over something silly. Hopefully your oatmeal kicks in soon! About our windows, they are aluminum framed and from the 1960's. They're very old and not very reliable. The screen is now missing. I don't know what they did with it when they pulled it off, but it's gone. The panes come off the track all the time and now they're really messed up because the person forcefully pushed the window and dented up the track it goes on. The lock on this particular one is now broken. DH put a piece of wood above it in the track so that it can't be lifted, but something tells me that if anyone really wanted in, they'd just have to push the window to warp the frame again. I may push my bedroom armoire in front of that window for a while. At least until I feel like this is past. It's HUGE and heavy and nobody could get in with that in front of the window. I just wouldn't like my bedroom very much with no window in it.
  2. wannaloozit - None of them taste like real hamburger to me at all. The one with the veggies in it is particularly different than a real hamburger. My DD is 20 months old and loves the california burgers. I just cut them into pieces for her and she chows down. I think if you don't try to actually pass it off as a burger, but tell them it's something new, they may eat it and like it. It's easier for me to like something if I don't try to use it as a substitution for something else, but rather accept it as a new food in my regular diet. Does that make sense?
  3. Sofi - Good job on sneaking the salad into DH's lunch! The walking program sounds great. Sometimes we walk here, depending on how busy we are. I think the weight loss competition sounds like fun! Theresa - I'm glad you're feeling good about the program and about exercising. I've made the 0 point soup SEVERAL times. I especially like to make it when I'm having a week where I'm having trouble sticking to the program. It helps keep me full. I've never heard of Bertucci's. Is it Italian? Good for you for researching the options ahead of time! Liz - Great job on staying OP. I can understand needing a break from activity to let your body rest. That sucks that you were out late looking for flowers. Too bad I don't like bologna, or I'd jump on the ff kind. DH likes it, but I've never been a big fan. Great job on walking the mile and doing all the squats! Not to mention the water! Trish - How are you doing today? AFM - The bad thing about the break-in is that we believe it was one of our neighbors....the one who lives right next to us. He is a loser who lives in his mom's house (she died a couple of months ago). He has no job and we're pretty sure he steals stuff because someone just told us they bought a sewing machine off him last week. Umm, what would he be doing with a sewing machine? He said his mom bought it right before she died. I know better, that woman didn't come out of the house for the last 2 years she was alive unless it was to go to the hospital. The neighbor on our other side hates the other neighbor and says he doesn't trust him. He's old, probably 70-75 years old. Mikey is out on a route tonight and he wants me to go to my mom's and stay the night. It's not feasible for mom to come stay with me because I'm further away from her work and she drives 1.5 hrs to work as it is. I feel like if I stay at mom's, I'm just inviting them to come back and take something this time because I won't be there. I feel like if I'm there, then they won't try to come in. I dunno. I'm staying at mom's anyway because Mikey would feel better about it, but now I'm worried that they're going to come back and actually take something this time. As far as eating goes, I'm perfectly OP. I didn't get any exercise in yesterday because I was trying to cook dinner while the police were there filing a "criminal mischief" report. It was kind of a hectic night. Not to mention the fact that I had to shampoo the carpet in my bedroom because the a$$ bag got mud everywhere. What a jerk!
  4. Hey girls, just a piece of info. When you're metabolism speeds up, so does your hunger. It means you're actually burning through what you eat and you get hungry quicker. I learned this from my first bout with WW. I was eating all the time and losing really well. I snacked all day at work on yogurt, sf pudding cups, a couple of pieces of lunch meat, or a Fiber One bar. It really works to snack all day. Just a thought. In other news, I noticed something strange when I came home to check on the house this morning. There was mud on the floor below my bedroom window. I noticed that the window was kinda off it's track. I thought during the storm maybe a raccoon or something tried to get in. I looked around and nothing was missing so I didn't think much of it. I told DH about it while I was at work and he was immediately suspicious. When he got home, we investigated and there are big foot prints in the mud right outside our bedroom window. The dumb ass stepped onto the little tripod table that was right there and broke it. I didn't realize it because it had a tablecloth on it and they're never steady anyway. But upon further inspection, underneath, the screws for the legs were all busted out. They left a trail of mud over to my jewelry box (they didn't take anything out of it) and then right back out the window. They also undid the bungee cords that we use to keep the privacy fence gate that goes across our driveway shut. They did all this with our big dog out there in the back yard with them. I'm really baffled. We have a lot of electronics and DVD's in the house, yet they didn't take anything. WTH? We filed a report and a police officer came out, but all they could classify it as was "criminal mischief" since nothing was taken. It does make me nervous though because I'm at home alone with Layla at least 3 nights a week.
  5. I shop at Wal-Mart and my store carries some of the Boca, Gardenburger, and the Morningstar Farms products. I like the Chik'n Patties that Boca and Morningstar Farms make. I also like the Gardenburger California Burger. It has tons of veggies in it and is quite different. Morningstar Farm's Black Bean burger is my favorite of the burger-ish variety though. I've also used the Boca crumbles in recipes instead of beef and nobody noticed.
  6. Bianca

    Lynn Redgrave

    How very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
  7. Trish - I agree with Liz, just use the negative questions as motivation to do better. I always thought it was rude of anyone to ask a person when they were due when they didn't even know if that person was pregnant or not. What's wrong with people? Liz - Just my personal opinion, but the smart ones are not filling to me at all. I have to have something else with them. I usually have a salad or half a can of Progresso Light soup. Soup is very filling.
  8. Marla - Great job on not having anything at the carnival! I be you feel really good about yourself now! Just remember this feeling of accomplishment the next time you're faced with a similar situation....that's what I try to do! Liz – *KICKS* for not being OP this weekend! What happened? I’m glad your divorce sale was such a success and that the weather was nice to you. Unfortunately, the weather here was horrible with flooding. Theresa – It sounds like you had a really nice, relaxing weekend with your DBF. I’m so glad the weather was nice there for you. I think we got all the bad weather! Congrats on staying OP and tracking everything this weekend! You’re doing great! Trish – I’m SO sorry to hear about poor Peanut. I’m sure he’s in doggy heaven. L I’m glad you got some cute tops, even if it did take 4 hours! Great job on staying OP all weekend! And thanks for that eye-opening bit of information about the OP and weekends! That is really shocking! I never thought of it that way! AFM - I'm feeling kinda stressed this morning. We had LOTS of rain here over the weekend and I live in a flood zone. At last check yesterday, the resevoir behind my house (was put there to prevent flooding) had overflowed and the water was half-way up my back yard. My yard has a slight incline, but it was scaring me. The last time it got up that far, the road in front of my house flooded too and I was stuck and couldn't get out. I ended up taking DD over to my mother's house for the night last night and I stayed there as well so I'd be able to get to work this morning. I'm mostly worried about my dog. She's a really big dog and I can't leave her in the house alone. I prayed last night that the water didn't make it all the way up to the highest point in the driveway because she wouldn't have anywhere to go. I couldn't take her with me because my mom doesn't have the space for a dog or a fenced-in back yard. I'm going to take a break at work later and drive home to check on her. I have no idea what my subdivision looks like right now. *EDIT* Since I started typing this, I asked my boss if I could go home and check on my house and dog and he let me. The house is fine and the dog is good. Apparently the water didn’t come up as far as I thought it was going to. Thank GOD! As far as eating goes, I did REALLY well this weekend. I tracked and counted EVERYTHING and I'm proud to say I've finished my week off OP! I usually have a hard time on the weekends, so it's really an accomplishment for me. Hopefully all my hard work will reflect on the scale on Friday when I WI.
  9. Sofi - I'm glad the retirement party was fun! It sounds like you did really well at staying within your points! Great job! Also, the fishing sounds like fun too! We let Layla fish off the dock a couple of weekends ago and she loved it!
  10. Wow...I missed a LOT while I was working today! Sofi - You're welcome. I know you'll do well at the dinner tonight! It sounds like Chinese food is really easy to work into the WW plan. All this talk about Chinese food is making me want some. I don't think we will though because I have a feeling DH won't be home until late. I'll probably just make something at the house. Theresa - You're a rock star! I didn't realize you had lost 70 lbs either! Congratulations on a job well-done lady! You know, that actually makes me think about what I've lost. The first time around I lost 75 lbs and then gained it all back while pg with DD plus some. If I take my highest pregnancy weight, I'm down 77 lbs as of today! I don't even think about the "overall" much. I'm so focused on the here and now and the next few that I need/want to lose that I lose sight of what I've already accomplished. It's definitely been a long, hard, road but I'm doing it! Let me know how your revamped version of spinach dip goes! I actually had greek yogurt for breakfast this morning! Karen - I LOVE the wedding pictures. You look amazing! I'll be praying for you to get the WW leader position because I just know you'd make a great one. You're so inspiring! Marla - I'm not going to give you kicks because you've reworked your plan to make up for the un-wise choice you had. That's what the plan is all about...flexibility. As long as you stick to your plan, you'll do great! As for meijers, I don't shop there very often because it is out of my way. But I found a back way to it that doesn't take as long so I may start going there more often. DD had fun saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone we passed. She was cracking me up! Trish - I love your new avatar! So cute! Liz - Good luck with your sale this weekend. I hope that the weather is kind to you so you can make some $$. It totally makes sense for you to post what you eat all weekend so you'll KNOW if you're OP or not. Do it! Great job on not eating out all week. You are rocking it! And great job on the .5 loss! That's WAY better than gaining!
  11. Karen - It's good to see you here! I'm glad you came back and CONGRATS on being invited to the open interview/orientation! That's amazing and I think you would make a WONDERFUL leader! You're so inspiring and compassionate....just what a leader should be. Of coure I wouldn't judge you! I'm sorry to hear about all the crap you and your DH went through with your refi, but I'm glad you're finally closing on it tonight...congrats on that as well!
  12. Sofi - FYI: I got all these points straight from WW e-tools. I would definitely get some soup. Egg drop is only 1 point for 10oz. of soup. I just looked it up! Hot and sour soup is 3 points for 10oz. and wonton soup is 4 points for 10oz. Soup is a great filler! About rice, just remember that white rice is 4 points per cup and fried rice is 8 points per cup. Brown rice (not fried) is 3 points per cup if that's availabe. One egg roll is 4 points. Some of the entrees that look point-friendly are Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Chicken & Broccoli (2 pts a cup), Beef & Broccoli (4 pts a cup), Shrimp with Broccoli (2 pts a cup if it's not fried), and they also have Braised Tofu with Vegetables if you like that sort of thing. The menu didn't really give good descriptions of what was in the actual dish, so you may want to ask what they consist of. Hope this helps!
  13. Trish - You totally cracked me up with the "thin hot biyatch" comment! I'm glad you're feeling more motivated and you're right, we can look back and be remoreseful or we can look back and be proud of what we've accomplished. That's a wonderful way to put things into perspective! I'm sorry that the "mockamole" wasn't nearly what you were expecting. It sounds pretty gross...lol. I've never had avacado in anything other than guacamole and I don't like guacamole so I don't know if I'd like an avacado or not. I did buy some yellow mangoes at Meijer yesterday. I've never had one of those either. They had a name, but I can't think of what it was right at the moment. Hopefully they're good! Just a tip on the ACV, the organic, natural ACV is what's supposed to be good for you. Granted, I was taking the regular grocery store-bought ACV until yesterday and it was helping me. I'm just hoping that this kind will help me out even more. It tastes a bit different and the coloring is different too. It's a bit thicker and more murky. Theresa - I'm so glad you're excited and motivated again! I think focusing on the small goal for the time-being is a wonderful idea to keep things in perspective. Right now, I'm just trying to focus on getting out of the 180's myself. I really hope I have a good WI next week. Your roasted veggie pizza sounds great....except for the artichokes. I've come to find that I don't like them! I've had spinach and artichoke dip at restaurants that I like, but the artichokes must have been pureed or something. About 6 months ago I made a recipe that called for chunks of artichoke along with spinach and swiss cheese.....eh. Not so good! Maybe it's just the chunks of artichokes I don't like. maybe if I'd blended them up I would have been okay. LOL Sofi - Good luck at the chinese restaurant. What's the name of the place? Some are easier on the WW budget than others. I really like PF Chang's. I haven't been there in a long time though. Now I'm craving it! They have really good wonton soup that's easy on the points and you get a huge bowl. Plus their lettuce wraps...YUM! Okay, can you tell it's close to lunch time and I'm getting hungry?
  14. Marla - Great job on the loss! Also, good for you for bringing a bunch of healthy foods to work so you aren't tempted to eat the bad stuff. That's what I do too. I'm sure you had some APs for walking around at the yard sales the other day to account for some of the flex you had to use on the frozen pizza. It's okay, as long as you had the points/flexies for it though. Good luck at the school carnival today! DON'T eat the cotton candy! It's just pure sugar and it makes you all sticky. LOL That's funny that you had to be the one to pursue your DH too. My story is a little different. I knew he liked me because a mutual friend told me that he had said, in regards to me, that he was available when he heard it didn't work out with me and another guy. I didn't even know him at the time. I'd seen him, but I'd never talked to him. I just walked right up to him that night and started talking. That same Friday, we ended up going to the bowling alley and the rest is history. We've been married 11 years! We got married when I was 19. I'd like to say it doesn't seem like we've been married that long, but it does. I can't remember my life without Mikey. We've been through a lot together....and I do mean A LOT. Maybe that's why it feels like we've been together forever. AFM - I'm in a good mood today! Last night, Layla and I cruised over to Meijer to get some of the REAL apple cider vinegar. The kind that has the "Mother" in it and all the vitamins. I know, it sounds weird, but it's just a murky substance that contains all the vitamins and nutrients that regular, distilled, ACV doesn't have. I took some of it last night before dinner and I took some more this morning when I got up. I truly think that the ACV is what's helping me with my pain. It's the only thing I've done different! So, we browsed Meijer, then came home and I made dinner. I made the recipe in the above post. It's really really good! Layla ate 2 of the muffins and wanted another. I didn't give it to her though, I just don't feel right giving her that much meat. I gave her some mandarin oranges instead and she was happy with that! After dinner, I got the kitchen cleaned up, gave the DD a bath, put her to bed, and then did my 45 minute cardio workout AGAIN! I'm excited! I WI this morning and I was up .4 which is kind of disappointing since I've been working hard all week. I'm not going to let it get to me though because I know I've been good this week and sometimes when you first start working out you have a gain.
  15. Hey ladies! I just wanted to jump in here really quick and tell you about the yummy dinner I'm having right now. I made the Mini Muffin Cup Meatloaves. They were so quick and easy and I love them! Layla gives them her thumbs-up too! Mini Muffin Cup Meatloaves Main Meals POINTS® Value: 2 Servings: 12 Preparation Time: 2 min Cooking Time: 20 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Course: main meals Ingredients: 1 pound(s) uncooked lean ground beef (with 7% fat) 4 oz Egg Beaters Egg Beaters 1 cup(s) seasoned bread crumbs 2 Tbsp Heinz Worcestershire Sauce 1 tsp table salt 3/4 cup(s) fat-free skim milk 12 serving(s) butter-flavor cooking spray Instructions: Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix ingredients in a bowl. Pack mixture into 12 sprayed muffin tins. Bake for 20 minutes. Each muffin is 2 points. Top with ketchup if desired.
  16. Liz - You have random dudes tell you your sexy? Dang girl! LOL I've never had a guy tell me that other than my husband. I typically don't get hit on....ever. Even at my lowest weight when I felt great about myself and liked how I looked, I didn't get hit on. Maybe I give off a bad vibe or something. I'm married and it's not a big deal, but sometimes it would be nice for someone to act like they think I'm attractive. Does that make sense or make me horrible?! The funny thing is, DH didn't hit on me when I met him. I went and talked to him and I was the one who initiated the first kiss. It really took some guts for me to do that too. We were only 16 and 17 though, so maybe that's why? Okay, I'm rambling now! As for your sub, was it 3/4 of a 6" or 3/4 of a 12"? When I eat Subway, I always get a footlong. Is that bad? LOL. I typically only get wheat, turkey, no cheese, no mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, and banana peppers. I haven't had one for a while and I'm thinking it comes out to 12 points. I get the 12" so that I get full enough to not want to snack on chips with it. If i get a 6" I have to have chips and I'll over-eat with the chips when I could have had the rest of the sub. Great job on adjusting your dinner points to account for what you had for lunch! By the way, I just looked up Subway's menu and nutrition information. A 12" veggie sub is only 9 points if you get the wheat bread and no cheese or mayo. Maybe you didn't eat as much as you think? HERE is the link to their nutrition info.
  17. Trish - I'm sorry you're moody today. I always chalk my moodiness up to hormones! I love my DH for loving the way I look even when I don't love the way I look. The other day I was getting dressed and he told me I was one hot mama. I just about died laughing and I told him he was silly, but he was serious. I have a hard time taking compliments, no matter who they're from. As for the house, I've thought about renting it out, but around here the law is designed to protect the renters....not the other way around. My mom rented out the house I grew up in when we moved to Louisville. They turned the house I spent my childhood in into a meth lab. There was soot all over the place...in the oven, on the ceiling fans, etc... All the carpet had to be replaced, the bathroom floor had to be re-built, and we had to paint every single room. It took forever to get the house back into the shape it had to be in to rent it out again. The thing is, we knew they were cooking meth in there because all the neighbors would tell my mom about it. We just couldn't do anything to get them out. Mom even went to my cousin, who worked for the sherriff's office and she confirmed that there was nothing we could do until the police busted them. It was a nightmare.
  18. Theresa - I'm so glad that your DBF is so supportive. That's really wonderful! My DH is supportive in his own way. Even when I was almost 260 lbs he told me I was beautiful all the time. He's never had an issue with how I look, but he does want me to be happy with myself. That being said, he still doesn't like most healthy foods and usually doesn't want to eat where I want to eat. I find myself trying to work around where he wants to eat and find something remotely healthy. And we never know where we're going beforehand. We get in the car, he starts driving, and then he turns to me and asks me where I want to go. Usually, it's a back and forth of "I don't know, where do you want to go?" type of thing. If I do pipe up and say where I want to go, he usually doesn't want that. We are so weird.
  19. Theresa – The Fritata sounds really good. I’ve never had one before either. I’m sorry to hear about the seller being a pain in the butt. Hopefully things work out in your favor there. We’re currently dealing with a crappy realtor. Our house has been on the market for 6 months and only one couple has come to look at it. The realtor had one open house and I stayed up until 3am the night before cleaning the house really well. Nobody showed up. She didn’t even run the open house in the newspaper. Our contract with her is up in early May and I’m thinking about just taking the house off the market for a while. Liz – I’m glad you realize that your friend isn’t losing weight in a healthy way. Just be proud of yourself for the WAY you’re losing weight and all the good you’re doing for your body. What is the HCG diet anyway? I’ve never heard of it. Your menu for yesterday looks good. Did you end up sticking with it? Trish – How are ya today? Sofi and Marla – Hello! AFM – I didn’t do as well as I hoped last night at dinner. We had to do some MAJOR grocery shopping so we stopped by a restaurant that is close to the store before we went. I never go into the store when I’m hungry. It’s a good thing too, because we were grocery shopping forever! The lines were terrible. I did get enough food to last a while though. I got a fresh supply of my egg whites for my egg mugs in the mornings. I also got the stuff to make the baked oatmeal recipe I found plus all the other recipes I mentioned yesterday. Anyway, about dinner. It was a little Italian place and the best looking option I could find on the menu was chicken marsala. I chose it because the chicken wasn’t fried, but it did come on a pile of angel hair spaghetti. I didn’t eat all of it, but I’m unsure of what the points for it are. I’m going to have to do some research online and on e-tools and see if I can find something similar. In fact, I’m gonna do that now….. Okay, so 15 points for the chicken marsala and 5 points for the bread. It's quite a bit and it dipped into my flex, but I still have 19 flexies left which isn't too bad.
  20. Melia - There's a thread in this forum called Forum Changes or something like that. It pretty much describes everything that happened over the weekend. It's good to see you!
  21. Trish - I'm sorry you're in the mindset that you're in right now. (((hugs))) My body is SO much different than it was before I had Layla. I STILL haven't gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet and it's been almost 2 years. Of course, I did gain 80 lbs though! My stomach is all flabby and I'm at least 2 pants sizes bigger than I was at this weight the last time. That's a big difference...and it's all in my belly! That's why I've really been wanting to work out. I know all these flabby bits around my middle won't go away without the exercise. I am sore today, but I can't tell if it's my normal body aches or from the cardio. I do know my butt muscles are sore from the squats and my knees are aching more than yesterday. We'll see how the day progresses.
  22. I will say it...I'm highly uncoordinated. I also have joint issues. My favorite workout DVDs are from the Prevention Fitness Systems. Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss & Drop it in 30 are my two favorites. The choreography is simple and they give you lower-resistence options. I've done the FIRM and they are wonderful workouts, but the choreography is ridiculous and hard for me to learn. I end up tripping all over myself.
  23. I've never used the set points option. From what I understand though, it's only to be used if you don't know the points of something or the serving size. For example: If you go out to eat. You don't know how much butter/oil is used. If you know the points for something, you should always use the points you know and not the set points.
  24. Bianca


    Welcome! Be sure to post often so we get to know you better. There is so much information here and so many people willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask if you have a question!
  25. Good morning Theresa! Yes, I've definitely been looking forward to working out again. I'm starting to wonder if the apple cider vinegar I've been drinking every morning for the last 4 days has been what's helping my pain. Apparently, upon a google search, ACV has SO many health benefits! There were a few recipes I looked up yesterday. One of them was a baked oatmeal that looked really good. I figured I could make a batch of that once a week and alternate that with my eggs in a mug for breakfast. The other ones were Roasted Vidalias, Summer's Best BBQ Beans, Chicken Stroganoff, Rice, Broccoli, & Cheese Cups, Hearty Turkey Bake, and a Hashbrown Bake. I found them at these three websites: ONE & TWO & THREE. I'm sorry you've been hovering at the same weight for so long, but I'm glad you've got your motivation back and you know what you've been doing wrong. You can do this!
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