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  1. Marla - The yard sales sound like fun! I'm sorry to hear that the food you had at the dinner did not sit well with you. That definitely sucks. I hope you're feeling better now. Liz - Great job on being 100% OP! The turkey burgers sound good. I don't typically post my menu online. It would always change and I'm lazy and don't want to have to update it all the time. I do track though. I don't have a neti pot, but I have the sinu-cleanse system which is like a neti pot. It flushes saline up one sinus cavity and out the other. I was using it, but it actually seemed to make it worse. I looked up online and it seems that apple cider vinegar mixed in some water helps break down sinuses so that they are thinner. It works! I've been doing that the last 3 days and I'm feeling a lot better. I still have the stupid cough though. AFM - I went to pick Layla up from daycare and she was in a HORRIBLE mood, which sucked because I had plans to go to the grocery. I printed out a bunch of recipes at work today and was going to take them to the store to get the stuff to make them. I basically have no food at home. For dinner, Layla and I ate Kraft Easy Mac which is basically instant macaroni and cheese. I had the points for it, but I feel like crap because I know it's not healthy. I noticed my joints are not hurting as bad as usual today. I'm not sure why that is, but I've only taken 4 ibuprofen all day (as opposed to my usual 8-12). I think I may try to work out a little after Layla goes to bed. It'll have to be very low-impact though because my knees creak and ache so bad when I bend that it's ridiculous. *edit* Girls, I posted this about 6pm tonight. It's now 9:15 and I have some wonderful news to share. I actually worked out tonight! This is the first time since I don't know when. I don't know what's going on or why my body isn't hurting as bad today, but I definitely took advantage of it. I did a 45 minute cardio workout! I even did squats and lunges. Some of the lunges I had trouble with and had to stop mid-way through though. As it turns out the squats don't hurt because I'm using my butt more than my knees, but the lunges did hurt. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up. If Layla stays on her schedule of going to bed at 8pm every night, I should have plenty of time before my 10pm bed time to get something in at least 3 times a week. I'm so excited that I might be able to have a weekly exercise routine again! This is huge for me!
  2. Trish – How are you today Mama? Hopefully your issues are better today….if not completely cleared up! Marla – Hopefully your work dinner went well. Check in and let us know! Liz – It sounds like you did great this weekend! Yay for getting extra activity in too! I just know your going to have a decent loss this week. Even if you did snack more because you didn’t eat out, I’m sure you ate less calories and ate healthier than you would have if you’d gone out. Your doing great! J Sofi – Great job on cooking over the weekend. The Teriyaki chicken sounds good. I don’t know if the teriyaki sauce would be better in it than the soy or not. I guess I’ll have to make it first to find out! I’m sorry your mushroom burgers weren’t quite as good as you expected, but hopefully the veggie burgers will be delicious! I think it’s great that your work is having a weight loss competition. It would be so much easier if all my co-workers were on the same page. Instead they try to sabotage me by bringing in candy that I’ve told them is a big trigger for me. I don’t mean regular old candy, candy that’s my favorite and that I’ve told them is hard for me to stay away from. I don’t understand it. L AFM – It’s another rainy blah day here. I can’t wait for some more pretty weather. It was rainy all weekend and I think it’s supposed to rain this weekend as well. Me no likey the rain! And ONCE AGAIN, I tried to post this earlier and the server told me it was too busy and I lost it. This is the 2nd time I’ve typed all this out! What’s up with that?
  3. Is anyone else having issues with BCB today? It keeps telling me the server is busy and to try back later. I’ve lost 3 posts now because of it. Theresa – I’m glad you found us! Marla – I’m sorry that your weekend was harried, so I hope your week goes smooth and peacefully! I think saving the WW ice cream bar until after the work dinner is a good idea. The only thing I would be worried about would be being too hungry from not eating enough all day. I know if I try to save points by not eating much during the day, I get really hungry at dinner time and eat everything in sight. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had to adjust the way I use my points recently. I eat more during the day now so that I’m not starving by the time dinner comes around. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Trish - I'm glad the meds are giving you some relief! I can imagine you wanting all that to be over with! Congrats on the new rental house. It sounds beautiful! I wouldn't be able to wait either. I would say that DD's own room is a wonderful birthday present! I think an herb garden sounds great! I would love to have some type of garden in my back yard, but I just know my horse of a dog would destroy it. I've thought about buying one of those Topsy Turvy things for tomatoes though. DH always acts like I'm stupid when I mention it. I LOVE tomatoes. Just a plain, fresh, home-grown tomato with some salt on it is heaven for me in the summer time. As for the sinus infection, I don't have a regular doctor so I haven't been to a doctor about it. If it got terrible, I'd go to the "Little Clinic" inside of the Kroger store down the road, but I don't go there until I have to. My next appointment with the Hepatologist is on May 12th. Geez...that's still a ways off isn't it?
  5. Hey Trish! I tried to respond to your private message quickly, but after I typed everything out BCB went down for me for about 30 minutes and I lost it! I'm really glad BCB isn't getting shut down. It really opened my eyes as well. I'm just glad your thread is back. How was your weekend? How did the doctor appointment go on Friday? Hopefully your issues are clearing up! AFM - I'm still trying to fight off this sinus infection. I looked up some home remedies and I discovered that you can drink 8oz of water mixed with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar once a day to thin out mucous. It actually works. I started it yesterday and I feel much better today. It's kind of hard to swallow down without gagging though! DD, DH, and I went to the zoo on Saturday. Layla does NOT like gorillas! LOL! She was scared of them I think. The only thing she was really interested in was the Tigers, Pumas, and Jaguars. The jaquar was sleeping and she said "Meow meow night night". It was so cute! Of course, all cats are called meow meows. Didn't you know? Right as we were finishing up the zoo, they came over the intercom to say that there was a tornado watch. We made it out just in time before the rain started up! I'm sure we'll have MANY more trips to the zoo this year since we bought a yearly pass. It's quite a trek to go all the way through. It took us over 2 hours and my legs were hurting the next day. Not enough to keep me from doing it again though. I love the zoo.
  6. uniquelymade - Your story is very inspirational to me. I have PCOS, IBS, and was recently diagnosed and then un-diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since October of last year, I have been in severe body-wide pain and I've been to 5 different doctors. It's funny that you mention the c-reactive protein being so high....mine is more than double what it should be. I've had dozens of vials of blood drawn in the last few months trying to determine what's causing my pain. At one point they thought I might have Hepatitis C! Luckily, that was a false positive. I'm still at the stage of trying to figure out where my pain is coming from, but after reading your story I think I might have some type of food allergy. One doctor did mention that he thought I could possibly have a food allergy, but he didn't look into it anymore, so I dismissed it. Maybe I need to take charge of the situation myself. Like I said, you are truly inspiring! Congratulations on taking control of your life and making it healthier. You're doing a wonderful job!
  7. Congratulations Adele! You're doing a wonderful job!
  8. I had to add my 2 cents here as well. Trish recommended these to me and they are really good!
  9. Bianca


    Vitatops are very good. There aren't any stores around here that sell them, so I order them online. I only order them when I receive a good coupon in my e-mail from their website.
  10. Hi Sunnygirl. I tried to put your recipe into WW e-tools, but your ingredients list was pretty vague. What I input was: 2cups of cooked butternut squash (e-tools only gave measurements in cups/oz/lbs/tbsp/tsp/grm so I had to guesstimate. 40 oz of chicken broth (I didn't calculate for FF chicken broth since you didn't specify) 1-15oz can of coconut milk (I didn't know what size can you used) The total points for the entire recipe came out to be 35 points. I don't know how many servings your recipe ended up making, so I can't give you the points for the individual serving sizes. Hope that helps somewhat!
  11. Bianca

    points needed

    Hi rainie - Here is a link to a page that has the WW points quiz. It's not a WW link, so if you don't have e-tools you should still be able to access it. http://www.peertrainer.com/LoungeCommunityThread.aspx?ForumID=1&ThreadID=47011
  12. grannykarla - It's great in smoothies. There's also a lot of recipes on the PB2 website if you want to check that out. HERE'S a link to the recipe section of their site.
  13. ThinInside - Are you speaking of PB2 from Bell Plantation? I love this stuff. It's especially great to use in smoothies! I can make a huge chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie with 1 cup fat free milk, one WW chocolate smoothie pack, and 2 TBSP of PB2 for 4 points!
  14. Wow! You look great! Your hard work is really paying off!
  15. You look wonderful, congratulations!
  16. Wow, you've done an amazing job! I think it really says something that you weren't smiling in the before picture, but you are in the after picture! Great job!
  17. You look great! Keep up the good work!
  18. These are really good! I've only had the dark chocolate. I haven't seen the caramel in the store yet.
  19. I'm bumping this because I just found a slew of good ideas in this thread!
  20. I have to say, I had this sandwich again on Saturday night. This time, there was WAY more sauce on it and it was VERY spicy. I almost couldn't eat it because my mouth was on fire. This was from the same Subway I got it from last time. I guess it's all in who preps the chicken with the sauce. It was still good though.
  21. Thanks! I actually tried this on Monday night. Not bad. I didn't think it was spicy at all, but maybe different Subways use more/less sauce? I don't know. It was okay, I'd probably try it again.
  22. Welcome to the forums Laura! It's always exciting to be so motivated. I look forward to my WI nights too. You can post just about anywhere. Just browse around and see where looks best to you.
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