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  1. I have been having problems with the passwords you send me, none of them work. I can't get on the leaders only forum and I am not able to posts any messages...I have become nothing more than a looky-loo on this site and I hate not being able to participate. Can you help me get back on?


  2. Happy birthday!!!!

  3. The fat is in the meat so just rinsing it would not make it lean. You might reduce it a little bit but not from 80 to 93. Sorry. Lasvegasleader
  4. Yes you are more hungry all day when you eat breakfast because your metabolism is working. I eat every 2 hours, 3 meals and 2 snacks and dessert every night. It has worked well for me. I lost 35 lbs. 7 years ago with Weight Watchers with this method and have kept the weight off. My friends and family complain that I constantly eat and I stay thin! Works for me !!!! Lasvegasleader
  5. You can have Quinoa as many times a day as you would like. But pasta, brown rice or potatoes is your choice one time per day. Lasvegasleader
  6. I work as a leader in Las Vegas, Nevada and I love it. Contact your local office and ask for information on how to apply. I am a full-time leader and we are franchise owned so the pay is different than in other areas. Lasvegasleader
  7. Take your walk and weigh in at your meeting and it should not affect your weight. If you do it every week and you are sticking to the program you will have your weight loss. Lasvegasleader
  8. Start exercising with weights to help firm up. And be realistic about how you look, I am 53 and some things just aren't in the same place they use to be, but I still look better at my age than most of my friends !!! Lasvegasleader
  9. lasvegasleader

    Oil GHG

    Count it and take the extra out of the pan and add it to your sandwich. Las vegas leader
  10. Maybe she was suggesting to change things up a bit. We often get bored with the same old thing and I think it was an appropriate suggestion. Lasvegasleader
  11. All of that advice is very nice. But I think you need to think about you in the long run and what you can live with. It is not selfish to think about YOU as HE is thinking about HIMSELF. Still a very gray area. Do want you want for you. Think about yourself and it is o.k. to be selfish as everybody is in their own way. I don't mean to offend, just be realistic. Lasvegasleader
  12. Fat in the meat cannot be rinsed or drained off to create leaner beef. Count it like you wold for the percentage of fat that it started with. If you want it to be lower points you have to use the leaner beef to start with. Lasvegasleader
  13. Liquid only. 2 teaspoons a day. Lasvegasleader
  14. Pick your goal weight on what you would be happy to weigh the rest of your life. Do not pick a higher goal to stop paying as you see what happens when you do that. Your mind says to you "I am not at goal yet" and you cheat yourself out of the maintenance process. I don't know if we ever get over the thought that we could use to lose an extra 5 lbs. With that said I encourage my members to pick a realistic goal, one that they can easily maintain, and then AFTER the maintenance process drop the extra 4 points per day and go back to the losing mode if they want to take a few more pounds off. Lasvegasleader
  15. Free foods are veggies. Nobody joins Weight Watchers because they eat too many vegetables.... Now keep in mind is what you are calling free really free ? You can o/1point yourself to death calling it free but those really do add up to not being free at all. But can you do that ? Watch what you are eating and how your weight loss is going and if it is to your satisfaction then it is working for you. When it stops working use your common sense and make the changes necessary to get on the right track. Lasvegasleader
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