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  1. thank you, hard to believe you can take a fairly harmless food like pretzels and turn it into potatoe chips.... thanks again
  2. Could someone who has the recipe builder get points for this 16 oz of ff pretzels (22 = 1 serving) 1 cup (yes cup) Orville Reddenbackers (sp) popping oil 1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and seasoning mix my mother in law makes these, claims they are still okay to eat, and it does make lots and lots of pretzels...but the oil has to be a killer and I don't know how to get to a recipe builder thing right now... thanks
  3. So I have been running for almost 5 years, about 4 - 5 miles 4 - 5 times a week (longest run 12 miles) currently planning to run the Portland Marathon Oct '07 with my son...so I joined a "curves style" workout program a couple of miles from where I work to build up my upper body....and while the workout is not as strenuous as the running, my ankles and calves hurt from running in place and bouncing around on the little boards inbetween the weight machines...has anyone else had this problem? I have only done this workout twice so far, and have done my runs on the other days, but it seems like running in place is hurting my feet (mainly my arches) too... Does anyone know if you get over this, or if I am doing something wrong...I like the variety, and the fact that it only takes 30 minutes, gives me something to do on my "off days" from running, and is close to where I work so I can sneak in there on my lunch,...but it doesn't seem like I should be hurting...
  4. the power of peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread and a cup of hot tea...or coffee...lasts for awhile, long enough for the allure of your arm to wear off, and keep you from biting off the heads of those you love... good luck...
  5. your treadmill is a wonderful place to start, but you really do need to start slowly...you say if you start with 15 minutes, you will be able to do an hour by the end of the first week...that's a big jump and one that often times will kill your initial motivation and enthusiasm and since you are already worried about that, don't do it......15 minutes is a GREAT place to start, and adding 10% per week is a realistic goal...so if you can do 15 minutes a day this week 3 - 4 times a week, then next week go for 16.5 minutes for 3 - 4 days a week, and continue to increase like that. An hour is a pretty big time commitment every day (one that you will work up to eventually) but sometimes if you just jump out there and try to run to the top of the mountain, you may do it once, but you will BURN out...and not want to do it again...I have heard that it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit...so after 3 weeks you could find yourself really looking forward to your time on the treadmill but the 10% increase rule is in place to avoid injury and stress and to allow your body to build muscle and repair itself naturally...a guy I am taking a Wellness class from right now does say that fat burning doesn't really happen until you are into about 45 minutes of working out but he has really stressed building up to that 45 minute workout for me...Before the 45 minutes you are burning the available sugar in your body, but by burning that you are keeping it from turning into fat...so it's all good....I am not an exercise expert, just someone who couldn't run more than .3 miles 4 years ago, and now find myself looking forward to going out and running 7 - 8 miles at a time...but it didn't happen overnight.... Good luck and give your treadmill a name...mine is Donna, and I go and run with Donna alot and she is one of my best friends....:walking:
  6. Is there anyone here that lives in Oregon that is interested in running the Portland Marathon next year (Oct 7, 2007)...my 21 yr old son and I have a goal of doing it and while he thinks he is going to hang back with me the whole time, I don't want him to have to...I went up last weekend and watched the marathoner's take off, then I ran in the 5 Miler (had a great time) and am really looking forward to being one of the "big fish" next year...would just like to have some company when the Kid decides he doesn't really want to run at his mom's pace for 26.2 miles...I am using the training schedule available from marathontraining.com and it is a 37 week program, I have 52 weeks to get thru it so I think it might work for me..I personally have never run farther than 12 miles and that was over a year ago, I cut way back this spring because my husband (who had been my running partner) had hurt his foot, but now I am back to about 15 miles a week and adding to 10% to that...so if there is anyone who wants to think about this and be a companion to a 47 year old who is only planning to do 10 minute miles...let me know...
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