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  1. Good Morning Buddies, Let's all have a great OP Day!!! Bridget, can you tell me more about that bread that has no flour in it?? Judy
  2. Well said Kimberly:salut Judy
  3. Good Carol. I agree with you about making choices. Life is too short to be perfect Judy
  4. See how aware you are of your choices, that is wonderful! You made yourself sick but you will never do that again. If you do, you will not beat yourself up over it. Judy:salut
  5. Kim, I so hope that your body has adjusted and you can get a good nights sleep. Thanks for the good advice. Afer being such a meat eater I feel as if I am doing something wrong. This morning, not really hungry, just had some Cantelope. I saw some Earth Balance spread. There were two kinds, one said soy(can't have) and the other said 60% vegtable oil. Is this the Vegan spread you were all talking about?? Judy
  6. Soda, love your blog and Carol, I hope we can see your web site, how cool!!!! Kim, thanks so much for sharing the receipes for milk. You are all such a fountain of knowledge. Got into China Study last night, so very interesting. I believe all of our lives are changing for the better and I am so excited about it. I have a question. When one goes Vegan isn't there a combination of foods that you have to eat together to avoid health problems, etc.? Right now, I don't believe that I can be a total Vegan but who knows, this can be a gradual change. Judy:salut
  7. Yes, I have seen them in the organic section of Krogers I can't have soy milk(due to my estrogen induced breast cancer) but I will try the rice milk. Also, I will be buying the book. I thought it was very expensive but it is not. I believe I can get it for $11.00!!! Reading the book should keep me focused especially since I will have my 87 yr. old mother here until Wed. She will be having her first cataract surgery Tuesday. I love her dearly and I am blessed to have my Mom but she brings out emotions in me that is difficult to deal with at times. Judy
  8. I hope Carol has all the confetti cleaned up by now. I am so content this morning. I have two sweet potatos baking in the oven, a pot of gold potatoes boiling, a bowel of chick peas marinating with onions , celery and vinegar. I also cut up a cantelope that I got at the Farmer's Market and I have a container of bluberries and strawberries. Starting today I am going to try what Carol suggested. I will be having rice and beans for lunch for the next two weeks. I am so pumped!!! Are you talking about the dry milk, like Carnation? Judy
  9. Oh my gosh, you did it!!!! I have been saving the bag of confetti for the big announcement. It is being thrown your way. I am so very happy for you:salut Judy
  10. Thank you Carol. I will do that. I'm off to a good start. I had oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. I appreciate the suggestion and will do so!!!
  11. Last night went to a friend's house for my late Birthday dinner. The three of them are thin so I really didn't worry about dinner. We had crockpot pork chops, baked beans and an Asian salad. For dessert we had a tiny chocolate concoction which was enough for us to have about two bites and sing Hapy Birthday to me. We then had cut up Cantelope. I still don't know what I am doing but I do know that I am loving the fact that I have no cravings!!! I am in my high 50's for the first time in a very long while. I still have fat around the middle and my size has not changed. Exercise wil take care of that. Judy, I'm glad that y ou are using a natual product! Judy:salut
  12. Thanks for your warm Welcome Kim. You are better off and how wonderful you don't smell:bcb_grin
  13. Thanks so much Soda and Carol. Life is a journey and it is what we make it. I am Cancer free and feel so blessed. Being on Core helped so much and now, my body has decided for me to make another transition. I have not thought about weight loss or do not feel like I am on a diet. It is a lifestyle and it all comes together naturally. Yes, I will go to the library or maybe I can get a deal at the half price book store. I don't think I can give up everything but meat does not seem to be a problem. I still want an egg now and then and also I really like my yogurt smoothies without milk. I have also given up phony sweetners and phony margarines Another thing I have learned is about deodorant. We all should use natural brands like Crystal, etc. The other brands have aluminum and it has been linked to breast cancer. While going for my treatments, that is what was recommended. I continue to look forward to all your suggestions and wonderful receipes. Here's to good health, and the power of positive thinking. Judy:salut
  14. Nothing like jumping on the bandwagon a bit late. Better late then never. I am so fascinated with this site and the info about the China Study. Most of you do not remember me, I was never a daily poster but always encouraged our BB Buddies. I have been on a rough journey since March when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am lucky though, stage 0 contained in the duct. I had a lumpectomy and just finished 6 weeks of radiation about 3 weeks ago. None of you realized how important you are to me. Near the end of my treatment I lost my appetite but didn't want junk food or wine, etc. My eating habits changed. I just wanted fruit and vegatables and oatmeal!! I believe that sometimes the body tells us what we should have but we don't always listen. I have lost 5 lbs over the past 2 months. My Breast Cancer was Estrogen induced so I really need to avoid Soy. I will be having a Hysterectomy in Jan. I do have Endometrosis but my Ovaries need to be out, I will help with the Estrogen situation. I am 66 so I won't miss them. I have done so much research and the best thing for all woman is to avoid processed food and eat Organic as much as you can. We are not perfect but doing the best that we can. Of course, Early Detection is a must. Also Vitamin D and E and of course Calcium. Thank you to all my BCB's. I can't afford to buy the book but I did get on his site and the receipes seem good. I don't like Tofu though. Can we eat nuts? No Chicken? Carol, this site was under my nose and I just discovered it. Thanks for everything and we will all keep on trucking:bcb_march Judy
  15. Thanks for the info Carol. I have a bag of confetti ready and waiting for the word!!! Judy:salut
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