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  1. I was thinking of going to a WW meeting one time to get the new starter kit for the Points Plus. About how much does one cost?
  2. I'd only use them when doing a video. Wearing them constantly can throw off your walking pattern and eventually cause back problems.
  3. I'd check out www.vitamins.com because Puritan's Pride puts their vitamins through a lot of testing to make sure their products meet a specific absorption level. They also have a lot of sales like buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 3 on same items. I've saved a lot when buying from them.
  4. When I go to the gym I'm doing: 30 minutes various weight machines (light intensity) 2 APs 30 minutes eliptical machine on the fat burn setting (high intensity) 6 APs 30 minutes treadmill forrest trail setting, 4.5 mph max (moderate intensity) 3 APs 15 minutes walking the track (light intensity) 1 AP The weight machines I am doing M-W-F. I do the eliptical, treadmill, and track M-F. I take Saturday and Sunday off. I pulled my AP calculations off my WW calculator based on my weight of 246.
  5. I was wondering what the max is for activity points you should eat during the day? I've started going to the gym recently and am averaging about 10 activity points earned the days I go and I'm thinking that I shouldn't be eating all those. Any suggestions?
  6. The Black Team SW = 237.5 GW = 225 Weigh in day = Saturday BL Challenge 6/1/09 Week 1 (6/1 - 6/7): 236.7 (-0.8 lbs) Week 2 (6/8 - 6/14): 237.2 (+0.5 lbs) Week 3 (6/15 - 6/21): 237.1 (-0.1 lbs) Week 4 (6/22 - 6/28): 236.4 (-0.7 lbs) Week 5 (6/29 - 7/5): Week 6 (7/6 - 7/12): Week 7 (7/13 - 7/19): Week 8 (7/20 - 7/26): Week 9 (7/27 - 8/2): Week 10 (8/3 - 8/9):
  7. I'd like to try to rejoin. tom5281 will keep my butt in gear this time around, won't you hun?
  8. I've been busy with the boys lately here too, and then the joys of sticking to work at night. I've been trying to keep up with a video a day when I can. I replaced my desk chair with an exercise ball, downloaded a stretch clock to remind me to get up and move for a minute every hour that shows me stretches, and use the laptop in the kitchen standing up rather than sitting at a desk when checking e-mail and facebook. Afterall, you burn 3X the calories standing rather than sitting!
  9. Yesterday was a lazy day... just 2 miles with Leslie. Today was awesome!!! We took the boys to a close park/game preserve for a LONG walk, had a picinic, and went for another shorter walk. Then we took them to the playground area to hang out for awhile. As of now I have logged 22,000 steps. I got 121 minutes of moderate activity in, covered 8.46 miles, AND burned 1066 calories!!!! I wish we could go for that walk every weekend... I'm going to try to squeeze it in at least twice a month.
  10. So far this morning I've done an 8 minute Tae Bo Get Ripped video and then straight into the WATP 1 Mile Super Challenge. Saturday's WI will be good.
  11. Yesterday I got in my 8 minute Tae Bo video followed by 1 mile with Leslie. After dinner I did 4 miles of Leslie with DH. Today so far I have done the Walk and Kick video (30 minutes) as well as 30 minutes of Kathy Smith's Flex Appeal belly dancing video. I am going shopping after dinner and am going to see if I can squeeze in some yoga afterwards.
  12. I did a 30 minute George Foreman walk/circuit training DVD with DH tonight which was very interesting. It was kind of like Leslie but another step up. Worth the $1.99 that's for sure! I also tried out the 8 minute Tae Bo Get Ripped workout earlier in the day. 16 minutes total with the before and after stretches. I have always liked the idea of the tae bo workouts, but 3o+ minutes of it is way too much. This tape made me feel good because I could make it through the whole workout without stopping the tape! I'm sure eventually I will be able to work up to one of the full workouts. Tomorrow I am thinking of trying the Leslie Walk and Kick DVD for the 1st time. Yeah, my video stash came today so I'll be letting you know what I think of each one as I do them.
  13. I got 2 1/2 miles in with Leslie today along with some random stretches throughout the day. I also did some wall pushups since I can't do them on the ground. My one wrist gets too sore when I put my weight on it with a flat palm on the ground.
  14. I've been busy with work lately and my old computer has been freezing up if I do too much so I haven't been able to make it into chat. I have the new computer up and running now though, so I'll be able to join in again soon. I checked in a few minutes ago and I must have missed everyone tonight. Anyways, yesterday I did the 2 mile Walk and Tone video of Leslie's since it was on Exercise TV on Demand. I ordered a few new Leslie videos off of www.totalfitnessdvds.com since they had an awesome sale so I can't wait for them to show up! I got some non-Leslie videos as well including a 3 disc yoga instruction, balance ball, tae bo, belly dancing (Had to try it for $1.99 LOL), and a few others. I ordered a 10 VHS grab bag as well for $4.99 so we'll see what else comes in it. I can't wait!!! OOOOOHHHHH... and before I go, my doctor's office called back with my bloodwork results and they are "looking better than 3 months ago, but not perfect yet. to discuss on next visit." I guess was the message left in my file for me. I go on the 29th I think it is so we'll see.
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