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  1. I have them and love them. I got my first ones at QVC. Now I have them in all my cupboards with food in them. I buy mine at Walmart and Target. I use them for everything.
  2. i tried the garlic herb. I love them. I'm not a cracker lover but these are good.
  3. I make mine with some additions. i add chopped onions, chopped green and red peppers from frozen food section of store. i add steak sauce and a can of flavored tomato sauce. the small can not spaghetti saice. It is so yummy.I also like it with the whole wheat stove top stuffing.
  4. I make mine in a cocomotion machine made by Mr. Coffee. I got mine on clearance at Super Walmart for $15. I love it. I make all kinds of lattes with it.
  5. I love them! I buy mine at Sam's Club in a big box with both kinds. I keep one in Jeep just in case I need a snack.
  6. I'm going to walmart today. I'll have to look for them. They sound great for me because i need all my food in portion control. If i took out of big container it would be a red light for me.
  7. I found mine at Super Walmart. I wonder if they were stale. maybe i should buy at stop and shop and try again. i'll let you know my results.
  8. When I saw this on here I ran out and bought them. Too me they were too dry. I was very dissapointed in them. Maybe its me I like the flat outs that are 1 point. Maybe they will be good for pizza.
  9. I have 2. I love them. I keep one at home and one in my pocketbook. This way when I'm shopping I can check food items before I buy. There $10. here.
  10. I use Better' n Peanut Butter.2 Tbsp. is only 2 points. I buy it at Whole Foods. It has no trans fat. Gluten Free Dairy Free No Cholestrol, I'm not sure if its regular peanut butter but it tastes it to me.
  11. I was happy to find the chocolate and oat fiber ones in our BJ's. There was 20 to a box for $7.99. That was a great deal from the stores. All our Walmarts are always out. So if you live near a BJ's You'll get a great deal..
  12. I'm so glad I saw your post on this yogurt. I ran out yesterday and bought 3 to try. Tried it this morning and it was like eating a dreamiscle! I have to go back to store tonight and buy a dozen before they run out.
  13. I just tried them today. I tried the chocolate drizzle ones. I thought they were worth 2 points and very tastey and light.
  14. There called absolutely free but there on a stick. There was other flavors. I got the chocolate.there found in ice cream section.
  15. I live in Rhode Island and super walmart , shaws and stop&shop have them here. Ask at Shaws they might get them. I know they sell out at shaws here because weight watchers is next door to them. Good Luck!
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