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  1. Hi everyone! I just started to do the firm workouts. I have the transfirmation kit and I was womdering if it normal to feel like a woman with two left feet when you first start them. I feel so clumsy and get confused at some of the moves especially when they put a bunch of steps together like in cardio party - is this noramal and will it get easier?-elaine
  2. i was wondering how to count deli lunch meat sliced. i eat mainly turkey breast and ham. does low sodium make a difference in points? Thanks!
  3. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of the davinci syrups they like the most and what they use it for and also if anyone has tried the walden farms ff/ss/calorie free products and how they are. It kind of scares me because what is it made out of if it hads no nutritonal content. The dips intrigued me they have marshmellow, chocolate and caramel, pancake syrup, veggie dips and salad dressings. I just do not want to go crazy buying them if they are not good. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi I just just wondering if I was to buy some firm tapes that do not need a step what would be some of this theads suggestions. I look to buy online and there are so many tapes that I get so confused which to get. I would like to do some cardio and strength training and I also like pure cardio tapes-thanks-elaine
  5. elaine3797


    Has anyone ever tried spanx undergarments I received the incognito body suit and I cannot figure out how to attacjt he straps around the bra? I know this is not food related but I thought maybe some one out there had a clue about this-
  6. I saw that someone on here wrote that amazon will be selling the new firm package soon and I was wondering if anyone new when and for how much, On e bay people are selling just the tapes and I have no problem buying the weights separtely but I was trying to figure out if it would be worth it or just buy the whole package through the firm. Also I was wondering it may be hard for me some days to get a 50-60 minute workout in, how effective would the express workouts be? I have two small children and not very much me time-elaine
  7. I was thinking about trying the firm tapes. I was wondering- I have a reebok step could I use that with the transfirmation sysytem or do I have to have their specific step?
  8. thanks for the response-i think i will pass on it!
  9. Has anyone ever tried any if the nutri system food? and what did you think of it?
  10. The one i bought was estee name brand and the only ingrediant says crytalized fructose. In your opinion then which is better sugar or fructose for health?
  11. I was just wondering about fructose. I have read that it is core and all natural which is a good thing because I am avoiding artificial sweeteners due to trying to get pregnant. My first question is is it core? The second question is if I were to use it on flex how would a packet of fructose count as I beleive it said it was 10 calories. The third question I had was how does it compare to sugar points and calorie wise? Thanks guys for the help:exercise:
  12. Like everyone else I like the Lean cusisine pannini's and pizzas. I also like the smart ones ravioi florentine.
  13. HI everyone I was just looking if anyone can give me some ideas for good exercise tapes. I was thinking about billy blanks tae bo or tha cardio blast. Any good suggestions I am getting bored of the treadmill- I have also done curves in the past and was wondering what evryone thought about that workout also how many ap's does a curve circuit add up. I use to do 2.
  14. I htink the nuwave and the flavorwave are practically the same thing. please let me know how it is!
  15. I love both the chocolate and the vanilla in my tea and coffee! There is also a great recipe on hungry girl.com for i point pudding with the almond breeze.-elaine
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