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  1. This might be good with two cups of oats and leave off the flour. Save the points. Has anyone tried that?
  2. I have never found a low point dressing that helps me look forward to a salad. Please share your favorites; maybe there is one I have missed. Thanks
  3. I love this recipe but I haven't made it for some time. It turns cooler in Tennessee tomorrow. Might be time to resurrect this one.
  4. This looks great and will be perfect on the Freestyle plan also. I'm glad I (re)found it. Thanks!
  5. I am trying to get back in the game. Is anyone having success with the Freestyle programs?
  6. My closest Weight Watchers Center closed and i do WW online. I really like it because I like the iPhone app and the convenience of tracking on the app and checking a food or restaurant on the phone. Also, there is support here and on Facebook along with many great recipes.
  7. I haven't tried it but it sounds fabulous. Thanks K9dancer for the link.
  8. the weight watchers center closest to me (20 miles) closed and the meetings were spread out to various churches and community centers. All of these are even further away. I decided to try online and I love it with the smart phone. It's a fun way to track food, read success stories, check restaurant points plus and I have it synced to my fitbit.
  9. Day two of restart and tracking. I feel better already. Overeating and eating too much sugar makes me so sluggish. Tracking has always helped me be aware of what I am eating and that awareness leads to better choices - hopefully.
  10. I helps so much to see many other reactivating their accounts. I also am returning and am looking forward to the support and getting my head back in the game.
  11. The Weight Watchers Center in a nearby town that I attended closed because of increase in real estate value. It had meetings 6 days a week. I joined WW online and it's a good way to track on your smart phone or look up food and restaurants but they don't have these great forums.
  12. I guess I posted this idea incorrectly so I will try here. Is anyone interested in a walking challenge? Something to get us going? A way to motivate ourselves and each other?
  13. Is anyone interested in starting a walking challenge? Posting our progress? Motivating ourselves and each other?
  14. I think any Weight Watchers can be low carb. All foods are allowed and given points plus value so count the carbs and points and keep both in the allowed amounts. I looked at this because my cardiologist recommended a low carb diet but gave me no guidelines and I followed one carefully and gained like crazy. I started back on Weight Watchers and began to lose again. I am not sure why the Dr. said low carb and I am not sure I want to count two things every meal but it's possible to do.
  15. I made a huge pot of okra soup to have on hand this week so I don't have to figure every meal out from scratch.
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