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  1. I'm also reactivating my account and basically starting over. Glad to be here with others doing the same thing.
  2. I spread them on Carr's Water Crackers. Five are 2 pts. One wedge is perfect. I eat them either for a 3 pt snack or with soup or salad for lunch.
  3. I rejoined WW after being gone several years and regain the weight. Life happened, and I didn't handle it well. Coming back here for help. It helped before, so I know it will again. It was really hard to go back into a meeting. I was embarrassed, but felt so much better after I left.
  4. PointsPlus for Wendy's and several others have been updated on DWLZ.com
  5. You could also try a really filling snack at 9 p.m., and then a nice bubble bath, and a good book. Might help keep you keep your mind off the food. Call a relative or an old friend that you haven't talked to for a long time--talk to them for an hour. They don't need to know you're avoiding food. Write in a journal how you're feeling. Maybe others have ideas too. I'd like to hear them. I know all of this is easier said than done, but we might find a couple ideas that really would work for us.
  6. Curves is a place to start if you haven't ever exercised. It will quickly become too easy, and you'll hit an exercise plateau. If you just pay by the month, it's easy to quit. Don't let them talk you into automatic withdrawal which might be a little cheaper. They charge you an extra month to cancel it--at least they did where I joined. My advice would be to find a good gym that has good facilities for cross training. Just my two cents.
  7. One thing that's worked for me is lots of exercise. Not only has it made my bladder stronger, but it also makes me sleep better. I can now go right back to sleep after I do get up. Hope this Helps
  8. We absolutely love 2-brick chicken. Cut the backbone completely out of the chicken and open the chicken up. Season the skin with way too much seasoning salt or rub of your choice, (we like to lift the skin and put garlic cloves under it) and place bone side down on preheated grill. Place two foil wrapped bricks on chicken and close lid. Cook for about 45 minutes and check temperature. The bricks make the chicken cook from both sides, so it cooks much faster. I believe the grill temperature is about 350 degrees. The first time my young granddaughter saw this on the grill, she thought she was getting bricks for dinner. Enjoy
  9. You might try using a stick blender if you have one. They seem to whip things a lot better. I also use the WW Vanilla smoothies as my base and add to them. They whip up nicely, especially with a couple of ice cubes.
  10. My favorite uses fresh and drained fruit. 2 cups sliced fresh strawberries 1 cup fresh blueberries 1 1/2 cups grapes cut in half 3 bananas sliced 1 can (11 oz) mandarin oranges drained (reserve liquid) 1 can (15 oz) chunk pineapple drained (reserve liquid) 1 large box sugar-free fat free vanilla pudding mix fruit together gently stir pudding into reserve liquid from canned fruit and mix it gently with the fruit Great for picnics and potlucks Enjoy
  11. Simplest and best I know: Cook your brown rice in chicken broth, and when it's almost done, drain a can of water chestnuts and throw them in. I usually use a brown rice and wild rice mixture--available at Costco and Sam's club in big jars. It's easy, looks nice on the plate, and it tastes good. It's core, too.
  12. I do use MasterCook quite a bit. Although there are a lot available online, I like having my own so I can access recipes when I'm not connected to the internet. MasterCook is available at a reasonable price at Amazon.com.
  13. Hope you're feeling better--shoveling is tough when you're not. Take care! I've done more than my 12 miles per week, but it's had to be inside on the treadmill and elliptical. Can't wait to get back outside. I'm trying to stay in good enough shape to take my grandkids snowshoeing next week after Christmas. I always think I'm in great condition until I get up on the mountain and start huffing and puffing. Can't wait, though. The kids have never snowshoed, and I think it will be a blast. Take care of yourselves everyone!
  14. Anybody out there still walking. Did 3 miles Tuesday, 3 on Thursday and Friday, took today off. Still frigid here, so the treadmill's getting a little boring, but that's the way it goes. Used my slideboard today, so can't measure miles, but it was a hoot. Keep on going--Christmas is still 10 days away. Jane
  15. Hi everyone! Almost 3 miles this morning. Looks like I'll be on the treadmill and elliptical for a while. Snows not going to melt with these temperatures, and storms predicted about every 3 days. That's alright though, because I'm a sucker for a White Christmas. Got a Heart Rate Monitor for Christmas (I did get it early), and I'm such a geek that I love it. I certainly wasn't exercising as hard as I thought I was. I guess I forgot that when I actually hit goal and got lighter, that it was going to take a lot more to maintain that new level of fitness. Anyway, I've begun to look forward to my sessions to challenge myself. Keep warm, and keep going.
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