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  1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it!
  2. I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a busy one! We went out to dinner and saw a community play on Saturday night. Yesterday we had breakfast with friends, went to a Farmer's Market, and then houseviewing with our realtor. No houses we liked enough to make an offer on yet, but it's all part of the process and you learn something at each house it seems like. This morning was Day 1 of my Bootcamp. I ran, did jumping jacks, jumproped, did lots of squats, lunges, pushups, situps, exercises with hand weights, etc. I am wiped out, but I feel good that I'm doing this. I am SO out of shape that lots of things were really hard for me, but I survived. And I do it all over again tomorrow morning at 5:30am. I also need to submit a food diary to the trainer each day. I think it will be really good for me to be more accountable and really get my butt in gear with my weight loss and fitness goals. I hope you're all doing well! Leesa--Wow, sounds like you had a super busy day! I'm sure you earned a lot of AP!
  3. Hello Everyone! Just thought I'd start us off!
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a busier week for me, which is unusual since I'm unemployed and usually just at the computer jobhunting. I saw the chiropractor and then the movie "Julie & Julia" on Monday. Last night I had a book club meeting. Today I'm seeing the chiropractor again (my neck is better, but still a bit sore) and then we're meeting with a new realtor to start our home search up again. My eating has been good, but I need to get started with exercise again. I will definitely be at it starting on Monday with the bootcamp, but I'd like to get some in this week also. Lily--Glad to see you back here! You'll get that weight off in no time. I hope the headaches are easing up. I think your English is fantastic! Leesa--WTG with your great loss this week! I hope your foot is feeling better. That sounded painful. Amy--Sounds like you've been busy. I hope your meeting goes well! Have a good day everyone!
  5. How are you all doing? I hope well! I had a great week with my parents. We got to do a lot of fun things and just enjoyed being together. This is a huge blessing to me because we were not in contact for about 4 years and just mended fences about a year and a half ago. We had a really great time. I made healthy choices about half the times we ate out. I definitely could have done better, but I didn't go hogwild either. Back on track today! I am very excited because I joined a women's bootcamp group and will start next Monday with daily workouts (M - F) for 4 weeks. I am really hoping to jumpstart making it a permanent habit. It will be pretty intense, but they say that the trainer will really tailor it to your current fitness level and help you along. I've got a kink in my neck so I'm going to see a chiropractor today and then just more of the usual: jobhunting, errands, and housecleaning. Lily--Do you plan to see a doctor about your headaches? I hope you're feeling better. Leesa--I hope the home improvements come together easily for you and that you get what you need on the appraisal! And that you get some down time from the work! Amy--Hello! I hope you all have a great day!
  6. Hello Everyone! I didn't see a new thread started yet, so thought I'd start us off! I'll be right back!
  7. Good Morning! How was everyone's Monday? I hope good! I had another OP day yesterday and I'm feeling really good. My scale is already down 3 lbs. I sometimes get impatient that the weight doesn't just all fall off after a few days of being OP , but I need to hold on to how much better it feels to be making healthy choices and taking care of myself. This week will be challenging. My parents arrive tonight. I am really looking forward to the visit, but we eat out most every meal when they visit. They LOVE trying new restaurants, and in fact, have restaurants from The Food Network's Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" show picked out to try while here. If you've ever seen the show, you know that it tends to not be the healthiest in the world. One thing that helps is that they like to eat a huge breakfast out and then have an early dinner, so there generally are only 2 meals a day. I definitely need to have a plan so that I can stay OP. Breakfasts are easy for me to do out and stay OP. I usually get some kind of vegie scramble or omelette with egg whites sans the cheese and fruit and dry wheat toast on the side. It's dinners that are the challenge. My parents like doing everything: appetizers, wine, entrees, dessert, etc. So my plan is: 1) don't touch the bread basket (so much easier if I don't even start!), 2) have only 1 bite/taste of any appetizer ordered for the table and have a salad with dressing on the side for my appetizer, 3) choose the healthiest entree on the menu and ask for it to be prepared as light as possible, 4) limit my wine/alcohol to 2 glasses (my challenge!), and 5) no dessert for me (not hard for me--not so much of a dessert person). I'm going to get a workout in early each morning before we get our days started with them. Any other suggestions? Today I'm just finishing up the housecleaning and running a few errands. My folks should be here around 3pm. Leesa--How is Zoey doing? I hope she's feeling better! Lily--WTG on the 45 minute walk! So are you all stocked up on healthy items after your shopping trip? I love that feeling. I didn't meet Melissa, but I hope to see her here soon, as well as anyone else! I hope everyone has a great day!
  8. Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had an OP day yesterday and feel so much better. I've been really having a hard time being consistent with my weight loss efforts--I just haven't been willing to do what it takes consistently, and yet I'm so miserable being this size. But I refuse to give up, and will always keep working at making this a lifestyle. I am trying to think about it all less, and just do it! I'm going to get a workout in today no matter what. I'm also continuing to read a lot of inspirational weight loss blogs and other inspirational readings. I made a delicious new recipe last night using spaghetti squash. It was like lasagna with the squash as the pasta. Today I'm just finishing up some housecleaning and errands before my parents get into town. I'm also going to keep at the jobhunting, which is feeling really discouraging, but something has to happen at some point. DH and I are hoping to start our family very soon. My doctor said she's more concerned about my age than my weight at this point, but I'd love to not be 80+ lbs. overweight before getting pregnant. I feel like our age snuck up on us. I'll be 39 this month. I think I just kept waiting until I'd settled into a job, or until I lost weight, and neither of those things has yet happened, but I don't want to wait much longer. DH is eager for us to have a baby too. Did any of you get pregnant while already significantly overweight? What difficulties or complications and/or advice would you give? Leesa--Wow, you've been productive this morning! WTG on the OP weekend! I hope everyone else is having a good Monday!
  9. I just used Pass #3. I promised myself I wouldn't drop out or just disappear on this challenge if I wasn't doing well, and I've done that much, but no more. I am up about 6 lbs. from the start of the challenge! I had an OP day yesterday and have another one planned today. I refuse to give up and will keep working at learning how to do this consistently!
  10. Happy Weekend Everyone! I got up early and did a good cleaning of the bathroom. I always feel so much better when I get productive early in the day. DH and I are going to go on a hike this morning. Other than that, we don't have too much planned. My parents are coming for a visit on Tuesday for about a week, so we're just getting the house cleaned up and ready for that. I'm excited to see them and we have lots of fun things planned: a musical called "Louis and Keely" about Louis Prima and Keely Smith, a taping of a game show in Hollywood (Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?) , a walking tour of downtown LA, and a champagne brunch cruise. Should be very fun! I'm looking forward to visiting and being out and about because being unemployed and home all day alone gets old very fast. We're also starting to househunt again. We got re-pre-approved again yesterday with a new lender. We were in escrow and the deal fell through 40 days in and it was a tough, stressful time, so we're getting a fresh start and starting with all new people. I'm excited to start looking again. Lily--I loved living in Cuernavaca. I lived there from 1994-1998 and taught English at a university there. My husband is from Torreon but was working in Cuernavaca at the time. I do speak Spanish. We still speak quite a bit of Spanish at home. When we have children, we really want them to be bilingual. Good for you for having an OP day yesterday! You can do it again today! Amy--Glad the painting is coming along. I agree-reading others' stories of losing weight makes me believe I can do it too. I just read Joan Lunden's story in an old cookbook I bought used, and it was so inspiring. She talked about how her whole outlook and confidence changed when she finally lost the weight. I wrote down a lot of inspirational quotes from that book! Leesa--I hope your puppy is okay and gets to come home today! Our kitties are like our children, so I know how hard it can be. I know what you mean about cooking at home being easier than going out. I love eating out but really struggle to make good choices. Here's to an OP day!
  11. Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good week. I decided not to interview for the job that required extensive travel. DH and I talked about it and neither of us were up for that again--it's tough to be apart and to be on the road. Anyway, I trust that something that will be a better fit will come along. I've applied to several more jobs this week. My eating has been pretty good this week. I do better when I exercise and when I can stay productive. I've also been reading a lot of inspiration stories about people who've lost weight and kept it off. Lily--I hope you had a great time shopping in El Paso! I lived in Mexico for almost four years--in Cuernavaca. My husband is from Torreon, so we go there about once a year or so. Amy--How did the painting go? Leesa--Good for you for not giving in to the boredom eating! How about some crunchy vegetables for a snack if you're feeling the need for something? I've been cutting up carrots and red bell peppers this week, and the sweetness and crunch help. WTG on that great loss also!
  12. Thanks so much for all of the great replies. I really do appreciate all of the support here and learn so much from those of you who are actually living this. Probably most importantly, you show that it can be done! I'm working on changing my negative, defeatist thinking. When I give in to that, I'm on the fast track to a bad place. I spent a long time in a bookstore yesterday reading all kinds of health books, and many inspiring accounts of people having lost weight. So much of it does seem to be a "head game" in terms of shifting thinking, and at the same time, "just doing it." I came home to an Amazon package of a cookbook I had ordered a while ago. It was much more than a cookbook! It is Joan Lunden's Healthy Cooking cookbook, and the entire first half of the book is her inspiring story. After a million tries, she ended up losing 50 lbs. and keeping it off. She talks a lot about the attitude and inner changes she had to make along the way. Anyway, I've truncated the passage to include what I thought were the best parts: "...You can do anything you set your mind to...you can find happiness right there, inside you. You can't wait for good things to happen to you; you have to make them happen. You have to stop weighing every option, fearing failure, and get up off your butt and just do it...If you want to be someone who fulfills your dreams, you have to stop talking about them and live them. Without action, there is no change; and without change, there is no growth. Change affects growth, and you are in complete control of both. You can't sit around waiting for the planets to be aligned or to suddenly feel more confident or to just be in the mood to get started. The fastest way I know to make things happen is to just dive in headfirst...At some point you have to decide that you believe you can do it and that you're committed to the fact that it's really important. There's a certain leap of faith that you just have to take. And interestingly, what that decision does in the end is give you the ability to take more leaps of faith, to try other things. You need to get some successes under your belt to know you can do them...When you get happy with youself, when you feel fit and healthy, you walk into a room a different person. People react to you in a different way. Your life changes. When you finally zip open your cocoon and emerge at the other end of that metamorphosis, what's so amazing is that your life has changed; you are a renewed person. And your array of options from which to choose is so much more fun and exciting." Thanks again to everyone here!
  13. Hello everyone! I'd love to join in on this thread. I definitely struggle with using food to handle any uncomfortable emotion, and love the idea of having a place to share what's going on emotionally so that I don't turn to food. I've been struggling a lot lately to be consistent in my WW efforts, but I am working hard on shifting my thinking and attitude. I'm currently unemployed and I have an interview tomorrow. I have applied to probably 50 jobs in the last few months, and this is my first call for an interview, so I am excited and grateful. My state has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country right now. The job is for a temporary position, but could turn into a regular position. It will also require extensive travel, which makes me pretty uneasy. I had a job where I had to travel a lot before, and it's really taxing. I am really nervous, but I'm trying to prepare so that I can be calm and confident tomorrow! Anyway, I'm focusing on being open and learning more about the job before I dive off the deep end worrying about it all. I look forward to getting to know all of you better!
  14. I am so frustrated with myself. I've been doing WW on and off for YEARS, and am closest to my heaviest weight ever. Clearly those have been half-hearted, inconsistent efforts...I know the program works if you work it. I just haven't found the motivation, drive, willingness, or whatever you want to call it, to stick to it more than a few days at a time. I get a few OP days under my belt, and then I have a slip, and then I struggle for days or weeks to get back on track, only to start the cycle all over again. I have started over, rejoined meetings, sworn that this is the day I really commit, etc. SO many times that it's just embarrassing. Worst of all, I've just completely lost confidence in my ability to really follow the program and lose weight. I know believing that I can do it is really key, but I just can't seem to find that belief in myself after so many YEARS of failed, on-again/off-again attempts. I hate being this size and all of the issues that go along with being obese, and am so down on myself. I know it's up to me--that it takes really making a decision and a commitment and doing all of the hard work to make it happen, but I just can't seem to find the inner strength or willingness or whatever to actually do that for more than a few days at a time, and yet I'm miserable staying the same. Anyway, I'm not really sure what I'm asking. I guess I just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions or advice or experience to share.
  15. Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Sheri--Hope you're feeling better soon! April--WTG on that awesome loss! That is great. I'm trying something new that was talked about at my last WW meeting, which is counting my points from 5pm to 5pm each day, starting with dinner. Those that talked about it mentioned it being a mental thing, but very helpful for them. Anyway, I thought I'd try it out this week and so far, I'm really liking it. Dinner and after dinner snacking have been a problem, and since I know I need to save points for breakfast and lunch, I've eased up on it the last few days. I agree that it's just a mental thing, but sometimes just mixing it up helps. I'm off to have a healthy lunch and then to see a community play tonight. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  16. At a recent WW meeting, someone talked about starting their days at dinner, so their 24 hour period for tracking points is dinner, breakfast, then lunch the next day. She starts each day at 5pm. She said that this has made all the difference for her, as dinner and evening snacking was a problem she had. Now it's not, as she said she's more comfortable planning smaller breakfasts and lunches if she's used more points at dinner. She said that works much better for her than to have only a few left at dinner time and to feel stuck. She said it's also helped curb her nightime snacking as she wants to be sure to have points left for the next day. She also said that she knows it's just a mental thing, but it's working for her! I guess it's the same thing as any other 24-hour period. I was just intrigued. Does anyone else do this? How has it worked out for you?
  17. Great post! It reminded me of this quote: Harriet Beecher Stowe: Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. It also reminded me of a frequent reference a WW leader would make to 212 degrees--the point at which water boils, and how much difference one degree can make. Here's a short movie from the book she talked about: http://www.212movie.com/
  18. Awesome job! What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.
  19. I had an OP day yesterday and feel better already! It's amazing how much better I feel when I'm on track. It really helped me to just focus on that one small goal--to be OP for one day. I decided not to worry about anything else than just finishing the day within my points, and I did it. I actually talked to myself throughout the day when I'd start in with my negative thinking of getting down on myself for how much weight I have to lose, how hard it is, etc., etc., and just said, "It doesn't matter, all you have to do is stay OP today." Anyway, I will do the same today--my only goal is to finish the day OP. I spent my points on pretty healthy food, but I wasn't focused on that part yet--just getting back to being within my points. Once I've gotten a few days under my belt, I will slowly add back in making sure I'm getting all my 9GHGs. We can do this, buddies!
  20. Hello everyone! Thanks so much for this reminder, Amy! This is what I love about BCB! I've been really struggling lately. More like just not willing to do what it takes, and then just hating myself for it, which I know never gets me anywhere. I've been under a ton of stress and have been using that as an excuse. But as Amy said, there is NO excuse. Who am I really hurting? My goal today is to finish the day OP. I'm just going to keep my eyes on that one small goal for today and stop obsessing about how hard this is, and how long it's going to take, how tough things feel right now, etc. Even one day OP under my belt always feels so good. And it is one of the very few things in life that we do have control over, especially when other things seem to be so out of our control. I will check in tonight to say that I have been OP! Thanks everyone for being here!
  21. Hello everyone! Happy 4th of July! April--WTG on that loss! Awesome job! Shelly-Sounds like a great plan in place for the cookouts. WTG! DH and I planned out our weekend this morning to avoid spontaneous eating, both so that we can stick to a budget we've laid out, and so I can stay on track with WW. Planning ahead and weekend eating are my biggest challenges, so I am very excited to have done it. We are scheduled to close escrow on a townhouse exactly one month from today! It has been a crazy rollercoaster process, including a week where every other day the seller was considering cancelling the deal, but everything is set and seems to be working out now. We are very excited. This is our first place! I got up super early and did the grocery shopping. I'm making Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (made WW friendly) for dinner and we'll watch one of the specials on TV for fireworks tonight. We'll probably sit out on the balcony for a bit too, and see if we can see some fireworks. Hope everyone has great plans for the 4th, and plans to stay OP!
  22. Good Morning! I did better yesterday, but not completely OP. I have got to turn this around. Lately I'm feeling really overwhelmed by how much I have to lose, how easily I gain, and how much work it is to lose even a pound. I decided that I need to break it down into smaller goals and just focus on being OP one day at a time. So, here's my plan: I don't know if this makes sense, but I'm about 6-7 lbs. above my last "comfort zone," a weight I'd been at for a while, where all my clothes fit. Granted it wasn't a healthy or comfortable weight, just where I'd been for quite a while. These additional 6-7 lbs. are making all my clothes tight and are making me SO uncomfortable in my body. I feel SO heavy, and even with so much more to lose, these additional pounds feel like a lot. So, I'm going to break the big goal (80+ lbs. to lose) down and I'm just going to focus on these 6-7 lbs. for now (get back down to 240) and keep trying to take it a day at a time. Today I will: 1. Buy new tennis shoes (my old ones are killing my feet). 2. Do a 30 minute walk (in new tennis shoes!). 3. Plan my meals and commit to no unplanned food. I know others are struggling right now. What are your plans? How can we help each other? We can do it! Think how good it feels to wake up after even just one OP day!
  23. Good Morning! Congrats to this week's biggest losers! Tanya--I'm definitely struggling also! Hopefully we can motivate each other to get back on track! I'm just not coping with stress well. I get so caught up in how off track I've been and how much I have to lose that I feel so overwhelmed and it feels like one more off program choice isn't going to make a difference. But it does! A while back I read some of the Beck book that a lot of the Core folks recommend, and I remember her saying something along the lines of every choice matters--every choice gets to you closer to or further from your ultimate goal. She also talked about what you give strength to--your resistance muscle or your giving in muscle, and whatever one you use more, gets stronger. I've definitely been strengthing my giving in muscle--yuck. Time to turn it around. We can do this, blue team! Let's all just try to be OP a day at a time. Have a good day everyone!
  24. I'm loving this thread, also! Great article, Peg! I really loved it. One thing that stuck out to me was the line, "A permanent, healthy lifestyle is created on purpose." In another post about socializing and the importance of planning ahead, another buddy recently said that food and spontaneous can't go in the same sentence for long-term success. I've been repeating that to myself to get through weekends. That, and focusing on how I want to feel AFTER an event, rather than just wanting to have whatever I want in the moment. Another thing that stuck out to me was the "make gradual changes" part. I loved the analogy of moving to a new country and picking up the culture and language bits and pieces at a time (as I have done that!--I moved to Mexico out of grad school and taught English there for almost 4 years!). Successful weight loss really IS a lot like learning a new culture and language and learning how to do life within it all. I get so stuck in all-or-nothing thinking with my weight loss efforts and since I've struggled at it for years, I am very hard on myself for not being more successful at it by now. I expect myself to have it all figured out and to do it perfectly all the time, and when I don't, I get even harder on myself, and slip even more. Anyway, I like that analogy A LOT. I'm going to focus on strengthening bits and pieces at a time, instead of thinking I should be totally fluent right away!
  25. Hello everyone! It's been a very stressful week and I haven't been as OP as I would like. We are 30 days into a 60 day escrow and it looks like our deal might fall apart. Our loan was approved, but conditionally, while the lender is scrutinizing the appraisal and requesting more comparables to be included. We've had to ask the sellers for a second extension and they gave us until today, and if it's not done, they may cancel. Anyway, it is what it is. I still need to work on strategies for handling stress without going off program. As I've seen said on here, for any life situation, overeating isn't going to make the house deal go through. My plan for today: 1. Schedule my workout like an appointment, and keep it! Today I will walk for 30 minutes and do the PowerFit Day 2 DVD at 11:30am. 2. Plan my meals and stick to the plan (I so resist doing this, but it is required!): Breakfast: 8.5 --2 Chocolate Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal Muffins (4 each), coffee w/ milk (.5) Snack: 3--2 slices light swiss (2), 2 tangerines (1) Lunch: 9 --Salad: Vegies (0), chopped Chicken-Chili-Lime Burger (3), light feta (2), avocado (2), EVOO (2), vinegar (0) Dinner: 13--Maple-Glazed Chicken (6), Roasted Sweet Potatoes (4), Brussels Sprouts (0), glass of wine (3) TOTAL: 33.5 (Target-29, 3 AP, 1.5 WAP) MikeK--WTG on being Biggest blue team loser! Kelly--I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy. Our pets are like family. That must be so hard. Tanya--Sorry you had a gain! You'll get that off in no time! Kevin--Congrats on the 10% Woohoo! Amy--I lived in Monterey for a year and a half in the early 90's--it's the most beautiful place! Shelly--Hope you're feeling better! Sophie--I'm a red wine drinker, which isn't too bad on points (2 pts. for 4 oz.), but most restaurants serve about 5-6 oz. I know a lot of others recommend mixing whatever you like with diet soda, so like rum and diet coke. Have fun! I hope everyone else is doing well!
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