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  1. I've really liked it! There's plenty of room for tracking food and activity, plus recording your recipes. I like the features. You can also mark off your healthy habits and I like getting a smiley face . www.weightwatchers.com
  2. At around 9:15 PM, I was watching a football game and a voice said "Some ice cream would go great with this game". I'd eaten well and I knew I wasn't "hungry", just nibbly. What happened was this: *I told myself that ice cream would never taste better than having a good WI tomorrow, or reaching 5%, 10% or goal *I drank a liter of water, which helped (I was probably thirsty) *I realized I was really frustrated over something else, not hungry *I took a 20 minute shower Craving gone and maybe I should just ditch the ice cream altogether.
  3. Try mixing up taking walks with a Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds routine; that way the weather isn't an issue and it's motivating to me
  4. I enjoy the yoga (I do 20 minutes every morning) and the balance games, and I think the aerobic and strength are a good compliment to walking/swimming/classes. Definitely recommended.
  5. I like Cheerios, Special K, Wheaties, or All-Bran
  6. I just rejoined WW and this site the other day myself . Already I feel much more in control of what I ultimately look like and the rest of my life. I feel happy, too.
  7. I record everything online on the WW site, and like to make the little smiley faces show up when I complete one of the 8 . Question: would browning a chicken breast in a couple of tablespoons of oil count as the oil requirement?
  8. Hi, all! As you can tell, we're talking 120 pounds of pure flab I have to get rid of, no excuses. Is a newbie allowed to join in here? The forums are great, a group is even better Anne
  9. Hi, all: I'm an old member, back to start over. I want to get this weight off for my health, but more than that, to prove I can do it and accomplish whatever I put before myself. A friend gave me a powerful quote yesterday. It goes: A young soul learns to be responsible for his actions A mature soul learns to be responsible for his thoughts And an old soul learns to be responsible for his happiness.- Anonymous I think that's why we're here-and why I'm here. I'm the only one who can make me happy, including physically. I'm in control. I realized I can do this. I have meeting tomorrow. I have this site, and the WW site itself. I have all I need. Now let's do it Anne
  10. Welcome! I'm an Arkansan also (though a transplant). Seconding the recipe section, and I find just plain salsa to be delish.
  11. You should have the BMI chart somewhere, with an upper limit for a healthy BMI. That's supposed to be a guideline, though you can go over that. It's really where you feel good and where you can maintain.
  12. Hi, all: Don't know if anyone would remember me, but I was here a looong time ago. Life threw its curveballs and I came to a lot of decisions, among them to go back to meetings and do this the right way. I've lost 20 pounds on my own, but the meetings and this site are that much more disciplined for me. So here I am! I look forward to sticking it out with all of you on this journey. Anne
  13. Mine was seeing a picture of myself and my son, and I filled up half the picture! It's really been a number of things; my brother's death at 61 from complications from obesity, my clothes being...not stylish, and too tight to boot, and that picture. I rejoined today, and I'm on my way! gui
  14. Welcome! I know this site works, although I am coming back after an absence. And way to go on changing habits. Ironically, I am going to S.F. this fall (from Arkansas), and refuse to set foot in your beautiful city looking like this. gui
  15. Hi, all: Well, that does it. I have to lose weight, and more to the point, I have to start loving myself and taking care of my body. 210 pounds on a 5'0 frame=major joint pain, tiredness, and future health problems. I also lost my oldest brother last year to a massive heart attack. He was 63 and obese. I feel so lost, as if I lost who I really am. 100 pounds ago, I ran, swam and danced. I dated, and felt desirable. I know weight shouldn't matter when it comes to sexuality, but I know self-esteem does, and mine is in the basement. I've lost control of my own life, and the only way to start to regain it is to begin with my weight. I'm also sick and tired of passing up cute clothes at Target en route to a few racks of the plus-sized clothes. I never want to see or buy an xxx item of clothing again. Most of the things I want to do with my life-run a marathon, earn a black belt, learn to scuba dive- are things I have to lose weight for first. How long am I going to wait? Anyway, nothing will work if I don't attend to my health. So here I am, ready to do whatever it takes. Frightening, but I'm also excited to see numbers I haven't seen in 10 years. gui
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