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  1. I started Core three weeks ago, I had been a point checker "FOREVER", now I feel so free,!!! I am noticing that I eat a lot healthier. I still track everyday because I like to take inventory, but I find this a lot more manageable. Thank you to everyone for posting the 5 recipies that we couldn't live without, they really have been a lifesaver. Takin it one day at a time.
  2. Trysha


    Goodlife Fitness has Zumba classes at the gym, they are a fun whole body Cardio workout. I would say they are medium intensity, but a whole lot of fun. It doesn't matter if you can dance, it's movement and a great time.
  3. The slow cooker and already cooked chickens at the grocery store have been my saving grace. I too lost before pregnancy and gained it all back and more while pregnant. I felt a lot of guilt and frustration at my weight after my pregnancy and it took me about 1 year before I could really put my mind into perspective to get back on WW. I too couldn't go back to counting points, it seemed so difficult and obsessive. I find this board an amazing inspiration and a wealth of knowledge and support. Take it one day at a time, and you will get there, and so will I.
  4. From what I understand an elliptical machine is mostly a cardio workout, they say to take a rest day when you are doing strength training (weight lifting) that's why you usually work legs one day, chest and back another day, arms a different day, etc. Cardio is a great workout and it is advised that you do at least 30 minutes a day of exercise that elevates your heart rate. So in short, have fun on your elliptical or change it up a bit for interest.
  5. 1 Hour Strength/Cardio Training with Trainer. One more intense session to go this week, and I hit my goal.
  6. OK- So I am trying the "Classic Core" and this is my first week. Did I read correctly that you can now save all your AP's for the entire week? WOW! Also, I think I made an error, I have been eating FF Activia flavoured yougurt, not plain. Is this the wrong thing? First week I am sure will be a little adjustment period. Then it's smooth sailing, RIGHT? ha,ha
  7. Well I am now into week three of the Firm recommended workout chart. I just completed the "Fusion" disc, and OMG was that ever hard. 55 minutes of cardio and weights, PHEW! I didn't do the moves perfect, but in time that will come. I have been able to do 4 workouts each week, not the 5, that was just too much for me. Now I am into week 3, and feeling really positive. I also realized how important it is to eat enough after those tough workouts, yesterday I went home and binged, I was soooo hungry. Not today, I am prepared! Everytime I complete a workout, I have accomplished a goal.
  8. Well - I am so happy - I was able to get through the entire Cardio Party session, mind you my steps were not perfect, I just can't get the mambo moves down, but I just kept moving and what do you know, I managed to finish the entire workout.... I feel really happy. I tell myself that each workout completed, is a mini-goal attained.
  9. Well I have done 5 workouts so far - I am having a bit of a hard time keeping up with all the steps, especially in cardio party, but I just keep trying. I am not able to keep up with their schedule, I do two days of workouts and then a rest day, so it works out to 4 workouts in a 7 day period, but it is what I can manage and stick at for now. I will get there...and when I do it will be amazing!
  10. Well, I got my Firm kit and started on Monday. I am following their recmd plan, and they say I will notice a difference in 10 workouts. I have now completed 4. Anyone want to join me in seeing if we can notice a difference, a fun little challenge?
  11. Hello Everyone: I hope you doh't mind me joining your "Firmies" Group, but I just received my kit in the mail and started the new program this week. I love the Hi-Def Sculpt, but found the Cardio Party a little hard to follow - lot's of steps - PHEW! I have decided to follow their exercise plan Mon - Hi-Def Sculpt no weights Tues- Cardio Party Wed- Rest Thurs -Hi-Def Sculpt express upper body weights only Fri-Cardio Party (?) Sat-Hi-Def Sculpt lower weights only Sun-Rest They promise a difference in 10 workouts, I will let you guys know how it goes!!!!
  12. I ordered the special online, and when I ordered it I paid 19.99 S&H. When it arrived to me in Ontario, Canada, I had to pay $17.90 for S&H, C.O.D!!! Has anyone else had this problem? I am most definately going to write the company, I am really upset about this. Nowhere did it say it would cost almost 40.00 bucks to have it delivered!!! On one hand online shopping is great on the other hand....
  13. Well, after reading so many of your posts about the FIRM, I have finally taken the plunge and ordered the new cardio set online. I shall get it in a few weeks, since I am in Canada. Just wanted to let everyone know that they have really inspiried me to get into the spirit of exercise. I have stayed at the same weight for over a year, and would really like to keep going down. Hope this gives me the jolt that I need.
  14. I have just started taking Pilates at the YMCA - it's amazing, I felt my abs burning for like 4 days. How many AP points do you count for a 45 minute Pilates workout?
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