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  1. I do have access to both a microwave and a fridge and a freezer (lucky me!) I am also VERY conveniently located to restaurants and fast food, and it is VERY easy for me to make that decision to go out rather than eat in, especially when I need to get away from the office. I definitely want to change that pattern/behavior! Having SF food choices with me is step 1.
  2. Hi all... I'm a lifetime member working on losing about 20 lbs to get back to goal. I am in the 145 range right now, so my daily points were at 19. I got tired of being so focused on counting constantly, and it seemed like I was using my points on the wrong things too frequently, so I have switched to simply filling. I feel I need the structure of a more limited list of nutritious 'clean' foods, to keep me on track....and if I eat 'junk' it can come from my wpa or ap, if at all...that will help keep me more in line with my goal of eating clean 80-85% of the time, which is really what I need to be doing anyway. (Gotta leave some room for celebrations, etc...or I know I will binge and undo all good I've done!) Soooo..... My question is this...I am good with dinner and breakfast. I have several recipes or standards for those. But I work outside the home, have 2 young kiddos, and am on the run quite a bit. I am looking for suggestions to replace my normal sandwich at lunch that will be Simply Filling friendly and also not take a lot of time to prepare, and be easy to pack or throw together in the morning on my way out the door. What do you all bring to work for lunches? Snacks during your workday? Thanks so much....I really want to make this work and I believe SF is the way to do it...just need to do some planning and thinking here. Kathy 156/146/125
  3. Thanks everyone for all of the great motivational ideas! I know I need to change things up a bit to make this work long term. I am definitely using the ribbon idea. I already took my measurements and logged them, so I'll get some ribbons and cut them to size. I planned to measure once a month, and this will be a great visual for me. Keep the ideas coming. What kind of rewards do you have for your mini-goals? Bigger goals? So far, so good....2 days on track!
  4. Ok, so I'm back to WW, getting ready to start over again for the millionth (well, maybe not THAT many) time. In the past few years, it seems that I never get past "GO". Every time I start, I intend to stick with it and make lasting changes, but every time, I find an excuse to go off plan. In the last year, I've started core, flex, south beach, atkins, you name it....trying different things just to figure out what I can do that will click with me. What do you do when you find your initial motivation waning? I am a lifetime WW, but haven't been at my goal for quite a few years. Back when I made lifetime, I remember being so dedicated to the plan and exercising. But somehow, I've lost that fire and no matter how hard I try, don't seem to be able to get it back. One of the problems is that I am a very slow loser, and I get discouraged. Another is just that I end up making a bad choice or two and then throw it all in the trash can and figure I will start again next week. All of this has led to a 10+ pound gain (on top of the 15 I already needed to lose). I know it could be much worse, but for me 25 lbs. is a lot. Any tips, tricks, advice you can give someone who just can't seem to get past the first couple of weeks?
  5. Name ?: Kathy Where ?: Southwest Florida Married ?: Yes. 8 years Kids ?: 2 - my ds is 5, dd is 2 Occupation ?: accountant Sports ?: figure skating, pilates, turbo jamming! Hobbies ?: reading, scrapbooking, and I LOVE country music! WW history ?: lifetime member...been up and down numerous times. First joined in '84, and made lifetime in '89 under the old exchange plan. Have constantly struggled with eating right under the points plans, but now I'm starting core, and I'm committed to changing that
  6. I've been reading the boards here for years. I'm a WW lifetime member and although I'm below my official ww goal, I am about 10 lbs from my personal goal. This last 10 pounds has been a challenge...everytime I get to this point I end up quitting whatever program I'm on, and I've been on most of them. Right now, I am doing Jenny Craig, but I keep feeling the pull of WW and the ability to eat something other than JC food. The food is good, but expensive. Also, I just don't feel that the consultants have the knowledge about food and nutrition, or exercise, to be benefitting me any more. I have managed to lose 4.8 pounds with JC in the last 6 weeks, and it helped me to have all my food prepared so I didn't have to think about it at first. I have been going to the gym at least 3-4 days a week, doing the couch to 5k program on the treadmill, and also weights 4x a week, alternating upper and lower body. One thing that really bothered me is that my JC consultant, when I told her about my exercise, told me NOT to do heavy weights as I would gain muscle and in her words 'that's not what you want'.....huh??? Well, right there I pretty much lost all faith in the counselor and a lot of faith in the center/program. I'm going on vacation this week and am going to use this opportunity to kind of slip away from JC and start WW and planning my meals again. I guess I just need some validation and maybe a little wisdom to convince me that this is what I need to do. Thanks!
  7. I get mine at the health food store in the bulk foods...but I grind it up myself in the food processor. I loooove it on salads (ground)....I use it in place of all the other bad stuff I could put on it like bacon bits, etc....and I think it tastes great!
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