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  1. Wow what a difference; you look terrific!
  2. Congratulations, you look wonderful!
  3. You look beautiful; thanks for sharing!
  4. Welcome to BCB Heather, Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! I have sent you a PM containing a quiz to figure your points.
  5. Fat free and 1% cottage cheese have the same amount of points, for the same amount. It's the same with milk.
  6. Thanks Barbara, I can't go to the store without a shopping list anymore. I really liked the first one and bookmarked it.
  7. Bev_Ann


    I made the turtles for Thanksgiving and my grandchildren loved them. Will make them again for Christmas.
  8. For Thanksgiving my daughter's church made a tree in the hallway and had people to hang leaves on it. They were told to write something on each leaf that they were thankful for. On her leaves my 12 yr. old granddaughter wrote the following things: family, friends, food, breath mints, pms medicine for Jennifer. (Her older sister was kind of grouchy that day) Her mother seen what she had written. DD told her "You can't write that, they are going to hang them up. Erase it and write something else". My granddaughter erased it as she was told and wrote in its place, eraser's.
  9. Thanks for the site link, I bookmarked it.
  10. It sounds good to me too. I will try it soon.
  11. Bev_Ann

    Baked Oatmeal

    Thanks for the recipe! I love oatmeal and am anxious to try this.
  12. Thanks for the recipe Julie!
  13. Thank you, it sounds like a recipe that I will love!
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