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  1. knitster

    I am SO HUNGRY

    I agree with the rest. You sound VERY active! Eat your APs and your weekly allowance points. I think it's normal to have hungrier days -- sometimes I feel like I'm starving all day and other days I eat very little and am satisfied. That's why I love Core. You might give it a try -- I find the foods I'm eating on Core much more substantial and filling although you've said you eat mostly Core foods now.
  2. W3, D1 today. At first I was shocked it was such a short workout but I definitely felt it. I kept encouraging myself to finish the second 3 minute run and I did. My longest continuous run so far with no rest breaks. YEAH! My strategy with this C25K thing is not to look ahead. I don't want to get freaked out by what is waiting for me in the weeks ahead so I do what I need to do this week and then I'll move on.
  3. Today is a planned rest day for me but I forgot to post yesterday -- my final day of Week 2. I'm moving on to Week 3 on Monday. Curious as to how you guys count APs for your C25K workouts?
  4. OMG this sounds awesome. I'm a born-and-bred Marylander and have been known to eat crab for every meal. Yum! I'm not sure I'd make it though -- I love traditional carbonara and I love crab and I don't know that I'd be able to stop at a "reasonable" serving size.
  5. I tried this today and underestimated the time it needed to cook, although it looked done to me. I used 12 oz of evap milk because I didn't have any FF yogurt on hand (I ate the crap out of that stuff when I first started Core but I rarely have any these days). I also substituted ginger for nutmeg and used granulated splenda (I think about 1 tbsp). When I turned it out of the pan the bottom part wasn't quite done. This has turned out to be a happy accident -- with the egg and evaporated milk it's custard-like with a firm, crusty bottom. Still good finger food but I imagine I'll refrigerate it. I agree that it is very dense. If I make it again I think I'll add fruit/nuts/a sugar-free syrup for an extra punch of flavor because mine is rather bland. I think it would be good to break up into pieces and eat with fruit as a trifle or mix with baked apples or something similar.
  6. It's cold and I'm a baby. I'm running indoors on the treadmill. Today was W2, D2 for me. Had a weird issue with my legs itching but besides that it was all good. I'm almost sorry tomorrow is a rest day. This Couch to 5k thing is turning me into a weirdo.
  7. Eat! Seriously, 2 hours a day at high intensity might be too much. You need to give your body a chance to recover and rebuild muscle and it won't be able to do that with that much activity each day. Rest is just as important as exercise.
  8. Morning, runners! I'm repeating Week 2 because I was knocked out of the game with a horrible headcold/virus/something-or-other. So today was another W2, D1. No side stitches! Woot! I did have some burning in my calves when I started my running intervals but that resolved as I continued. Stretching afterwards and I feel awesome! I'm really becoming addicted to running -- sometimes I don't want to stop even when Robert tells me to (ha ha) and I look forward to my running days. Trying to take it slow and not overdo it. I'll definitely be moving on to W3 next week! And Pat, I'm *so* sorry to hear about your dog. I have a special needs dog and I get so upset over her, I can't imagine how you must feel. *hugs*
  9. Well I took a break from the program for a week or so -- sicker than the proverbial dog. But now I'm back and feeling better so I thought I'd pick up with week 2. I intend to do week 2 probably on mon-wed-fri of next week, also, so I can start with week 3 on Mondays. That way I won't confuse myself with which week and day I'm on later. Plus I can always use an extra day. It was good today, even though I hadn't done it in awhile. I'm really enjoying this far more than I thought I would! (And NO side stitches! Woot!)
  10. I don't usually stretch before any exercise. I do a cardio warm-up (if I'm doing weights), or start out slower on whatever cardio exercise I do, and I do a pretty good stretching afterwards (arms, calves, quads, hamstrings). Last night was W2, D1. It went well! I was concerned about moving onto the 90 second interval but it really was ok. I hadn't eaten for awhile beforehand, so I only experienced one stitch and that was pretty transient. So today is my rest day and tomorrow it's back for D2. YAY me!
  11. Make sure those muscles are warm before you stretch, Michelle, so you don't end up tearing something. Good work!
  12. Thanks for the info on side stitches, although I had done a little research of my own. I drove myself crazy my second day trying to make sure I was exhaling when the left foot hit but today I worked on just making sure I wasn't breathing so shallowly. I'm not sure if that worked, either. It's gotten to the point that I'm so concerned about my breathing that I'm still not falling into a natural stride. I'll have more time to fall into that next week. We'll see how it goes.
  13. Ok today was Week 1, Day 3 for me. It was hard! I had a light breakfast of a slice of whole wheat toast and a cup of coffee about 1.5 hours ahead of time but still ended up with a few side stitches. My calves are sore already. I'm so proud of myself for pushing through it, though, and I feel great! Bring on week 2!
  14. Today was my second Couch to 5K session (W1, D2). I was expecting it to be easier than the first day but it really wasn't. My marathoner sister told me that the second day is always harder because you're tired and a bit sore and it'll take about 5 days to really start feeling good. So that's something to look forward to. I did a bit of research last night about side stitches (because I had a few my first day... ouch!) and focused on my breathing more and didn't have any today. So that's good. I'm still having trouble falling into a natural stride, though. And I listened to the podcast and almost fell off the treadmill when he said that I should be feeling my running but not "winded or out of breath". Ha! I was totally out of breath. I'm proud to say that I finished all of my intervals both days. I'll see how it goes on Friday but, as of right now, I think I'm ready to go on next week. I'm so glad I started this!
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