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  1. I've seen both recipes and would like to know which is best to take to friends? I want to make cupcakes using Chocolate cake mix using either diet coke or the pumpkin and frosting with SF/FF Cool Whip mixed with SF/FF 4 oz instant chocolate pudding and probably add some Splenda. Thanks for any opinions...
  2. As written in first entry is seems that it's a total of 8 points. Anybody else? I'm new at this!
  3. Go to the Starbucks website - you can do the calculation http://www.starbucks.com/ Looks like 7 pts for a Tall Non Fat Pumpkin Drink with whipped cream- 4 pts without the whipped cream I don't know about the 7/11 coffee but really like the Starbucks version!
  4. This sounds great! Does anyone know the point count if you don't use the 12 medium corn tortillas?
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