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  1. :bcb_happyGot a new pressure cooker and love it! Now all I need are yummy recipes. Anyone ???
  2. I lost a WW recipe a number of years ago.It was fat free,tasted fattening and was made with a baked potato and a fresh red pepper. Anyone remember or have a similar recipe??
  3. Hi, I had a super baked potato and fresh red pepper dip a few years ago from WW. It was totally fat free and rich tasting.I unfortunately lost it when I moved.PLEASE if someone has it,share it!
  4. Please help me find a REALLY old WW recipe for banana bread pudding. It used a slice of whole wheat bread,banana and was SUPER.It was from the original WW cookbook in the 60"s. Thanks
  5. Hi, Has anyone tried the Fiber One Mix as a waffle base? I mixed up a batch and got four round waffles.Don't know about the point count but they were REALLY YUMMY. Big hit with the df.
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