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  1. Hello...it's been too long my dear Core/SiFi friends, Thought I'd get back with it with all of the excitement of the new program and can always use more support etc... Carol~My prayers are with you and your family now...take care! Soda~Great to see you back on the boards as well. We have plenty of snow here. It started last Saturday and it just keeps coming! Too early in my opinion! Donna~I am so intrigued by the post and the information of the new program. I am an etools subscriber so I guess I will be off to a good start. Hope to check in again soon...take care buddies!
  2. Good Morning! It's Tuesday, We had a busy weekend with family here. We had a great time. Both my niece and nephew were here playing bb and we had so much fun watching them play. They both do very well and we are proud of them! This week is a busy week with so much going on. Yesterday DD had dance pictures and DS had his last bb games for little league. Tonight DD and DS have skating pictures, then DS has karate, the we have to go back for more pictures! It will be a crazy week but I intend on staying focused and in control! I am getting some supper ready for the crockpot tonight so there's no question for supper. Adele~Congrats on the not smoking! You should be so proud of yourself! Quinny~The running is going well. I do between 2-4 miles 3-4x a week. Saturday I am scheduled to run 5 miles...need to get myself psyched up for that! I wish I could see the scale move a little quicker! I measured myself last week because my clothes are definitely feeling different so at least i can see progress in that respect! I have been incorporating yoga into my strength class on Wed. and that has seemed to help my knees...and it feels so good! Have a great day!
  3. Good Thursday Morning! Very slow week again around here...thanks for posting Rebecca and Quinny! I just got done with three miles on the treadmill. I was really hoping we would have an early spring this year but that doesn't look too promising around here. We have so much snow and the temps don't look as though they will be above freezing anytime soon! I have not had the scale move again! I am getting very frustrated. I am going to go back to the basics, measure EVERYTHING and concentrate on filling foods. Quinny~We had Ash Wed. service last night instead of CCD which was a nice change. I love going to mass. It is so sad that some of the kids don't go with their families and they don't know how to act during mass. I feel bad for those kids. Rebecca~Great job getting back on track. We all have those times/events that get us messed up for a day or two, but the important thing is you are back at it! Have a super day!
  4. Good Tuesday Morning! A three day weekend was needed at this house! I can't believe how quickly it went. Saturday we went to a funeral, Sunday we went to mass and DD danced at basketball game and then DD and DS had ice skating. Yesterday was a little less busy. We had a couple errands to run, I ran four miles on the treadmill and DD had dance. Today, back to work. DS has karate tonight. I already got my two mile run in this am, so that is done. I didn't lose anything last week again...I need to watch my intake a little more closely. The exercise is there, but now I need to focus on my diet. Quinny~I'm glad you were able to run again. Take it slow and heal that ankle! Have a super day everyone!
  5. Happy Thursday everyone! Quinny~Enjoy your snow days! They can get long sometimes but it is sure nice to have that time to get some things done! Enjoy! Yesterday one of our little neighbor girls passed away from a brain tumor. She would have been 10 on Saturday, the day of her funeral. Her mom works with me at the middle school. It's just so sad. Please say a prayer for her family. I passed up running this am, but plan to do it this evening. Hopefully, that will work out! I have been incorporating 30 minutes of Yoga with my weight lifting class that I teach on Wed morning and it feels so good. I wish I had time to do that everyday but I can barely get my workouts in as it is. I haven't had a loss now in two weeks...don't know what is going on. I have been staying within my points and continue to exercise a lot. Maybe I will see a loss in the morning...so very frustrating! Take care everyone! Remember to hold tight to your loved ones...you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  6. Good Tuesday Morning! I finished up my run and now I'm tired! LOL! I need to get motivated! I had a fairly decent day yesterday, OP and everything but sometimes it seems like that is not enough! I keep plugging away! Tonight DS has karate. I think DH will take him so I can stay home and get some laundry done...a person can always count on laundry! Melissa~I hope you feel better now. Yuck! That sounds like no fun! Quinny~I know what you mean! I want to have "no regrets" come late spring/summer. I'm so tired of feeling yucky! We can do it! Our time is NOW! How was the treadmill with your ankle? Adele~A balmy 11 below zero here this am...spring is nowhere to be seen! Have a great day everyone!
  7. We had yet another snow system move through this weekend, bringing about 6-8 more inches of snow. You should see all of the snow that we have. It's ridiculous! I am ready for spring and sunshine! I was up early this am to get my run in...it's not getting any easier! I just keep pushing through it and thank God when I am done! We had a busy weekend with basketball games for both kids all day on Saturday. Yesterday was a little less busy but it was nice to get some things done at home. The kids had skating and then we came home to watch the big game. Today DD has dance and both have bb practice tonight. Have a super day!
  8. Hello Megan! Great to see you again! I am watching TBL right now...the yellow team is so inspirational! Wow! Did they do well at home! I have to go to a funeral tomorrow three hours away so I won't be checking in tomorrow... So, good night and have a great Wednesday! Until next time...
  9. I didn't want to do it...My goal today was to run two miles...I didn't do it this morning...I slept in...That's all right, I will do it tonight...only two miles...but guess what? I didn't want to do it! It's only two miles... I didn't want to do it... But guess what? I did it anyway! And now, I'm so glad I did!
  10. Good Tuesday Morning! I slept in this morniing. I need to run two miles today so I will have to get it done after school...shouldn't be a problem. Adele~Good job on the workout! I really like the C25K plan because you just start where you are and you can stay at a week for two or three weeks if you want. Just take your time and you will be running in no time. Diane and Quinny~Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. It's a new day! You can do it! Stay in control! You will feel so much better if you do! I am going to get busy this morning and throw potatoes, carrots and a roast in the crockpot...no excuses not to get my 2 mile run in before supper! Have a super day everyone!
  11. Adele: Here's the website: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml
  12. Happy February Everyone! I can't believe it's February 1 today already! This school year is going by so quickly and already done with January 2010! I think we have all done well so far in January...let's keep it up for this new month! I just finished with 3 miles on the treadmill. My left knee is always a bother to me and I was a little nervous right away this morning because it really hurt but as soon as I warmed up I was good again...thank goodness! Not a lot going on today. DD has dance after school and that's it for tonight. Have a super day!
  13. Happy Sunday Morning! We had a nice day yesterday. I did my 3 mle run then I had a hair appt. right away in the morning then we took off to go shopping in a larger city. I finally got some things I needed badly which was great. We went out to eat at a mexican place and met DH brother and fiance there. I just logged everything on etools and I stayed within 22 points yesterday! I even had the chips and salsa. For my entree I just had a bean enchilada and a side of rice, that's it and guess what...I was satisfied! That's progress! I was down another pound this week...boy it comes off slow...but slow and steady wins the race! I feel as though I have been running my butt off and yet only 1 pound. But, my body feels different and my jeans felt a little different yesterday so maybe things are shifting! Today we have mass then I need to get a lot of laundry done and some light house cleaning. The kids have skating later in the afternoon and then it's another work week! Weekends go by so quickly! Adele~I hope DS feels better soon! Quinny~Good job on the loss! Keep it up! Lea~I'm glad you are enjoying the C25K plan. I think it's great for beginning runners...it just makes sense! Diane~Good job ont the loss! Have a great Sunday everyone!
  14. Hello fems! We got out of school at noon today because our boiler motor quit this morning and they couldn't replace it! Nice! So, hopefully it will get fixed and we can be warm in our school tomorrow. It was a bit chilly in there when the wind chill was a sultry 20 below zero! Adele~I do e-tools too and I really like it. You can put all kinds of recipes in there and it saves it for you, plus you can choose your favorite foods which makes it much easier to track. I like the program. Rebecca~Nice loss! Good job. I weigh in on Friday morning...hopefully I will be down another pound or two! Lea~I am running the half marathon in Fargo on May 22. I am hoping then to run as many 5k's, 10k's etc...this summer so I can get nice and thin! I want to make sure I keep up the strenth to at least run a 5k with no issues... Hope you are all having a great day!
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