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  1. I have a monthly pass FWIW. I've missed the last 3 meetings in a row thanks to being so sick. I'm not sure I'll make next week either. At what point do you have to start over in WW because you've missed too many meetings? I'm nearly at my 10% and really want my rewards!
  2. Hi All, Just checking in quick. Still sick - going to the doc today to get something for it as I can't breathe well and my asthma inhaler that I was using is causing other problems with my thyroid. Haven't been OP - dropped another 3.4 lbs due to being sick and not eating much. DeeDee - So sorry to hear about your brother. I'll try to post again later when I feel better.
  3. Today was a repeat of yesterday - Cinnamon Raisin Bread with spread and applesauce. Had an extra 2 slices of the bread as I was really hungry and didn't want more fruit.
  4. Breakfast this morning - I wanted to try to get out of the oatmeal rut I'm in . 2 Slices Sara Lee Cinnamon Raisin Bread - 6 PP 1 TBSP Parkay margarine - 2 PP 1 Applesauce cup, no sugar added - 0 PP I might have another slice of the bread if I'm still hungry after I finish my applesauce, as I have extra points to use up. KrisD - I like starchy sweet for breakfast - breads, sweet oatmeal, biscuits and jam/honey, etc. Not big on protein, eggs make me sick when I eat them by themselves. My breakfast pre-WW was either a banana while running out the door or two toaster strudels with frosting. Needs to be something I can fix and eat in minutes since I'm normally busy in the morning.
  5. I had my typical breakfast this morning 2 packets Quaker Bananas and Cream Oatmeal - 7 PP 1 Motts Applesauce cup No sugar added Natural - 0 PP 1 Nesquick Chocolate Milk 8oz - 4 PP So 11 PP total. I'm trying to work on getting in my milks and fruits/veg - I normally come up way short on milks and some on fruits/veg. I'm not a big breakfast person and don't like eggs or pork products very much. Once in a great while I will have a bacon and egg taco, but it's rare. I'm getting sick of Oatmeal, but it's easy to fix in the mornings. Any ideas for new breakfasts? I try to do between 8-12 PP for breakfast since I get 43 a day.
  6. Can I join in here? My breakfasts right now consist of 2 packets of oatmeal, either an apple or banana, and maybe some unsweetened almond milk. Filling, but not the greatest and I'm getting tired of the same thing every day.
  7. I've been on the new plan for nearly 2 weeks now {two weeks on Sunday} and I'm so-so on it. I had a great loss the first week....until I started using WPA. Then my loss went from 4lbs on my at home scale midweek check to .6 at WW. I used about 20 WPA fwiw. This week **#2} it seems from my at home scale checks that the weight is not budging at all if I use WPA. I was losing 1.5 - 2lbs a week on the old plan - I expected the same on the new plan. I'm going to give it one more week, and if I don't start seeing results better I will change back to the old plan. For me, the new plan pointplus target has consistently come out about 5 Momentum points higher than my target was in double tracking. I think this is in part due to higher weight - anyone else noticed this?
  8. I'm happy with the plan, but not with how my leader is presenting it. It seems like she is contradicting the materials a lot. Like she says the only fruit that is free is fresh fruit you prepare yourself i.e. a chick-fil-a fruit cup or apples from mcdonald's isn't free even though they are the same ingredients and nothing but fruit. She also says that canned fruit isn't free - I thought it was as long as it's in water or juice and drained. Same thing with frozen - she says it's not free even if it's just fruit no sugar added. Makes no sense to me - fruit is fruit is fruit no matter what form it's in. I'm tempted to try to find a new leader, when I brought it up after another member already had, she basically laughed at me for calling the mcdonald's apple packets fresh and said they were full of preservatives, which they are not per the packaging.
  9. I'm interested! and btw - how do you like our lovely city? Saw your location - I live near Randolph base.
  10. Could you please check for Whataburger, Long John Silver's and Bill Miller BBQ? Those are the three places I tend to eat out other than Mcdonald's which I'm sure is in there. Thanks! ETA: OOPs! Didn't see you where checking eTools - I have that already so just trying to see if its in the book.
  11. I agree - I grew up on a diabetic cardiac diet thanks to my dad and rarely had sweets as a kid and teen, and I was still 200lbs+ in high school. I did however think nothing of eating 5lbs of broccoli Normandy at a single meal {no I'm not joking} along with 2 steamed chicken breasts and at least 2 cups of rice. Healthy food got me in this mess, junk food in college just made it worse. Portion control is a MUST for me - I simply don't ever feel "full". I am giving the new program a chance, but limiting my free fruits and veggies to 6 servings a day. Anything over that I'm counting points for. If I start gaining with doing that, then I'll likely go back to Momentum which was working great for me - 12lbs off in 6 weeks.
  12. I debated buying the deluxe kit, but honestly I mostly just use etools. I did like the color though! I ended up just buying a calculator and a 3 month journal. I might buy the kit later on depending on finances and if I think I will need it.
  13. Good Morning All! Fitting this in between running hot water in the pipes to keep them from freezing - we've been up all night trying to keep the pipes from freezing. It got down to 20 here I think, but these houses in South Texas just aren't designed to deal with freezing temps. No pipe insulation! And we've got another 3 nights of this yet to go - tonight is supposed to be the coldest and get down to 18. No workout yesterday other than 15 minutes of back and forth getting the outside faucets turned on enough to hopefully keep them from freezing and busting. At least all my dishes are clean & today will be laundry to keep the pipes running. My house should be spic and span by the end of this cold snap.
  14. Right now I'm doing Walk Away The Pounds, and I love it, but would like something new to try. Needs to be fairly low-impact on the joints & back as I have issues there. I'm a big fan of Bob & Jillian from TBL, but don't know if any of those DVD's would work for me. Can you recommend your favorite workout DVD's that might work for me?
  15. Good Morning All! Had a big Achievement last night - I was doing my WATP Express DVD, and normally I do 1 mile, maybe a little more. I pushed it last night, and while I had to sit down a few times, I did the entire 3 mile DVD! I'm sore today though - I even did the stretchie band portion of it so my whole back is sore. But it was really nice to finish the DVD! I'm off to go take a nice hot shower this morning to see if it helps with the soreness. Stayed OP yesterday with food too. Today will be OP too - we're cooking a nice turkey to help keep the house warm. It's supposed to drop to 22 tonight, and 18 tomorrow night. This is WAY TOO COLD for South Texas! DeeDee - I have family members who do the same when I lose any weight. I love the steel cuts oats, but my daughter is highly allergic to oats so we can't have them in the house. Trudie - So glad it seems to have clicked for him - maybe he will surprise you? Kimberley - We deal with bad food allergies too - My 3yo is finally improving enough to be able to be taken to places with food {Like the Grocery Store} without having an airborne reaction. Have they ever checked Lucas for FPIES? Or for E.E. {Eosinophilic Esophagitis}? I've heard of the headache bit going with both of those, even though it's not on the list of symptoms.
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