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  1. Name: Brandi Where: Blue Springs, MO Married:Yes, 14 years Kids: Oh yeah...4, 2 girls 13 & 10, 2 boys 9 & 5 Occupation: SAHM Sports: Kids sports, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. Hobbies: Scrapbooking, working out, reading, TV, cooking, PTA, etc. WW history: Joined with my mom for my first time 1-27-06. I started with the "Flex" plan and switched to CORE on 1-5-07. I started at 242.6 pounds and have lost a little over 59 at this time! I can hardly believe it.
  2. You are going to have to change your name! You don't even look like the same person! Way to go!
  3. Summerset~ We started the exact same day! I did "Flex" up until last Friday...now I am lovin' CORE. You look incredible, by the way! I am about halfway to my goal, but you are very inspiring!
  4. You look great! I love Carlos...dee dee dee!
  5. Thanks for the advice on the cheese. On points I have only used reduced fat (2%, part skim, etc.), not the completely fat free. I will experiment...thanks!
  6. Hi, I am planning on switching over to the CORE side in the new year and was wondering if these recipes would qualify as CORE? Any help would be great! Thanks! Taco Soup 1 pound 93% lean ground beef (or turkey) 14.5 oz. canned, diced tomatoes 14.5 oz. canned corn kernels taco seasoning Served with ff sour cream and ff shredded cheese Lasagna whole wheat lasagna noodles 1 pound 93% lean ground beef (or turkey) WW tomato sauce ff Ricotta cheese veggies ff Mozzarella cheese Let me know if there is something different I should be using. Thanks, again!
  7. After many weeks of being close...I finally hit my 50 pounds! Actually, 53! It took me awhile...one week I was at 49.2, then 49.4 and then 49.8...I was about ready to eat a cheesecake! Then yesterday, it finally happened! My next goal was to lose 55 by the end of the year (about halfway to my GW) so I am thinking that is very doable now! Thanks for letting me brag!
  8. WOW!! I loved all the pictures and helpful info you gave! I totally understand the tummy tuck...I carry most of my weight there and 4 kiddos didn't help! You look fabulous! Oh and I LOVE the Mint ice cream sandwiches from Aldi's too!
  9. Wow, that is incredible! You have a beautiful family! Fluffy Girl---I totally know what you mean about that 50 pound mark! Mine is eluding me too! I was at 49.2 and lost .2, then lost .4 at my last WI! I am hoping this week will be it!
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